BPM tools: 28 business process management tools to revolutionize workflow


Business process management (BPM) is one of the most instrumental parts of any company’s operations. That’s because it effectively coordinates various business functions to lead to increased productivity. So, if you want to drive your business to its full potential, you need to employ BPM tools to your business.

The idea of using such software might seem like a burden on you. You might wonder if training your team to use a new tool would be worth it. Or, if you’re a startup, the added cost of software might seem like a stretch to your financial limits.

However, without business process management tools, processes become unmanageable. And they can end up costing you more time and resources.

So in this article, we’re going to guide you through business process management tools and how they can help streamline your business activity.

Let’s start!


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What are business process management tools?

Business Process Management (BPM) tools are software applications especially tailored to assist users in coordinating business processes by analyzing, optimizing, improving the process, and regulating the improvements. 

It is an efficient tool that simplifies the process by breaking it down into simple steps and monitoring the steps efficiently. So, it makes your job as a manager easier. For example, managing feedback, shipping orders, and stock information. 

Companies – big or small – use tools for business process management to efficiently manage their business and keep tabs on its steady growth. 


How does BPM work?

Before we get started on the tools used in business processes, let’s look at the various categories of BPM tools divided based on the purpose they serve in an organization. 

  • People execute Human-centric support processes. This tool focuses on employees’ workflow, such as customer service, onboarding new hires, and opening a new customer account. etc
  • System-centric BPM focuses on software solutions such as online banking etc. 
  • Digital-centric centers around physical and digital media. 


Importance of business process management software tools

You might be wondering why you should opt for a BPM tool? 

Running a business without a structured approach can lead to numerous problems such as poor time management, unnecessary cost, and negative feedback. Without BPM, you might be finding it hard to monitor all the business processes at once. 

Do you want to grow your company

If you want to stay relevant in your niche, you will need the assistance of tools that will manage your costs and improve the company’s productivity. Compare your business to a simple machine. The gears will not be able to work without proper lubrication. In the context of business, BPM provides the necessary lubrication for your company to prosper.

Using business process management tools, we can not guarantee that you’ll be free from all the burdens. However, we can assure you’ll be safe from any disastrous consequences. 


Benefits of using BPM tools

Still on the fence about using tools for business process management?

Well, here are some ways it can facilitate your business.



Time management

Time is the most valuable asset of any organization. Every time your workflow is interrupted, your brain takes a while to regain momentum and focus on the work at hand. 

Without business process management tools, it will take a long while to get back to your workflow, which affects your time and productivity. By implementing proper BPM tools in an organization, you can save ample time that would’ve been wasted otherwise.

Cost reduction

BPM tools effectively coordinate, monitor, and optimize the process by constructing a solid framework for each process. Thus, any possibility of unnecessary cost is greatly reduced. 


Reduced risk of errors

While regulating various processes at once, errors are mostly overlooked. This can lead to problems for the stakeholders later on. However, with the right BPM tool in place, you can track any errors and trace them back to their respective sources. 


Increased productivity

If you want to increase the productivity of your business and improve the workflow, BPM tools are the solution. The automation features allow humans to focus on the more important tasks that require human knowledge.


Selecting the right BPM tool 

Now that you have acquired the necessary information what the tools used in business processes are, you might be facing another roadblock:

Which BPM tool is the one for me?

If you want to make the most of a BPM tool to achieve maximum efficiency, you must complete the right decision when choosing the one.  

Determining the right one out of a list of 30 software can be quite a mental challenge for you. That’s why we have enlisted a few steps to make it easier for you to  




Ask yourself, what are my goals?

Before you get started, list down the goals and objectives of your business process. Every organization has specific needs that can be fulfilled by a particular BPM tool. 

 It’s important that you know the processes you’re focusing on, the improvements you look forward to, and the changes the improvements would bring. 

Once you get a full picture of your goals, it will help you decide on the perfect BPM tool for you.


Involve the team

Your team will be an active part of the collaborative process, which is why you should ask for their opinions and feedback on the BPM tool and ensure that they are aware of all the changes and implementations. 

Moreover, involving your team members active in the process can create a bond and connection between the people and the organization.


Consult the customer service departments

After the long process, you might be able to narrow down your options.

The next step would be to contact the customer service of the candidates and get in-depth information about the app. You can register for a free trial to test the waters before diving deep into it if it fills all the criteria. 


28 business process management tools to revolutionize your workflow

If you want to improve your efficiency and free up resources, you need to begin using one of the tools for business process management. You might be wondering what are the tools used in business processes.

Here are the best BPM tools we have highlighted for you.


1. GoVisually




GoVisually is the #1 proofing software enabling users to share their digital assets with the team and clients. It is an online platform that allows team members to share real-time feedback and the clients. 

GoVisually is a timely, value-proposition software that checks off most of your boxes. It is an ideal software that ends the hassle of long email threads and unnecessary errors. It automates your process, frees up the resources, and streamlines your content. 

Want to annotate PDFs? Or share files with the team members? 

Whatever it is, GoVisually is the perfect tool to manage your business’s process effectively to deliver high-quality content. 

Sign up for a  free trial to take GoVisually for a test drive today! 


2. BPMApp



BPMApp by 500qpps is one of the business process management software tools that manage your workflow with its automation abilities. Whether your business is small, medium, or large, BPMApp is your loyal companion to optimize productivity. 

BPMApp facilitates your businesses by keeping track of your tasks, managing your contacts, and customized responsive forms. 

It does not have a free version. However, it offers a free trial. 


3. Comindware Tracker




Established in 2010, Comindware Tracker is an excellent no-code workflow automation tool that allows organizations to manage tasks at a very low cost. 

Structured with an easy-to-use interface, Comindware Tracker uses an Excel-like drag and drop configuration option. It enables you to add multiple teams and tracks real-time work progress. 

You can begin your free trial or contact Comindware Tracker’s customer service for a demo. 


4. Kissflow




Does the idea of complex technology put you off from using business process management software tools? 

Kissflow is the perfect all-in-one cloud-based BPM tool.

Kissflow enables non-tech users to create multiple workflow automation on their easy-to-use interface. It is used by various departments such as marketing, accounts, and human resources to organize certain processes and streamline functions. 

What makes Kissflow even better is that it offers a free trial of every plan. So, you can test each of the plans of ranging costs and see which one suits you the most without any risks.


5. Zoho Creator




Zoho Creator is a price-friendly option that enables you to create custom applications to facilitate and boost your business processes. You don’t need to have a sophisticated knowledge of the technology to use this software.

Whether you’re a part of education, non-profit, manufacturing, or working remotely, the application offers industry-specific solutions to all the industries around the globe. 

You can create a free account that offers only one application to test the application. Or you can select one of the four paid plans.  


6. Nintex Process Platform 




Nintex Process is one of the leading business process management software tools that automate workflow for business optimization. 

By implementing Nintex Process, you can digitize your physical and redundant tasks. It integrates third-party software, including Microsoft office 365, Adobe, ServiceMax, Salesforce, etc. Plus, many famous corporations such as Amazon have used Nintex Workflow. 

Standard Nintex Workflow starts at $910 per month. The package includes unlimited users for 10 workflows. Nintex offers a trial version.


7. Appian




If your organization lacks an IT department, Appian is here to your rescue. 

Do you want to enhance customer service? Or achieve operational excellence? 

Appian is a unique software that combines low-code solutions and full-stack automation to streamline complicated business processes. Appian easily looks over daily operations and day-to-day tasks. 

Appian’s free trial is available. You can also contact their customer service to register for the appropriate plans. 


8. iGrafx




If you’re wondering which practices work best for your business processes, iGrafx will provide the best solutions for you.

iGrafx is a BPM tool that utilizes graphical workflow and supports robotic process automation (RPA). This reduces any possibility of human error as most of the redundant tasks are committed by bots.

The software has many top-notch features, including compliance tracking, design analysis, third-party integrations, and document management. 

You can sign up for the free trial of iGrafx or contact customer service for a demo. 


9. Kintone




Kintone is an all-in-one BPM program that assists you in performing a task effectively. It empowers the teams to collaborate, share and create customized workflows. 

Like other tools, Kintone does not require expertise in technical knowledge. It comes with many features, including project management, photo records, expense reporting, etc. 

Equipped with built-in conversation and collaboration tools, Kintone is an ideal tool for a non-profit organization. A bonus point is that it has an interface specially designed for non-profit organizations. 

Kintone has helped big names like Alzheimer’s Association, United Way, and LiveWell Colorado. 

It does not have a free plan. But, it offers a trial version that you can test before deciding.


10. Bizagi




Bizagi is one of the leading business process management software tools that seamlessly connects users, robots, applications, and data on a united platform.

The solution comprises Bizagi Modeler, Bizagi Solution, and Bizagi Engine. Each component serves various purposes to give the organization agility and streamline its operations. 

The software lets users map the business process, while Bizagi Studio lets them build the apps. The third component: Bizagi Engine, is the one that executes these processes. 

500+ organization customers use Bizagi across the globe. It also offers a free trial to take a test drive before paying for a full version. 


11. Processmaker




Processmaker is an open-source business and workflow management platform that empowers enterprises to analyze and deploy solutions to business problems in a few hours. The solution helps organizations devise, automate, and streamline business processes of various scales. 

The solution features a document builder to create electronic receipts, notes, configuration forms, and contracts. Processmaker utilizes a drag and drop interface to sustain top-level function and exceptional customer experience.

You can contact Processmaker for a demo before selecting one of the four pricing plans. 


12. Tallyfy 




With Tallyfy, you can create, record, and measure any repeatable tasks without the hassle of flowcharts, coding, and other complexities. Tallyfy is an open platform that digitalizes your business process and automates the workflow for maximum productivity. 

It simplifies your processes and allows you to keep tabs on all the operations in real-time on an easy, visual dashboard. Tallyfy functions across various industries, including advertising, finance, HR, IT, sales, and procedures. 

You can start your free 14-day trial of Tallyfy or select one of the pricing plans. 


13. Bonitasoft




Founded in 2009, Bonitasoft is open-source software that completely automates digital processes and IT modernization. Bonitasoft is a BPM platform that collaborates with people from various domains to organize tasks, streamline business processes and examine its gradual performance. 

Bonitasoft ensures excellent customer service and consistency and increases the business’s visibility. The 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant recognizes Bonita for Intelligent Business Process Management Suites.

Contact Bonitasoft’s customer service for pricing plans. 


14. Adonis




Do you want a free BPM tool to manage all the business processes? 

Adonis is on your rescue.

The software enables users to migrate their data from other platforms to Adonis easily. It has several features to facilitate your business processes, whether project management, optimization, documentation, or execution. Plus, the interface empowers collaboration between teams and customers in a seamless flow. 

What’s better is that Adonis is completely free!


15. Signavio




Signavio is one of the web-based tools for business process management that enables the business to optimize quickly and keep up with the change. 

It is an all-in-one integrated platform that ensures intuitive. It includes numerous features such as analysis and documentation of the process while simultaneously notifying you in real-time if any problem occurs. 

More than a thousand customers worldwide have integrated Signavio into their business processes. You can register for a free trial or request Signavio for their pricing plans. 


16. Monday.com




Equipped with many features, Monday is an excellent tool to manage your workload. It keeps a record of all the work and enables you to communicate with the teams for improved efficiency. 

Monday allows you to track, document, and deliver your team member’s work from a single dashboard. Plus, Monday is the perfect BPM tool for customization. 

The platform also enables you to communicate in real-time with your team members. Besides, it allows has a feature that permits you to conduct on-camera meetings within your task dashboard.


17. Creatio




Creatio is a low-code software that automates workflow processes and supports CRM (customer service management). It is a cloud-based platform that incorporates CRM and a strong BPM in a single solution to generate more sales and accelerate operations for companies. 

Whether sales, advertising, education, retail, financial or legal, Creatio has paved its way in every enterprise. 

Creatio is recognized as one of the leading platforms in the industry, operating in 110 countries worldwide. 

Creatio is offered in three uniquely designed pricing plans; Team, Commerce, and Enterprise. The pricing is based on a per-user and per month basis. You can contact Creatio for an in-depth plan. 


18. ProWorkflow




Founded in 2002, ProWorkflow is an easy-to-use cloud-based BPM software that effectively regulates processes, including design, planning, project monitoring, etc. 

ProWorkflow saves you plenty of time by making it easy to assign tasks to the staff, track the time and schedule the projects. 

Moreover, it caters to the team members and allows quick communication through chats. ProWorkflow currently has two packages: the professional and the advanced. 


19. FlowWright




Flowright is a tool for business process management and workflow automation. The program caters to the customer through automation routing compliance, and creating custom forms. 

It can be used as a cloud-based solution, .NET hosted environment or on-premise. Some features include reporting, dashboards, archival, business analytics, synchronizing, etc.

FlowWright is available on devices as well as browsers. The cost of FlowWright starts at $14/user/month. A free trial of FlowWright is available. 


20. IBM Blueworks Live




IBM Blueworks Live is one of the tools for business process management that provides an environment to improve business processes through process mapping. 

It empowers the organization by analyzing the performance of the process, identifying the inefficiencies, and regulating the improvements with process simulation. 

It also enables users to design existing or new processes. Moreover, it allows users to send and receive feedback responses on a single dashboard. You can request IBM for a free trial and inquire about the pricing plans. 


21. Celonis




If you’re working in an industry where you have to analyze vast amounts of data, Celonis is on your rescue. 

Powered by the process mining core, Celonis provides an overall executive management software, combining all the data, digitizing it, and recording it in a relevant domain. Besides, Celonis offers data execution, task mining, and a real-time view of processes to maximize business operations. 

Celonis is supported globally and is available on browsers only. In addition to a free version, a paid version is also available with many add-ons. 


22. Qntrl




If you’re a department manager and looking to gain more visibility and automation in your respective area, you might want to try Qntrl

Qntrl is an award-winning BPM platform that provides a 4-step wizard known as Orchestration. Qntrl is an ideal tool to automate, manage, and streamline your procedures. 

For price inquiries, you can contact Qntrl’s customer service. 


23. Pega Platform




Pega Platform is a low-code software that automates intelligently and simplifies the complexities of the work. It helps businesses improve employee productivity and deliver rapid, personalized service to customers. 

Structured with a low-code approach, Pega weaves through scalable CRM, BPM, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), project management, and AI apps, all on one single platform. Pega Platform integrates applications for domains across industries, including banking, insurance, and finance. 

Pega provides a simple and easy-to-use toolset to construct applications and build enterprise-grade CRM. 

The pricing starts at $90/month. 


24. OnBase by Hyland




With OnBase by Hyland, you can manage content, processes, and cases throughout an enterprise. OnBase is an ideal repository to record your business’s digital documents and case information. 

The program is equipped with centralized platforms that house your necessary documents in one secure domain. If required, OnBase retrieves the pertinent data and delivers it to the targetted user no matter where they are. 

The software is used in many industries, including health, pharmaceuticals, insurance, finance, government, education, etc. 

For more information, contact OnBase by Hyland’s customer service. 


25. Sensus 




While most applications try to be an all-in-one program, Sensus is a unique platform that caters to a wide range of public service providers through its integrated intelligent workflow technologies.

Besides being a cloud-based toolset, Sensus is comprised of the BPM program that constructs a physical network. It collaborates with customers to deliver efficiency and intuitively. 

Moreover, the program shows the customers their real consumption transparently. This builds trust between the customer and user and leads to responsiveness from the customer’s side. 

Contact Sensus to get more information about the pricing structure and service solutions.


26. Bitrix24




Bitrix24 is an all-in-one platform that provides various solutions to accelerate the growth of your enterprise. Functional on both cloud and on-premise, Bitrix24 enables more sales, generates profits, and accelerates your team’s productivity. 

It seamlessly integrates various tools, including CRM, strategy management, and productive team cooperation.

Plus, If you are an owner of a small business, Bitrix24 might come in handy. This is because it’s the only free BPM tool that supports CRM equipped with all the characteristics your small business needs to strive for. 

Bitrix24 also has paid versions divided into basic, standard, and professional. You can contact their customer service for more information. 


27. Integrify 




Integrify is a web-based workflow automation software employed across some of the largest companies in the world. It lets the customers create and execute automated workflows with a drag and drop interface. 

It is a smart and flexible BPM platform available in the cloud, private cloud, or on-premise. Integrify promises great customer service, transparency, and visibility. 

Workflows can be easy or extremely complicated. This is where Integrity comes to the rescue, as its management solution focuses on easy use, immediate deployment, and useful features. 


28. Wrike




Are you looking for an app that can potentially fulfill all your demands?

 Wrike is an ideal option that checks off most of the boxes. 

Wrike is a highly collaborative project management software that enables teams to track ongoing tasks and manage work and projects. 

It is an extremely versatile software that can be implemented across many industries to reap many benefits. It provides highly customized solutions for marketing teams, IT agents, and design teams to achieve maximum productivity. However, that does not restrict the application to a few departments only.  

Contact Wrike’s customer service to get details on its pricing plans.


Key takeaway

Whether you’re running a small, mid, or large enterprise, finding the right BPM tools can help you in the long run. 

BPM tools not only automate your workflow but also monitor your progress, eradicate the obstacles and pave a steady path for you to succeed in the competitive industrial world. 

And as we’ve discussed today, there are several great BPM tools available for you. Each caters to specific demands, including GoVisually, making the review process even easier for you. 

So select the one that best matches your company’s needs, and off you go to make your workflow better!


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