The Hottest Creative Agency Presentation Templates to help you knock it out of the park

We’re all promised the golden steak by clients, sizzling with success and longevity. However, in most instances, that golden steak is just an illusion designed to garner customer’s attention. As a creative agency owner, your responsibility is not only to attract clients with the steak’s promise. It is also to ensure that the steak exists and is presented well. 

In a world where 78% of marketers are now actively investing in content, your content has to fight through a lot of competition. To happen, you need to stand out from the rest by availing every means of content and communication properly. And that includes a killer presentation template.


Why Do I Need A Creative Agency Presentation Template?

If you think that presentations are only limited to board room meetings, you’re wrong. Gone are the days when presentations would only be given at big conferences or corporate events. Now, they’ve become a necessity to make yourself stand out and provide the right first impression.

Naturally, we’re all looking for something different. As a creative agency, your task is to grab your client’s attention from the very start. A lengthy note or cold calling wouldn’t help you get that attention. You need a presentation template to summarize your content attractively.

Your presentation is like an infographic. It would contain all the necessary information about your agency in a visually appealing way. At the same time, you can’t afford to create a new presentation every time a unique opportunity comes in. It takes a lot of creative effort, time, and resources to develop an excellent presentation that shouldn’t go to waste. Moreover, a template ensures that your thematic elements and branding remain visible throughout. That’s why you need a template that you can personalize according to each client’s needs.

Here’s what the presentation template helps you maintain:

  • Font
  • Borders
  • Color Scheme
  • Infographics
  • Company Profile
  • Services


Elements Of  A Creative Agency Presentation Template

Now that you know why a presentation template is imperative for a lasting impression let’s move on to see the elements you should be looking out for.



This is the first slide that your prospective client would see. This is where you can win them or lose them.

You should include your logo and agency name to let them know about the brand. Make it more appealing by setting the background of a creative image such as a candid and exciting click of your team or perhaps a meme that would catch their attention.



Next, you need to introduce your brand. Make sure that you don’t make it sound boring. After all, you’re a creative agency. Go creative and go bold here!

An exciting way of doing so would be by presenting a story. Introduce yourself as a protagonist and their problem as the antagonist and briefly lay out why you can save the day for them doing what you do best!



Then, set out a table of contents, so they know what you have in store for them. This way, they’d also see how organized you are. You can even creatively name your sections. So, instead of writing ‘Team,’ you can say, ‘Meet The Creative Junkies!’ or ‘Meet the Storytellers!’



Keep things exciting by introducing your team members in a creative yet apt way. Also, put up their candid and original pictures. Instead of a plain shot, you can add images of the team members doing what they do.



After you’ve introduced your team, it’s now time to let them know what you offer in terms of services. Of course, you’re a creative agency! But your client needs to know in what specific fields or niches can you help them out, so list them correctly.



Make sure that you insert this slide right after your service tabs. This way, you can back up your claims.


Product/Service Comparison

Now that your clients know what you do show them how you do it differently than your competitors. You can use infographics and charts here to illustrate your point.


Why Choose Us?

This is our favorite slide. This is where you convince them why you’re better than your competitors and add value to their project. So, make sure that this slide is as creative as it can be because this is where they’d decide to get you onboard and bid you farewell.



Next, add up your plans and pricing structure, so your client knows your worth as well. Remember, adding this slide would save you the hassle of negotiating for pricing afterward. 



Just so your client doesn’t think that you might be charging too much, show them what you’re worth! Add testimonials of your previous clients so they can see that you’re not just creative, but the best they can get!



Before ending your presentation, please give them a sneak peek in your culture. Add pictures and memes to let them know who you are! Remember those goofy pictures that you took on Sam’s birthday? It is where you’ll use them!

Remember, you shouldn’t be selling them your pitch, you should be inviting them to a culture.


Contact Us

Add your contact details along with a map location of your office.


Thank You Note

And finally, end it on a thank you note to let them know that their time is appreciated. It is the last slide you can get creative at.


5 Best Creative Agency Presentation Template

We’d advise you to create your presentation template so you can exhibit your uniqueness and creativity. However, there are many brilliant creative agency presentation templates available on Envato Market that you can use for your agency. Of course, you can personalize them as well, so no worries there!

Here’s our pick of the five best and most popular ones.



The first one of our lists is Rupture. This presentation perfectly depicts the modern state of the art design that every creative agency aspires to create. It has 36 professional and editable slides for your use.



The 2nd one on our list is the bold and passionate, STIGMA layout. Just as the name suggests, this layout is here to break all stigmas and stereotypes attached to creativity. Choose this if you believe in breaking boundaries of creativity!



If you want a clean and minimalist layout, MEERA is the one for you! It is elegant, and the minimal style soothes the eye. The design is available with 30 unique and editable slides.


The Agency

Speaking of minimalism, you don’t want to miss out on The Agency layout. It has 150+ editable slides and five premade color tones. You can change the color to match your agency’s branding, and there you voila!



Craezo is your ultimate time and energy savior! It is both bold and minimalist. The presentation layout merges modern with a splash of colors and vibrancy that every creative agency needs. It has 100 editable slides in total, and each of them is just as classy as it can get.


Key Takeaway

Your presentation template is your gateway to leave a lasting impression on your prospective clients and customers. However, the content that you add in it equally valuable. Make sure that your content gels in with the presentation and presents a unified image of the brand.

And remember, the more creative you get, the more trust you’ll earn!

Alina Zahid Khan

Alina Zahid Khan

Alina Zahid Khan is a storyteller, brand strategist, and growth manager at GoVisually. She loves creating value-driven content for creative professionals.
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