How to use the Feynman Technique to learn anything 

How to use the Feynman Technique to learn anything

We are all lifelong learners, but learning can be difficult sometimes.  The Feynman technique was suggested by ‘The Great Explainer’ to make learning perpetually easier and help you master the art of learning and teaching. The Richard Feynman Technique is a proven learning method that can help you learn quickly and effectively. Applied and tested […]

Learn the psychology of UX writing and use it to leave everyone spellbound 

Learn the psychology of UX writing and use it to leave everyone spellbound 

There has always been a connection between our use of language and psychology; the same applies to UX writing.  Language has allowed us to create complex societies and discover new things. What we read and hear continues to shape our minds and behaviors unconditionally. Now pair that with visual cues, and you have the greatest […]

SEO for creative agencies: 9 steps to create a bulletproof strategy 


Putting these two words together, strategy and SEO, is enough to make you fall into a research spiral and feel lost with the never-ending information thrown at you. Worry not! We’re about to make it much simpler for you to understand what SEO for creative agencies means and how you can create a flawless strategy […]

8 sure fire ways to increase your website loading speed


Would you like to return to a restaurant where the service is slow, and the food comes cold and soggy? No right? Similar is the case with the website loading speed. The user only stays at your site if the page loading speed is quick and seamless. So to enhance the user experience, you must […]

What is the difference between do follow and no follow links?


Do you know that a powerful link-building strategy can improve your website’s ranking on Google?  And do-follow and no-follow backlinks are equally important and efficient in this regard. Do-follow and no-follow are two different links that tell Google how to associate the website you’re linking to your own. However, in terms of search engine optimization, […]

How to consistently create good URL structures for SEO?


To say that URLs get ignored would be an understatement, URL structures hold no importance in web design, and SEO should be illegal. In most cases, neither web developers nor SEO experts or any of their clients think about URL structures or their benefits. But they should, and we have the reasons prepared.  Before this, […]

14 common content mistakes and how to avoid them


How much can some common content mistakes possibly cost you? Well, one typo is all it took for a Japanese firm to lose $225 million in seconds. Indeed, that was years before the era of technology, but such mistakes are still rampant in the current content marketing scenario. And it’s not simply typos but also […]

12 insanely useful SEO basics for web developers


A perfect website isn’t ranking on Google because of one small fault in code, a catastrophe. Learning SEO basics for web developers ensure you avoid such a catastrophe at all costs and makes the coordination between SEO experts and web developers more constructive. Yes, we can imagine how it can drive some web developers crazy […]

Why are good communication skills important for your career growth?


“Why are good communication skills important?” This is a question that many employees ask themselves. The answer to this question lies in the word communication. Good communication is not only a crucial life skill, but it is essential for career growth. When you apply good communication skills to your workplace, you listen effectively, solve problems, […]