Happy Customer Stories

Hundreds of stories from customers about what changed for the better since moving to GoVisually. 

"It delivers what it promises, speeding up design collaboration and feedback. GoVisually saves you time and energy. I really appreciate the simplicity of use and easy on-boarding for myself but also for other collaborators. Design and functions are intuitive, so it's easy to jump to working in no time!"

Boris Z.
Business Development Director

"The reason I came to GoVisually is because of the minimum steps our clients have to do to see their proofs. GoVisually is very direct, it can send a link to the project without signing up for the system, and the proofing functionality is very minimal and comprehensive. It’s a very lean and easy system to understand with very minimal steps to get to the proofing with a greater respect of using our clients’ time!”

Garry S.
Art Director

"GoVisually has been great for getting a design in front of lots of people without lots of emailing. I like how easy it is to comment on a work, or outline certain sections of the design.

Laura C.
Graphic Designer

"Never a glitch with GoVisually! For as long as I have been using GoVisually, I have always had ease in making edits and passing along information through the system to others. The comments tool works perfectly for what we are trying to accomplish.

Shauna E.
Associate Producer

"It has made us as a Marketing department more efficient. We can get comments instantly and make the changes as they come in. This means that artwork gets reviewed faster and more accurately. We really like the ease of use, good price, great support, efficiency boost & features that enable lots of people to review at once.”

Lawrence M.
Assistant Marketing Manager

"It saves me from having to use email to share documents. I love that I can easily upload and share various documents that I design to request approvals and get edits.

Whitney W.
Graphic Designer

"This software has significantly improved my workflow with clients. Proofing large documents, reviewing and submitting feedback has always been a tremendous challenge in my field, but this system has completely streamlined that process for both myself and my clients.”

Lynne H.
Graphic Designer

"GoVisually is the best, and it’s one of the few tools of its kind that both supports PDFs and allows you to annotate them. The annotation toolset is simple, but it includes everything that most users will need. Our broader marketing and sales team was able to use it day one with few hiccups.”

Jesse V.
Senior Graphic Designer

"Before GoVisually, I was getting reviews from everywhere. It was hard to know how to prioritize edits from different managers. GoVisually streamlined the review process so I don't miss edits, I don't needlessly print out projects anymore, and my users can collaborate and corroborate their edits. Projects get finished faster. Versions are easily sorted so I know people are seeing the latest version.”

Brandon O.
Graphic Designer

"I like that teams are able to collaborate and provide feedback on visuals created by our marketing department. We work on labels and graphic design on a regular basis and often need approvals from regulatory and other departments in the organization. This software helps greatly!

Ralph M.
Marketing Manager

"I like that the software automatically handles the email notifications for your and allows clients to provide their feedback at their leisure. Edits are made a lot easier with the ability to upload and attach files to comments eg, to swap out a photo.”

Meg L.
Events Director

"I’ve had a very positive experience with GoVisually. It makes works very well for our company! I like all of the functions and the ease of use when it comes to making edits to a piece.

Graphic Designer

"It is simple to use and provides a straightforward collaboration and review. PDF rendering is excellent. The low cost makes it a no brainer. Slack integration is fantastic. Revisions on designs can change how you interact with clients.”

T. P.
Creative Director

"This is the best program my company has ever used. It makes label/marketing tech very easy to approve from all departments whether it is marketing, regulatory or directors. Each person can review and provide approval. I like the trace-ability that it provides.”

Sara E.
Junior Chemist

"I feel like GoVisually took our company out of the dark ages of leaving edits marked up on a printout. It really is very user-friendly and easy to use. I also really enjoy that multiple individuals can review at the same time. It cuts editing and reviews time making our agency more productive.”

Lauren H.
Marketing Strategist

"It has cut down revision time with clients and helped them better communicate what they need from us. Overall, it has saved both our clients and our team a ton of time and money! It’s also very easy to use because I can send my clients a link to the software with a brief introduction of what I need them to do and most have been able to figure it out without any issues.”

Leah H.
Director of Creative Services

"I love many things about this software: you can check off comments, comment on comments, organize your files well, and invite several users to look at the proof. It is also very user-friendly!”

Krista W.

"As a graphic designer, it is challenging to get everyone on the same page for review. I would often get multiple emails with edits that were hard to organize and took up extra time for designing and editing projects. GoVisually has simplified the process and has given me the ability to share larger designs with more users, as well as to easily organize edits.

Jessica S.
Graphic Designer

"I like that it's easy to use and understand. It's a great value for the price. I also like that it stores revisions, so users can go back and see if the changes they requested were implemented. The new ability to mark files as completed or needing changes was a great add.”

Anthony M.
Graphics Lead

"I love that it's super simple to use with no frills. It does exactly what it says on the tin and, with improvements being made all the time with the platform, it just keeps getting better and better. The best part is that commenters and reviewers don't need to make an account in order to provide feedback which speeds the whole process up ten-fold!”

Lead Creative Designer

"The multiple reviewer feature is ideal in our wedding stationery business. We can collaborate seamlessly with the event planner, bride & groom, and most importantly - the mother of the bride! GoVisually keeps all the parties updated instantly and eliminates those confusing email chains.

Lisa B.

"The product makes your company much more professional to deal with. It has a very clean interface and it’s a simple and fun way to review. Also, it has fantastic customer support!

Dane R.

"It is much better than what we used to do earlier! The client used to print our design, write comments on it with a bad writing and send us a pdf of that, again and again. But thanks to GoVisually, this job is easier, clearer and less of a source of potential errors.

Camille M.
Graphic Designer

"I love the fact that my customers are able to see everything and have direct access to our artists and their work. It’s very easy to move between the rep, the customer and the artists. We no longer have the “be the messenger for the customer” problem.”

Sales Rep

"They are responsible, responsive and almost instant with their replies. As an academician, I work a lot with content dedicated for kids. I used the GoVisually trial and it eased my process of supervision to the greatest level. Simple and brilliant features like comments over the area of changes helped my students understand the corrections much quicker.”

Shobhita I.
Freelance Teacher and Trainer

"GoVisually is so easy to use! After a quick 20 minute session with our review team, everyone understood how to use it. We were up and running in no time! It completely streamlined our review process.

Kevin H.
Marketing Manager

"I have been in the industry for 10 years and have gone through many different styles of project review. This product is invaluable. From small to major projects, it keeps comments organized and is a vital tool in our design process.

Jessica S.
Graphic Designer

"It’s simple to use and my volunteers were easily able to understand all the functions in a few minutes. I especially like the feature for having comments right over the intended location, over the design. And it's very cheap compared to other tools I tried online. They seem to be getting new features added every month or so, so thumbs up for that too!”

Beena M.
Senior Faculty

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