25 most followed art influencers on Instagram


Like everything else in 2022, the art world is constantly changing and evolving. New trends emerge every day that redefine the art scene, and if you’re an aspiring artist, critic, social media marketer, or simply interested in art, you have to keep up! 

Social media is a magical place; creatives worldwide and all niches get to showcase their work anytime and in any way they want. In terms of visual media, it’s safe to argue that Instagram is the unrivaled social media of choice, with 1.3 billion users globally. 

If you’re on the hunt for some art inspo and are unsure about where to look, you came to the right place.

Here’s our breakdown of the top 25 art influencers you need to follow on Instagram today! 


Top 25 art influencers on Instagram

These are the top 25 art influencers to follow on Instagram for your daily dose of inspiration! 


1. Joan Cornellà – the top pick for art influencers on Instagram

You’ve probably seen Sir Joan Cornella’s comics floating around Instagram before. His art generally features social commentary mixed with dark humor. The color palette used is bright and vibrant, perfectly complementing the dark undertones of his work. 



If you’re a digital comic artist looking for inspiration on contemporary art, it doesn’t get better than this Instagram feed! And it seems that many people agree; Joan Cornella has amassed a following of 3.5 million on Instagram, with the number growing every day! 



Brian Donnelly is one of the most popular contemporary artists on the platform. A former animator for Disney, Donnelly has a keen eye for whimsy and pop culture, which translates impressively across his work. 



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A post shared by @kaws


The most distinctive feature of KAWS’ artwork is his use of X’s in place of eyes and mouths in his work. It’s unclear why, but it doesn’t seem to matter to the thousands of brands lining up to have their clothes showcased on his exhibits! 

KAWS is guaranteed to inspire you to think out of the box, and we highly recommend you check his feed out yourself! 


3. Banksy

You’ve probably heard of Banksy, at this point, who hasn’t? With an impressive career spanning two decades as a street artist, Banksy is a household name in the art world. And their Instagram does not disappoint! 



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A post shared by Banksy (@banksy)


The best part is perhaps how Banksy’s anonymity has remained intact despite their 20+ year career. Their work is appreciated solely based on its genius, and that is impressive!

It’s no wonder that Banksy is one of the most significant art influencers globally and, consequently, on Instagram. 

The anonymous street artist has over 11 million followers, and their feed is guaranteed to get the creative wheels turning in your head!


4. Takashi Murakami

Takashi Murakami is a famous Japanese artist, best known for creating vibrant prints for big names like Kanye West and Louis Vitton. Not only is Murakami an excellent digital artist but a skilled sculptor. His work is a carefully curated blend of Japanese traditional art and popular culture, and we’re here for it.



And it looks like we’re not the only ones; Takashi Murakami’s Instagram has 2.4 million followers. His feed is a vibrant showcasing of his art and will serve as the perfect inspiration for your next creative project! 


5. Christoph Neimann

Neimann is an author, illustrator, graphic designer, and digital artist with over a million followers on Instagram! Neimann has had an impressive career that began in the 1990s and had been going strong ever since. 



His artwork has been featured in famous publications such as The New York Times, the New Yorker, and Wired. Business giants such as Nike and Microsoft have featured his work in their campaigns for years and good reason! 

His illustrations are whimsical concepts relating to pop culture and social commentary, and we cannot recommend his feed enough! 


6. Elena Soboleva

The sales director, David Zwirner, Elena Soboleva, is an art curator and specialist. Her feed is a colorful display of her exploration through the art world, showcasing pieces across numerous genres and styles. 



Soboleva’s impeccable taste in art constitutes an impressively aesthetically good feed, with over 25 thousand followers admiring her content. If you’re looking for a deep dive into the latest trends in the contemporary art scene, look no further! 


7. Shepard Fairey

Founder of the OBEY clothing brand, fashion designer and artist Shepard Fairey has over 1 million Instagram followers. Fairey rose to prominence after designing the unofficial symbol for former President Barack Obama’s election campaign. His artwork has been featured in major publications for years and we see why.



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A post shared by Shepard Fairey (@obeygiant)


His work is a masterful blend of popart, social commentary, and popular culture. And best of all, his digital prints are nothing short of genius, and we highly recommend you follow his feed for design inspiration! 


8. Thierry Guetta

If you’re familiar with the art scene, you’ve probably heard of Mr. Brainwash! The street artist and filmmaker has been famous for his work for years. Mr. Brainwash is also a longtime collaborator with Shepard Fairey and Banksy to give you an idea of how big he is.



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A post shared by Mr Brainwash (@mrbrainwash)


His work and feed are an impressive display of street art pieces and concepts, best known for tackling social justice and pop culture. This is a feed you don’t want to skip over! 


9. Andreas Wannerstedt

Andreas Wannerstedt is an art director, digital artist, and 3D sculpture artist. His feed is a poppy showcase of bizarre optical illusions, animations, and digital art pieces. 



We really can’t describe how impressive his work is, so we’ll have you see it for yourself; visit his feed today and become a part of his 800 thousand follower base! Trust us; you will not regret it! 


10. Bosslogic

Kode Abdo; Bosslogic on Instagram is an Australian graphic designer and digital artist. Bosslogic is most well-known for designing popular comic book covers and artworks for Disney and Marvel Studios. 



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A post shared by Bosslogic (@bosslogic)


This art influencer is definitely in the big leagues, and his feed does not disappoint! He has over 2 million followers on Instagram, one look at his feed, and you’ll see why! 


11. Felipe Pantone

Felipe Pantone is a visual artist based in Argentina, most well known for vibrant, kinetic art pieces. Pantone’s portfolio is a hypnotizing array of geometric shapes, bright colors, and artworks that look like they’re always in motion.



Felipe Pantone has never shown his face, and from the looks of it, he doesn’t need to. His art stands alone in its appeal, amassing his Instagram over 400 thousand followers. This is an art influencer you want to start following right away! 


12. DFace

More prominently known as DFace, Dean Stockton is an urban graffiti artist. His art combines pop art and pop culture, creating brilliantly simple but meaningful pieces that always have something to say. 



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A post shared by DFace (@dface_official)


His comic-book design style is guaranteed to inspire aspiring comic book artists and digital artists on the lookout for contemporary inspiration. DFace has over 200 thousand followers on Instagram, one look at his impressive feed, and you’ll see why! 


13. PichiAvo

PichiAvo is a graffiti artist duo based in Valencia, with over 100 thousand Instagram followers. PichiAvo’s portfolio combines classical roman and greek art with pop culture, translating into beautiful and vibrant murals. 



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A post shared by PichiAvo (@pichiavo)


Their art perfectly marries two seemingly contrasting artistic elements and executes them into harmony. Head over to their feed right now to see what we’re talking about.


14. Okuda San Miguel

Okudart or Okuda San Miguel is a painter and sculptor based in Madrid. His murals and sculptures are bright pops of the color displayed against banal city walls and squares. His Instagram feed, with over 300 thousand followers, is vibrant. 



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A post shared by OKUDA SAN MIGUEL (@okudart)


Okuda San Miguel is the perfect Instagram artist to start following ASAP if you’re looking for painting inspiration! What’s best about his style is that it is distinctively his own. It features geometric shapes and vibrant colors in abstract pieces of art. 


15. Beeple

Mike Winkelmann is a graphic designer, animator, crypto artist, and digital artist that goes by the name of Beeple on Instagram. He has over 2 million followers on Instagram, and for a good reason. 



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A post shared by beeple (@beeple_crap)


His Instagram feed is bizarre, abstract, and in keeping with pop culture references and trends in essence. There’s no way to describe Beeple’s art accurately, so we highly recommend you check it out for yourself! 


16. OSSO Magazine

OSSO Magazine is an Italian magazine that regularly features digital artists and artworks on its feed.



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A post shared by OSSO Magazine (@ossomagazine)


Their feed is a collection of digital prints, designs, illustrations, animations, basically anything and everything art-related. This makes them the perfect magazine to start following for your daily dose of inspiration.


17. Anonymous

Who’s who is an anonymous Instagram account that is fascinating. The anonymous poster regularly posts side-by-side comparisons of famous artworks and illustrations. 



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A post shared by @whos____who


There is no clear explanation for why they do this, but we’re not complaining! And neither are fifty thousand of their Instagram followers! This is the feed for you if you’re looking to discover obscure artists and artworks. 


18. Josie Lewis

Josie Lewis is a painter with over 400 thousand Instagram followers. She is best known for her impressive time-lapse videos of creating art, watercolors being her medium of choice. 



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A post shared by Josie Lewis (@josielewisart)


If you’re a painter and are looking to polish your skills, this is an art influencer you need to start following! Plus, it might to helpful to observe how she navigates keeping up an active social media presence if you’re wondering how to become an Instagram artist! 


19. Carolyn Gavin

Carolyn Gavin is an illustrator, designer, and painter based in Toronto. Her artwork is whimsical and colorful, making for an incredible Instagram feed.



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A post shared by Carolyn Gavin (@carolynj)


Gavin has almost 500 thousand Instagram followers!

We highly recommend you check out her feed right now and see for yourself how this Instagram digital artist does it! 


20. Polly Staple

Staple is the art director of the Chisenhale Gallery in London, meaning that she’s an expert when it comes to art. Her Instagram feed, with over 20 thousand followers, is her navigation through the art scene, showcasing impressive artworks and artists along the way! 



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A post shared by Polly Staple (@polly.staple)


Her Instagram is a deep dive into the ins and outs of the art world, regularly updating her followers on what’s in store for visitors of the impressive Chisenhale Gallery. She posts regularly, so you’re in for daily inspiration if you follow her, which we think you should.


21. Liese Chavez

Liese Chavez is the owner of the Chavez Art Gallery of Colorado and an artist herself. She’s immensely talented, her feed’s a beautiful display of sketches, paintings, and illustrations. 



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A post shared by Liese Chavez (@liesechavez)


In addition to this, she regularly posts about the exhibits at her gallery, giving aspiring artists an inside look into the practical side of the art world. Though one of the relatively smaller accounts on our list, she is nonetheless imposing, and we recommend checking her feed out right now! 


22. Alexis Christodoulou

Alexis Christodoulou is a digital artist based in Amsterdam. She creates beautiful visual art pieces and animations that can be seen displayed across her impressive feed. The color palettes used are soft and earthy, perfectly complementing the calm aesthetic of her work. 



Christodoulou has over 200 thousand followers on Instagram, owing to her highly impressive feed. If you’re curious about maintaining an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed as an Instagram artist, this is an Instagram digital artist you should follow! 


23. Rachel Altschuler

Rachel Altschuler is a digital artist and painter based in Pennsylvania. If you like birds, you’ll fall in love with her feed.



Her feed is a phenomenal compilation of bird paintings that are guaranteed to teach you a few lessons on consistency! She has over 50 thousand followers on Instagram, so her work is worth checking out. 


24. Jean Julien

Jean Julien is an illustrator and digital artist with over 1.2 million followers on Instagram.



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A post shared by Jean Jullien (@jean_jullien)


His illustrations are simple, trendy, and perfectly capture the perils of adulthood in the current age. If you’re into dark humor, you should get behind Jean Julien is an art influencer! 


25. Manzel Bowman

Finally, Mazel Bowman is a digital artist and graphic designer with over 120 thousand followers on Instagram.



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A post shared by MANZEL BOWMAN (@artxman)


His artwork and feed blend classic pop culture references with contemporary art forms and styles. If you’re an aspiring graphic designer, this is a must-follow art influencer on Instagram.


Did you like these art influencers on Instagram?

We hope you enjoyed this rundown of our favorite art influencers on Instagram. These accounts are guaranteed to give you your daily dose of inspiration for your creative projects in 2022.

Do let us know which one was your favorite!


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