Recap of Adobe Max: creative collaboration is the future!

Recap of Adobe Max_ creative collaboration is the future!

From creative inspirations to new revelations, the Adobe Max 2022 annual industry conference ended with a boom that is bound to change the creative scene forever. 

In case you’ve missed the major updates from the world’s greatest creative conference this year, here’s a recap of the ground-breaking revelations made at Adobe Max 2022!


Adobe Max – creative tech and community in one frame 

Held for the second consecutive year, Adobe Max is an annual conference hosted by Adobe Inc. Creative professionals from around the world become part of this 3-day conference to share their innovations. At the same time, Adobe reveals its latest updates and plans for the future.

This year, the world-leading creative conference was hosted from 18th October to 20th October in LA. With 200+ sessions and hundreds of influential speakers giving their takes on the current creative digital world. 

Now that the curtains have closed, we have several revolutionary ideas, features, and innovations coming up in digital creativity and the Adobe ecosystem.



The waves Adobe Max 2022 made in the creative digital scene 

This year’s Adobe Max left most creative professionals in awe with a glimpse of some of its most advanced projects during Sneaks. Among all these waves, the focus remained on using AI and making collaboration easier for professionals. 

From features and partnerships that improve the Adobe workflow to the new Substance 3D updates that could support and lead the newly introduced Metaverse, here are the highlights you need to hear about!


Project Blink 

Project Blink is one of the most anticipated features revealed during the Adobe Max Sneaks program.

With this, Adobe Labs has developed a new video editing technology called Project Blink, which uses AI to give a word processing interface to editing. In practice, this means creators can use AI to find, add, and remove sections from videos quickly. 

The tool can make video editing just as quick as editing text. The feature will allow users to create clips using specific sounds, objects, expressions, or activities. The AI will transform your description into a new clip that can dramatically change how video editors work.



The project underscores Adobe’s focus on building out its AI capabilities. On that note, several AI functions in Adobe Sensei have been revamped in the cloud to ensure all future-focused video editors can create more professional-looking videos with less editing time and effort.


Generative AI – creativity for all

Project blink aside, Adobe’s new generative AI technology allows non-creatives, such as social media managers and small teams, to design visuals quickly and easily. 

The new AI features can help save design professionals time on projects with enough control to make the finished product unique. Generative AI can suggest and create based on user prompts and contextual clues. 



Using Sensei AI-powered features on Adobe express makes it possible for quick actions to remove backgrounds from images without needing to jump into the editor. In Photoshop, generative AI can create custom fonts in seconds without using a font editor.

Many other features come with generative AI in the Adobe ecosystem to make creative designing simple for everyone. 


Substance 3D Modeler

Just a few weeks after Meta and Microsoft announced a partnership to bring VR to the enterprise, Adobe has made its move to take the lead for a 3D takeover. 

The company unveiled Substance 3D, a new application that creates 3D objects. It includes Modeler, a tool allowing users to create models using a VR headset. Substance 3D Modeler lets designers quickly create 3D models in virtual reality, evolving from their desktop environment.



This combined setting is especially beneficial for creative professionals, who can use it to explore their ideas more effectively. You can use the final 3D objects in other Adobe Creative Cloud products. Whether you want to paint it in Photoshop or use it as part of a 3D scene in Stager.

Several other projects were introduced during Adobe Max, many of which created an uproar of anticipation from creative professionals. This includes the Intertwine feature and the Auto Style feature that had everyone cheering, even during the conference.



Notes from inspiring creators from around the world 

Starting off the Adobe Max creative conference, Shantanu Narayen, President and CEO of  Adobe, laid out his philosophy in the last decades that marks Adobe’s growth:

“From inventing desktop publishing to revolutionizing imaging and design to pioneering electronic documents, to advancing animation, gaming, and video — and now, to leading in 3D, immersive digital marketing and commerce, we are focused on empowering everyone, everywhere, to imagine, create and bring any digital experience to life.”

For the two-hour inspirational keynote, there were several leading creative professionals like Kadir Nelson, Steve Aoki, Cristina Mittermeier, Siân Heder, and Jeff Koons. He shared their vision to help other creators stay inspired.

“I challenge you all to find your unique artistic voice and stand ready and willing to employ your gifts for the betterment of all humankind. Hone your craft. Seek mastery. Share your essential voice with the world,” said Kadir Nelson.



GoVisually and Adobe CC – the revolution has already begun 

David Wadhwani, president of Adobe’s Digital Media business, describes how Adobe is set to revolutionize collaboration.

“Creativity is increasingly a team sport whether you’re collaborating with other creators or asking for feedback from stakeholders,” he said, which is why next-generation tools like “Share for Review” – being rolled out across video, design, and imaging – are reshaping the landscape of creative workflow. “It’s a huge time saver,” he concluded.

And you can become a part of this creative revolution with GoVisually’s latest Adobe CC and GoVisually integration to make creative review easier for teams. 



Growing with the ever-advancing creative digital world, GoVisually is the most advanced and well-equipped platform for creative professionals who work on all things visual. 

As a one-stop solution for online proofing, communication, collaboration, and approvals, our goals align perfectly with everything represented during the Adobe Max creative conference. That is making creativity accessible, easier, and more productive for all.

Supercharge your creative workflow with GoVisually’s Adobe Extension and experience the revolution yourself! 

Alina Zahid Khan

Alina Zahid Khan

Alina Zahid Khan is a storyteller, brand strategist, and growth manager at GoVisually. She loves creating value-driven content for creative professionals.
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