12 compliance management software for businesses to excel

12 compliance management software for businesses to excel

Running your business can be difficult when navigating a complex web of policies and regulations. A compliance management software can make it easier, but how to choose the best for your business? 

Currently, 51% of organizations invest in compliance management technologies to improve the quality of their products and boost their profits.

While compliance software can make it easier for you to track and review regulations that are relevant to your business, there are many options and features to choose from.

To help you find the perfect compliance management solution for your business niche, we have researched and listed the 12 best leading software.

So let’s dig in! 


What is compliance management? 

Compliance management ensures that organizational systems adhere to security standards, regulatory policies, branding, and other industry requirements. 

Compliance management is a responsibility shared by everyone in an organization. All employees should have the knowledge and understanding needed to follow compliance standards to ensure data security and smooth business procedures.




Aside from complying with company values and legal regulations, branding and marketing compliance can impact your role at work and is a crucial part of the review and approval cycle for all departments in your organization. 


Why should creative teams invest in marketing compliance software? 

Having a legal, safety, regulatory, or corporate compliance management process is a no-brainer. However, brand and marketing teams need to ensure that the content of a company’s advertising is creative while it still meets specific legal and regulatory rules. 

In addition, companies must maintain strict internal brand standards, which dictate what is and is not allowed in marketing materials. Using compliance software is the first step in establishing brand consistency and checking internal guidelines. 

Brand consistency can reportedly increase an organization’s revenue by 23% and is prioritized by businesses globally. 

Finally, approval of creative work is always required before it can be used because collaborative review helps you avoid common content mistakes that could cause a potential loss in reputation or revenue.

Compliance software helps creative teams quickly produce consistent, compliant, and meaningful work. It also makes reviewing a brand’s visuals easier, eliminating guesswork and making the process more reliable. 

So, investing in marketing compliance technology means better revenue, reputation, and reduced loss, in one equation!


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12 best compliance management software 

1. GoVisually – the best compliance software for creative teams 

Marketing, branding, and creative production are the common ground all businesses and industries meet. There has to be a one-stop platform for professionals who work on all things visual and manage brand content and regulations daily.




GoVisually is project management, collaboration, communication, and marketing compliance software. The platform is versatile enough to accommodate all types of creative teams in the business scene and equip them with powerful collaborative tools.



  • Visual annotations and mark-up tools.
  • Time-stamped comment pointers for instant feedback.
  • Diverse file support for all files, including images, documents, videos, and more.
  • Complete version history and control.
  • 1000+ integrations to other communication and management platforms.
  • Side-by-side comparison and watermark tool for third-party approvals.
  • One-click approval and review workflow.
  • Shareable links for quick and easy feedback



Free 7-day Trial.

Solo package for $20/ month.

Team package for $50/ month.

Best for:

Content creators, designers, marketing teams, and all creative professionals work on things visually.

2. Skillcast 

Skillcast is a legal compliance software that also serves as a Learning Management System (LMS). The platform offers a customized way only to use your needed functions. 



You can conduct compliance surveys, manage policies, track employees’ workflows, and help your team learn new regulations on time.


  • Compliance declarations feature.
  • Compliance registers.
  • Survey and employee management tools.
  • Course libraries.
  • Customizable training content.


Starts at $95 per user/month for 20 users. 

The price per user is less for larger teams. 

Best for:

Large corporate organizations, legal teams, and businesses that need compliance training LMS.

3. Donesafe 

Donesafe is a great way to track real-time environmental, health, and safety (EHS) compliance. The software has many features that make it easy to comply with environmental health and safety (EHS) regulations. 



Donesafe helps companies of all sizes to manage EHS compliance effectively. There can be a learning curve using the software, but there are pre-made templates to match your specific organizational needs.


  • Drag-and-drop workflow builder.
  • Advanced forms to add logic and automate filling.
  • Create unique dashboards for projects, roles, jobs, and departments.
  • Measure and monitor KPIs.



Not publicly available.


Best for:

Health and safety compliance across all types of organizations.

4. Qualtrax  

Qualtrax is another compliance tracking software that helps businesses to regulate important standards. The platform is even better for large organizations with various regulations to follow and maintain.



It can manage and control digital documents, automate business processes, and centralize and manage data. With this software, you can also keep track of your workflows and training for your employees.


  • Document control and organization.
  • Accreditation management for employees.
  • Customized and automated workflow.
  • Track training and learning.


Not publicly available.

Best for:

Businesses in firmly regulated industries like finance, manufacturing, health, and construction.

5. SiteDocs  

SiteDocs compliance management software helps ensure you’re following safety rules by helping your employees complete digital forms on the job. This system keeps important safety information organized and available for your team. 



The platform ensures all safety procedures are being followed in real-time. There are also features to keep track of employee progress in their work. This allows you to flag any issues and keep a performance record.


  • Advanced and automated forms.
  • Audit reports.
  • Performance and progress tracking.
  • Employee certifications records.


Not publicly available.

Best for:

Managing safety compliance in manual working industries like retail, transportation, and construction.

6. Libryo  

Libryo is a legal compliance software that helps organizations know the law that applies to their business in every jurisdiction. The site has a set of legal registers that employees can use to understand complex regulations clearly. 



The Libryo library is a collection of relevant laws for your company. You can use it to research and translate laws for your global teams. You can use your teams’ commenting, attachments, and reminder features to communicate with each other more easily.


  • Customizable legal registers.
  • Legal regulations update tracking.
  • Risk and compliance management.
  • In-built translation tools in many languages.


Not publicly available.

Best for:

Global organizations and multilingual teams in most industries require legal compliance.

7. QT9 QMS  

QT9 Quality Management Software (QMS) helps you to keep track of your compliance processes in one place. It has a lot of different modules, including ones for managing audits, taking corrective action, and managing risks.



The platform allows you to keep track of your company’s compliance in real-time, centralize important documentation and records, create customized workflows, and set automated reminders for your teams.


  • Automated forms. 
  • Equipment and progress tracking.
  • Learning and workflow management. 
  • Audit and analytical reports.


Not publicly available.

Best for:

Large corporations or organizations require a versatile, feature-packed compliance system.

8. Netwrix  

Netwrix is a data security compliance platform that helps you keep your important data safe and compliant by making it easy to manage. This helps you avoid any penalties or potential mishaps from data corruption, loss, or mismanagement. 



The software lets you see what’s happening on your IT infrastructure and ensures that you follow standards. The cybersecurity tool helps you store your regulated data securely, identify risks in your infrastructure, and investigate suspicious user behavior that could put your regulated data at risk.


  • Risk analysis scores.
  • Risk history and data management.
  • Compliance reports and audits.
  • Threat pattern alerts on suspicious activity.



Free basic plan.

Organization/team plans not publicly available.

Best for:

IT teams, cyber security, and industries that deal with large data infrastructures.

9. Power DMS  

The PowerDMS compliance management software helps you create and link relevant policies to the latest standards, train and quiz your employees’ policy knowledge, develop reports and monitor due dates, and store compliance data. 



The admin dashboard lets you keep track of your company’s compliance with rules and regulations. You can view pending and completed assignments and workflows.


  • Create customized digital standards manuals.
  • Side-by-side comparison feature for documents.
  • Standards mapping and document management.
  • Knowledge and training management system.


Not publicly available.

Best for:

Legal, law enforcement, and corporation agencies for regulatory compliance.

10. IBM OpenPages 

IBM OpenPages helps businesses manage their risks and compliance issues, keep track of their finances, and keep track of their IT systems.



The platform lets you control how much you spend on each user, which is great for smaller teams who want to be careful with their money. The yearly fee is not very expensive, so it gets good marks in the Value for Cost evaluation.


  • Risk management and tracking.
  • Monitoring and reporting.
  • Progress trackers and alerts.
  • Supportive features for financial regulations.
  • Workflow management system.


$272/per user per year.

Customizable pricing plan.

Best for:

Companies and enterprises to make financial and risk compliance assessments in the finance industry.

11. SAI Global 

SAI Global Compliance 360 is a customizable risk compliance management platform that perfectly fits globally running businesses. 



This tool helps you see how other businesses are affected by disruptions. The risk analysis provides an enhanced user interface and navigable experience, as well as risk intelligence reports across many countries.


  • Regulatory and risk compliance audits.
  • Customizable central directory for employees.
  • Compliance training and learning management.
  • Automated workflows and activities.
  • Advanced pre-configured forms.


Not publicly available.

Best for:

Conducting risk compliance management for large-scale businesses that operate in different parts of the world.

12. Connecteam 

Connecteam is a general environmental compliance software that provides you with all the tools you need to manage your workforce from anywhere. 



The platform sends notifications, collects data, and reports your employees’ daily progress and activity to ensure compliance with any organization’s internal regulations.


  • Policy and document management directory.
  • On-site job compliance tracking forms.
  • Learning management features.
  • Workflow setup and analytics.


The free basic plan for 10 users.

Starts at $29/month for under 30 users.

Best for: 

Small teams or start-ups to ensure general day-to-day internal compliance at the workplace.


How to choose the best compliance platforms for your business? 

Your top priority should be looking for compliance software that matches your business needs and goals and is developed with your industry in mind.

Generally, keep an eye out for the following aspects and features:




Ease of use

It’s easy to set up and offers an intuitive user experience. You can customize workflow to fit your team’s needs. 


Policy and project management

Main dashboards where you can store all projects and documents about the company’s compliance policies and procedures. 


Collaborative workflow

You can assign specific tasks to people and track their progress in real-time. There are communication tools, and you can send feedback to other people to remind them to do something. 



There are various integrations available to other platforms that are valuable for your work and daily tasks in the specific industry.


Value for money  

The cost of the product is affordable, fits your budget, and accommodates your growing business for the future. There’s good customer support to help you if you have any problems.


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Final word 

Compliance management systems make it easier for your company to stay up-to-date with all the tough regulations constantly being put in place. The right platform will help you stay ahead of the competition and maximize turnover.

In the era of consistent content creation where everything works visually, take a free trial with GoVisually and experience the impact of great compliance! 

Alina Zahid Khan

Alina Zahid Khan

Alina Zahid Khan is a storyteller, brand strategist, and growth manager at GoVisually. She loves creating value-driven content for creative professionals.
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