What is ADR in film and what should you know about it?


Ever sent a voice note to someone on WhatsApp, thinking you made your point clear, but when you play it, you are barely audible due to some unidentifiable noise in the background?  Well, that can happen while recording video for your film as well. It happens more often than you would think! Luckily, there is […]

10 content marketing statistics and trends to bulletproof 2022’s content strategy


Have you clocked the recent content marketing statistics yet? You might need to if you want increased conversions in 2022! As marketers, we know how puzzling it is to cope with unfolding content marketing trends provoked by content marketing statistics. That’s why going over recent content marketing statistics gives you hints to revamp your content strategy […]

8 File Transfer Tools and Software To Share Large Files


Whether working as an individual or with a team, file transfer software and websites can help you do your work a lot more manageable and efficient. As the world is getting used to the idea of working from home, tools that can help you share files are a lot more essential for today’s day and […]

Cross Functional Teams: 10 Ways To Build Cross Functional Efficiency


The standard hierarchy and efficiency are often shattered through cross-functional teams. That’s because instead of being divided into various departments to achieve different objectives of each department, working together on a similar one is better, right? In this sense, if you and your team work collectively to accomplish a similar objective, the outcome would be […]

How to Write a Killer Creative Brief – From Start to Finish


Do you know what makes an excellent copy or content that sells and converts? A killer creative brief! That’s because most of the time, your copywriters or writers, in general, rely on creative briefs to understand and then write the required content. But if your brief is ragged, uninspiring, or fails to deliver a direction, […]

5 Online Courses Upgrading Your Creative Skills in the Era of Online Learning


Do you know what the fool-proof way of standing out from your competitors is? It’s creativity and learning newer skills from online courses.  Creative skills are timeless and universal – they elevate any and every career. Everyone, from scientists to artists to marketers, will find that at the end of the day, it is their […]

5 Best ProofHQ Alternative for Project Approvals


Looking for ProofHQ alternative? We’ve got the top 5 options for you! But before we get into discussing their features and pricing plans, let’s take a quick detour on what online proofing is, why it is important, and how ProofHQ alternative fits the picture?   Online Proofing’s on the Rise! That’s because, with the changing […]

Top Social Media Approval Tools Social Media Teams Need To Get Today


If you’re a part of the marketing team, you’d probably know just how important social media approval tools are. They help streamline content creation and save your team’s time by capturing feedback in one place. These tools are increasingly becoming important with more and more people taking the digital route. That’s also because social media […]

18 Best Practices for Project Management To Skyrocket All Your Projects


Project management doesn’t always come easy, especially when you have tons of projects to manage simultaneously! Often, we think that we’re adopting the best practices for project management, but that fails to reflect in the results. That’s because, with the increase in the number of projects, it gets hard for project managers to manage the […]

Top 10 Brochure Design Software To Superpower Sales


Brochure designs can make or break your customer base. That’s because they have to be targeted, effective, and informative. However, that often comes at the expense of creativity. The proofing process itself can become strenuous. This is why you need the best brochure design software to ensure a great brochure design. These days, having a […]