Video Content Ideas for Small Businesses and Creative Teams


To say that video content and video marketing are becoming increasingly powerful would be an understatement. 87% of marketers are actively using it as an effective tool now. If you ask me, video is on the rise. And honestly, why wouldn’t it be? It’s direct, catches your audience’s attention, and gives you greater creative freedom. So the big question that we should all be asking ourselves is not how to create a video, but what are some of the best video content ideas that would work for small businesses and big teams alike?

And the answer is in this article. Today, I’ll be discussing the best 10 video content ideas that would prove amazing for your content plan. So get your creative team on board and your pens ready.

Let’s begin laying out your road to conquering video content.


1. Showcase Your Company Culture

What is it that sets you apart from your competitors? Think about it. If you’re selling similar services or products, there’s only so much that you can do to differentiate yourself. But after you’ve exhausted all the options, how do you place yourself above them?

The answer lies in your company culture. People fall in love with the culture more than they fall for the actual service or product. Take Apple’s example as a case study. Why is it that people keep buying the newer products? Because Apple has been successful in establishing a culture that makes its consumers feel included.

To produce video content that showcases your company culture and makes your target audience feel like a part of the team.



This company culture video from Basecamp is an excellent example to create a personal connection with the audience. More importantly, it gives a sneak peek into your company, which can be a great motivator for your audience. They’re more likely to trust you if they know you, and that is exactly what a company culture video does.


2. Endorse Brand Values in A BTS Tour Video

Speaking of company culture, an important constituent is a Behind the Shoot video. The purpose of this marketing technique is to present what goes behind the scenes essentially and inside your company. How do your employees interact with one another? More importantly, how much effort is put in to ensure that the final product comes out great for you.

Putting up a BTS video content essentially helps you connect with your audience. It includes them in the process of making the product. And remember, the more they feel included, then likely they’ll keep coming back to you!

If you’re thinking of shooting a great BTS video, you can check out this video as a reference point.



But always remember, the idea of making this is to embrace all the goofiness and hard work that happens behind the curtains.


3. Facebook Live & Instagram Live

Going live on Facebook and Instagram now and then is a great video marketing tactic. It helps you make a direct connection with your audience and discuss ideas with them.

You can create live videos on certain topics. You can either do that to take a poll on an important change coming in or just before a product launch. Your creative team can also spark a discussion among your followers and take them in on a debate.

Take Chipotle’s example to see how companies can creatively make use of Instagram Live. Their executive chef shares videos of some quick recipes on live, and that gets the stream running!


Source: Hubspot


You can also use these social media platforms to advance influencer marketing through video format. You can invite an influencer in your field on live for an upcoming event or product demos. And voila! You’ll have a piece of content that will generate immense traffic and engagement.

In any case, it will be fruitful for your social media content strategy and help you establish a social network.


4. Product Reviews and Customer Stories

Before you start creating a content marketing strategy, ask yourself this: Why would your customer purchase from you?

Whatever the answer is, your content marketing plan needs to revolve around it. This is where creating videos of a product review becomes all the more relevant. If your customer base sees similar profiles talking positively about your product, they will trust your brand more.

But more importantly, allowing your customers to send you videos of their reviews comes under user-generated content. This is a great type of content to keep your community engaged. For instance, take a look at this customer review for Dropbox, and you’ll see how their strategy revolves around combining multiple perspectives.



Keep in mind that you need their video clips. It doesn’t even have to be a long video or a lengthy blog post. It would be best if you had a customer testimonial from your users. Essentially, this type of video with honest words from your customers would touch the hearts of other potential viewers.


5. Create Content for Your YouTube Channel

An online video is just as powerful as a real-time chat nowadays. And that is why you need a YouTube channel for your company if you don’t already have one. The idea is to create an engaging video, upload it, assess its performance, and then pick up your video content plan from there.




There are a plethora of video ideas that you can produce for your YouTube channel. From creating an educational video on the industry to creating a deeper level of engaging video content on an industry-specific trend, you have plenty of room to explore.

That is why it’s a win-win situation for both your company and your audience.


6. How To Do and Explainer Videos

The next up on my list is everyone’s favorite video content marketing idea: how to do and tutorial videos. Here, you’ll have plenty of room to list down video ideas that you want to address and create a step by step guide on industry-related topics.


Source: YouTube


To add color and effect, you can also make use of animated videos. If you ask me, YouTube is one of the best social channels to post this kind of content. Other than that, you can also make use of Instagram Stories to put up short how-to videos.


7. Keeping Up With The Industry

Finally, for growth everywhere, you should be targeting your prospective customers as well. And you can do that effectively by targeting hot topics and talking in a public poll on industry-related topics. This includes creating video content around company events or some industry event. You can even take this a step further and create a repository of online courses around your expertise. Just as Hubspot and many other platforms offer their online courses, so can you!


Source: HubSpot Academy


If you post this content from time to time, your potential customers will start identifying your work as valuable content. That way, you can build authority around current events and become an industry expert through your video content.


So, Where Should You Be Headed?

Before creating a video marketing strategy that includes all of these types, take a deep breath and relax. Remember that you don’t need a professional video production or video editing team or grand product launches to achieve this plan.

All you need is video review software to ensure that your creative team approves your video content. And as it happens, GoVisually has just released its newest video review feature. From editing video footage to getting instant approvals on fun videos, you can do it all on GoVisually now. So why wait?

Start today with a simple video content plan and get it reviewed among your creative team through GoVisually. In no time, you’d be at the top. And when that happens, you can thank us.

Till then, do share your video content creation experience with us!

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Alina Zahid

Alina Zahid

Alina Zahid Khan is a storyteller, SEO strategist, entrepreneur, and growth manager at GoVisually. Her passion is to share helpful content with creative professionals.Want to write for us? Email us and see our writing guidelines
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