Blazing Fast Post Production Workflow: 10 Tips For Editors


Faster video production is the mantra of all video productions nowadays. And there’s a reason behind that – video alone can drive a 157% increase in organic traffic and reach. And it doesn’t end here. A world full of raging millennials and Gen-Z are all about video content. That indicates that if your post production […]

How Pantone 2021 Colors Of The Year Will Impact Creatives


The year 2020 was full of surprises that have shaken us all. From an ongoing pandemic crippling the world economy to drastic changes in workplaces and patterns, we’ve all been stirred up by it. But the one side that has been arguably affected the most would be the creative side. From merch designs to product […]

How To Provide Feedback On Video The Ultimate Guide

Video production and video content are becoming rapidly popular. And the biggest reason behind that is the ease of access, faster results, and a sense of live interaction coupled with fast internet connections. In fact, 51% of marketers now believe that video content has the most promising ROI. That is startling, to say the least. […]

How to Create Fresh YouTube Content for Your Channel

In a world of millennials and Gen-Z, the fastest way of approaching your audience is through consistent and quality video content. People love and prioritize accessibility and great content over everything else now. And you’d be surprised to know that YouTube alone has two billion users. What that means for you as a marketer is that you need to start creating fresh YouTube content. Like […]

How to Make An eBook? Everything About eBook Designs and More!


How to make an eBook is the big question that we’ve all asked ourselves. But get this, writing a book has never been easy. To sit down, come up with ground-breaking ideas, and then to put them in words is always going to be a challenging task for even the best of us. What makes […]

15 Top Spotify Playlists for Designers To Boost Your Creative Fuel

Music is one of the most powerful and ever-lasting resources you can tap into as a creative – nearly whenever and wherever you want. High-value, creative work like graphic design often requires a deep focus, dedicated commitment, and a strong work ethic. But things may not always work out perfectly, and that’s when you can […]

10 Must Watch Netflix Documentaries for Creative Teams


In the field of graphic design and frequent design reviews, things can sometimes get a bit, well, dull. Despite all the creative processes, intricate fun, and the ultimate reward of completing such high-value work, it’s still normal to feel demotivated sometimes. And that is when you need a sense of calm and inspiration in your […]

5 Major Differences Between UI and UX Design


Whenever someone says designer, we all assume that it has to do with designs. And while that might be true in a broader sense, there are several categories of designs and designers. Learning their differences is important because it helps us understand which designer to approach the problem or design-related issue. That is why today […]

10 Calming Apps To Help You Beat Stress And Burnout


No matter what profession you belong to, creativity and dedication lie at the heart of your work. But often, work stress can become so overwhelming that not only do your creative efforts die out, but you feel exhausted and tired. This is a call for help, and we’re here to help you out. To beat […]

Why I’m Switching from emails to GoVisually for Proofing?

Why I’m Switching from emails to GoVisually for Proofing?

Now that it’s been a while since I switched from Dropbox to GoVisually, I thought I’d try going back to something basic, emails! There is so much debate on what proofing tool to use for efficient results. It makes me wonder why did we ever move away from such an easy and accessible solution in […]