5 motivating TED talks to inspire designers and marketers 


When working as a creative professional, you must be innovative and boost your productivity through various means. Taking inspiration from professionals can help you develop new designs and strategies.  

There is nothing better than getting advice from experts and people who have been successful in the field you work in. They have the right amount of experience, and you can learn a lot from them. 

Watching TED talks can help you gain the information you need and excel in your field of work. Marketers and designers often need the inspiration to come up with creative ideas, and some of the best TED talks for designers and marketers can be helpful for workers. 


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What are TED talks? 

TED (technology, education, design) is something everyone is aware of. It was founded in 1984, and it started as a one-off conference. The conference has grown worldwide and holds talks regarding cultural, scientific, and academic topics. 

TED talks are available for viewing online. People are interested in watching these talks to gain knowledge and better understand various topics. It is one of the top platforms for experts to share ideas. 


Why should designers and marketers watch TED talks?

There are a lot of benefits of watching TED talks. These videos can help you in countless ways, not only for educational purposes but also in changing your daily habits for the better. Let’s look at some of the benefits of watching TED talks. 




They get you thinking

Whether you are looking for any topic, you can find a TED talk that will be interesting and informative for you. How different people talk and convey their thoughts and ideas can get you thinking about various things. Most of the content is daring and provides you with a new way of looking at things. 

Quick learning 

The most significant aspect of a TED talk is learning everything you need in minutes. It’s like everything essential from a long lecture condensed into an 18-minute video. As these videos are shorter, you don’t lose attention. The duration is long enough for you to understand and retain information while short enough for people not to lose their interest.  

They are accessible 

One of the best factors of TED talks is that you can watch them from anywhere at any time. You don’t have to go somewhere, make an appointment, sign up for an event, or attend a lecture to learn various topics.

In fact, you can be lying in your bed and learning about anything you want. You can also use any device to watch the TED talks of your choice. 

You learn from the best 

Why should you watch videos on the internet and learn from random people? Well, because the people giving TED talks are not just random people. Through TED talks, you get the most valuable and helpful advice from experts in their respective fields. You can learn from the best and incorporate their tips into your own life. 

Take inspiration for your next career move

If you are starting with learning a new skill or in a new career field, you can learn all about it from experts through TED talks. These videos can be motivational for you and start your journey. Through TED talks, you can also improve your interview and communication skills. These videos help you advance your career in various ways.  


5 inspiring TED talks for designers and marketers

As marketers and designers, you need constant motivation and inspiration. There are times you feel blocked creatively, and TED talks can help you move past that block. Here are some TED talks for designers and marketers that can enable you to gain knowledge and improve your skills. 


1. A Radical Experiment in Empathy by Sam Richards

Sociologist Sam Richards urges people to put themselves in other people’s shoes and empathize with them. This TED talk for design is inspiring as he uses an emotional and powerful narrative to put his point across. For designers looking to tap into the power of empathy, this TED talk can be an excellent window into it. As a UX designer, your goal is to think about the users’ needs. 



You have to prioritize them and make decisions based on what they enjoy. Designers need to understand the people they are creating for and understand them. If you can empathize with your users, you can provide them with a brilliant design. This need to understand the social contexts in which users interact with products is highlighted through Sam Richards’ TED talk. 


2. The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers by Adam Grant 

In his TED talk, psychologist Adam Grant provides a refreshing take on procrastination and creativity. This video can be seen as groundbreaking. He tells everyone that sometimes being quick in your actions can hinder your creative process and thinking. Sometimes, the early bird does not get the worm, and there is nothing wrong with that. 



It is a TED talk for designers and everyone in the creative industry to learn from and inspire. If you are one of those designers or marketers who feel like they are pushing themselves in the last few days of every project, this TED talk is perfect for you. Everyone must understand that procrastination is not always evil; it is often necessary. And who better to hear it from than a professional psychologist who has been studying the dynamics of productivity and success in the workplace. 


3. A Futuristic Vision of the Age of Holograms by Alex Kipman

As a designer working in this day and age, everyone is aware of the growing importance of augmented and virtual reality. We have finally reached a point where we can think beyond the two-dimensional world we live in. VR and AR are exciting new prospects for designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and more. This exceptional TED talk for designers is perfect for looking into new technologies and incorporating them into their world. 



The way Alex Kipman demonstrates HoloLens to us takes us on a marvelous journey. This TED talk is inspirational and motivational for all designers. Once you watch it, you realize how many opportunities are available. Using VR and AR is a new way of interacting with the audience and your users, and you can incorporate them into your designs.  


4. Choice, Happiness, and Spaghetti Sauce by Malcolm Gladwell 

Malcolm Gladwell is a well-known author who has written multiple best-selling books. His TED talk for marketers is one of the most famous ones. Gladwell uses this short video to express the nature of happiness and choice in marketing. The examples used in this TED talk are exceptional and incredibly insightful for marketers, especially in the more creative fields. 



The TED talk primarily focuses on the psychology of consumers. For marketers, it is crucial to understand what the consumers want and then provide it to them. To run a successful business, you have to think about your target audience and focus on their needs. All your consumers are separate individuals, and you cannot think of them as a unified body. Everyone has unique preferences and tastes, and you must keep them in mind to increase sales through your marketing strategy. 


5. What Physics Taught Me About Marketing by Dan Cobley 

The TED talk for marketers by Dan Cobley makes us look at marketing in a new light. This video shows us that marketing is not a foreign concept for anyone. You can relate to it even if you are in any other field. Cobley tells us that marketing can be applied to our field of interest, and we can connect with it at a personal level. 



Cobley’s TED talk is an excellent watch for marketers looking for motivation and inspiration to come with an innovative concept or way of thinking. He shows us how some concepts of his field of interest, physics, are similar to the marketing concepts we are familiar with. This unique take on marketing makes this TED talk incredibly interesting to watch. 


Final takeaway 

Creative individuals like designers and marketers are always looking for inspiration. There are always times where we go through a creative block. During these times, watching inspirational TED talks can help. Getting advice from experts and successful professionals from your field is motivational and can help improve your performance and productivity when it comes to your work. 


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Alina Zahid Khan

Alina Zahid Khan

Alina Zahid Khan is a storyteller, brand strategist, and growth manager at GoVisually. She loves creating value-driven content for creative professionals.
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