Why faster design approval is a must in 2019?

Doesn’t slow design review process bother you?

Imagine you’ve just designed something really beautiful. You then email it to your team and clients for review. And then you wait, for days or even weeks, before everyone reviews the design and send you their individual (often contradicting) opinions.

This starts a rain of back and forth emails – change this, add that, remove this – and by the time you know it, a month has passed! AARGH!!

As a graphic designer often the hardest part of the design process has nothing to do with executing the design itself. The part that proves the toughest, and longest, for most creatives, is communicating the changes. From the first draft, until the final piece that the client loves, lies a hoard of suggestions and feedback.

And the more projects you delay, the more your clients will be pissed. You’ll never know they’ll already be on the lookout for a faster designing team right now!

So, how do you save time during the design approval phase, simplifying it for both you and your clients? In this article, we explore why online proofing solutions like GoVisually saves you and clients valuable time.


Say no to back and forth emails!

Emails have always seemed part and parcel of the client and designer relationship. For even the slightest changes, a designer will receive emails just to address that small point. The number of emails can easily escalate over time.

That’s were online solutions within design annotation tools becomes handy. Apps like GoVisually allows everyone involved to work on a single page, collaboratively. Thus giving you back the time to focus on designing or marketing your services.


Save you time clarifying questions

Designer: What do you think of the kerning?

Client: Umm.. what do mean kerning?

There is often a breakdown between communication between client and designer. Designers habitually use industry jargon and language that makes the client go “What on earth is he saying!?”

Best solution – use no words! Annotation tools allow you to interact with fewer words and more visual expression.


Easy to use for your client

Your client has a lot on their plate; they are running their business, executing their trade, managing their staff and customers. On top, they have to process the material you have given them.

With GoVisually, you are giving your client an easy to use platform that encourages speedy use, saving them time in their workday, and getting the changes back to you promptly.


Supports a range of file types

Have you ever sent a design proof to only have an email returned, complaining of being unable to open or access the file? Resulting in time spent finding an alternate file delivery system, costing you valuable design time and money?

GoVisually lets you work with all the common creative formats, including JPGs, PNGs, PDFs, and PSDs for proofing. Giving you the freedom to share your files at super high quality. So no more converting file format and compromising quality for small file size.


Centralised feedback – don’t get lost!

Let’s face it, while working as a team, everyone will have their own opinion and desired outcome for a project.

GoVisually allows you to centralise the feedback at one place, where the entire team collaborate together. This lets you know exactly what each person wants and prevents double up revisions for the same changes.


Push your deadlines backward!


With designs getting reviewed and approved on-the-go there is no more fear of approaching deadlines. Faster you finished one work the sooner you can jump onto a new one.

By presenting your work on such a modern platform, you are instantly creating a sense of professionalism with your client, building a trustworthy brand, all while saving you time and energy during the process.


Try GoVisually

Tired of endless emails for content approvals? Deliver your creative projects 65% faster with streamlined review and approvals.

Try GoVisually. The leading platform trusted by smart agencies and marketing teams globally.

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Kishan C

Kishan C

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