18 Best Practices for Project Management To Skyrocket All Your Projects


Project management doesn’t always come easy, especially when you have tons of projects to manage simultaneously! Often, we think that we’re adopting the best practices for project management, but that fails to reflect in the results. That’s because, with the increase in the number of projects, it gets hard for project managers to manage the […]

Top 10 Brochure Design Software To Superpower Sales


Brochure designs can make or break your customer base. That’s because they have to be targeted, effective, and informative. However, that often comes at the expense of creativity. The proofing process itself can become strenuous. This is why you need the best brochure design software to ensure a great brochure design. These days, having a […]

How to Use Airtable for Creative Review Process


As creatives and project managers, we’re all aware of the lure of a simplistic spreadsheet storing all your data seamlessly! But imagine what would happen if the same spreadsheet was powerful enough to act as a digital database with asset reviews? Enters Airtable. Today, we will discuss how creative teams, print shops, and businesses can […]

How To Find The Best Catalog Software: The Ultimate Guide

How To Find The Best Catalog Software_ The Ultimate Guide

No – product catalogs are not a thing of the past. Product catalogs are a beneficial marketing/sales tool. Using a product catalog, you can easily improve conversion rates – it allows you to have a to-the-point, contextual conversation with your customer instead of wasting time on problem discovery and solutions. To put it simply, a […]

Product Brochure: How To Optimize Design Process


If you think that product brochures are redundant in today’s time and age – you are wrong! Even in 2021, product brochures are a wonderful tool for you to market your product attractively and compellingly.  Since they are quick and easy to distribute, they are a great option for start-ups and small businesses to guide […]

What Are Project Deliverables and How They Can Up Your Brand Game


As a project manager, your top priority is always to ensure that all project deliverables are met properly. Now, these project deliverables can vary depending on the nature of the project. For instance, if you’re running a marketing project, the deliverables will be different from a branding project. Sometimes, different projects can overlap. But in […]

How To Convert MP4 to GIF?


Looking for the best software to convert MP4 to GIF? Well, before we start, let me tell you something – it’s not as difficult as you’ve probably made it out to be in your head. But before we get into any of that, let’s first do a quick review of why we even need to […]

4 Biggest Mistakes New Designers Make And How To Avoid Them


To say that designing is a vast field would be an understatement to the craft. We understand the creative effort and time that it takes to create the perfect design. And for that reason, we value new designers. However, as a new designer, you’re also faced with quite a few challenges. These include learning about […]

Blazing Fast Post Production Workflow: 10 Tips For Editors


Faster video production is the mantra of all video productions nowadays. And there’s a reason behind that – video alone can drive a 157% increase in organic traffic and reach. And it doesn’t end here. A world full of raging millennials and Gen-Z are all about video content. That indicates that if your post production […]

How Pantone 2021 Colors Of The Year Will Impact Creatives


The year 2020 was full of surprises that have shaken us all. From an ongoing pandemic crippling the world economy to drastic changes in workplaces and patterns, we’ve all been stirred up by it. But the one side that has been arguably affected the most would be the creative side. From merch designs to product […]