How to Make An eBook? Everything About eBook Designs and More!


How to make an eBook is the big question that we’ve all asked ourselves. But get this, writing a book has never been easy. To sit down, come up with ground-breaking ideas, and then to put them in words is always going to be a challenging task for even the best of us.

What makes it even harder is the manual labor that comes with it; running from publisher to publisher, deciding on the print, and marketing it the right way – there is just too much hassle involved in being a book creator. 

Right? Wrong. 

Gone are the days when you had to worry about all of the issues mentioned above; you can now create books in a snap, thanks to technology. 

Today, we’re going to introduce you to the wonderful world of eBook writing! Let us explain why it’s a better option in today’s day and age, and then provide you with a comprehensive, detailed guide to everything you should be doing if you want to be an eBook writer. 

So, what are you waiting for? Dive right in!


Let’s Define an eBook First!

Before we get down to all the tips and tricks of this whole eBook writing business, let’s gain a more in-depth insight into an eBook and why it is the right option for book creators in the 21st century. 




What Is An eBook?

eBook stands for “electronic book” and is essentially a long text that appears in book form digitally. It can be accessed on laptops and other mobile devices. Many devices solely function as eBook readers, such as Kindle.

The text in eBooks usually spans multiple pages so that the reader can easily navigate the book. Given its digital form, it can also quickly be sent from one person to another. 


eBook Formats

Perhaps the best thing about eBooks is that they usually come in different formats. You can choose whichever configuration you like or your device supports! The various forms for eBooks are:



PDFs are the most well-known format for eBooks. It is best if you want to view your eBook on a computer. 



This format is flexible and allows for texts to “reflow” to adapt to smaller screens. EPUB is the go-to for mobile readers. 



MOBI is another popular eBook format that allows readers to access books from a variety of devices.



This file type is designed for the Kindle specifically, but you can also access it on smartphones, tablets, and computers.



This format is used only for books written by iBooks author and is not compatible with other e-readers.


Benefits of eBook

eBooks are such an attractive option for content creators nowadays because they are easily accessible! Once you’re done with your ebook’s initial production, it can easily be distributed without incurring costs. Moreover, eBooks are also more convenient for your audience.

They are portable, can be stored on multiple devices, and even shared amongst people readily. eBooks also allow readers to readjust the font size and style per preference. And best of all, eBooks are completely environment-friendly!


So How Can You Write Your Very First eBook?

Excited? Well, we’re excited to get you started on this journey too. So let’s begin.



Research is one of the essential aspects when it comes to creating an eBook. You must set aside extra time for research if you want to produce a book that contains the right message and is successful.

1. Researching the Topic

To begin with, you must research your topic. Brainstorm a few ideas and then explore them respectively to have sufficient information on each. You can effectively do this by browsing the bookstore or Amazon for similar titles and seeing what kind of content they have.

This will give you a loose idea as to where to start. Read reader reviews too, so you know what people are likely to enjoy for a particular topic.


2. Researching the Audience

The second thing that you must research adequately is your audience. Who are you targetting? Are you using the right platform for this target?

You must form a considerable grasp on these aspects if you want to ensure your ebook’s success. This can be done through various analytics software, but it essentially depends on where you have chosen to market your product. 


Writing your Content

To produce a book that does well overall, the most critical thing is the kind of content you write for it! We think this is what you must focus on as much as you can, for this can ultimately make or break your entire project.


5 Tips for Compelling Content

To help you write content that compels your reader to enjoy your book, we’ve compiled the following list:


1. Plan Your Content: Create an Outline

It would help if you made a rough plan that outlines everything you want to write about. This is the most effective way of organizing your thoughts and putting them all in one place.


2. Choose a Gripping Headline

The title of your book is very crucial! It ultimately catches the reader’s attention, so make sure yours is interesting (and irresistible!)


3. Relevant and Insightful Writing

Put time into actually writing the eBook, you know? Make sure you include lots of relevant information. What makes your eBook stand out is how well it stops the reader from being bored, so keep that in mind. 


4. Proper Formatting of Content

The format of your text should not be compromised. Organize and structure your thoughts in the most precise and concise way possible.


Source: Web.Mit.Edu


5. Proofreading Your Work

We cannot stress this enough – you must proofread! Go through, or have someone else (preferably a professional) go through your eBook at least twice. 


eBook Designs

Now that we’re done with the substance of your book let’s get down to what it’s going to look like! What this refers to is the design of your book. To design an eBook, you need to use eBook creation software. 


Source: Adobe


Choosing an eBook Creation Software

Choosing the right software is essential. You need to ensure that the app meets all your ebook demands and allows you to have considerable autonomy over the results.


Imports Content

The software you choose should allow you to import your content seamlessly. Whether it’s a Word document or HTML, it should be easy to create an eBook out of it.


Vast and Varied Design Selection

You want your eBook to have an aesthetic design so that it attracts the reader’s eye. For this, make sure that the software you choose has aesthetically pleasing templates for you to utilize for your eBook.


Convenient Interface

It would help if you made as many edits as needed, so make sure that the interface of the software you use is easily adaptable and flexible.


Export in Multiple Formats

You want to have your book in as many formats as possible. This increases the pool of potential readers. Therefore, choose a platform that lets you export your file in different forms. 


And Finally, Editing the Book

We have already covered the majority of what you need to do to create an impeccable eBook. Yes! That’s how easy it can be.

But, let’s not forget the most vital part: editing. Your job as a book creator does not end once you’re done crafting the text of your eBook. It would help if you edited it to perfection, and here are a few tips for incorporating it into your editing process to get the best results.


5 Tips to Perfect Edits


1. Two-Part Editing

Split your editing into two parts! The first part will involve focusing on the big message you want to convey and making changes pertinent to that. The second part will comprise you making small tweaks to your work to ensure utmost perfection.

This will allow you to put things into perspective a little better. We have come across experts who swear by this technique, so keep this in mind the next time you’re editing your work.


2. Listing Everything Down

This one’s a little obvious, but before you get down to editing, always make a list of what aspects you should be looking at.

For example, you want to focus on spelling mistakes or grammatical errors primarily and want to see if you have added the right pictures. Make a checklist out of it all, and keep it in reach whenever you make your edits. 


3. Read and Judge – As a Reader, Not a Writer

You must read your own work! As many times as possible. However, you need to analyze it concerning your expectations as a reader, not a writer. See if you would enjoy your work if you were a random person in your audience. If not, then you need to make some adjustments.


4. Get Beta Readers

Readers who test read your work for you. Need I say more? Get beta readers and see what they think about your book! 


5. Professional Editor

This totally depends on your budget – but if you have few coins to spare, hire a professional editor and ensure that your work is top-notch and up-to-the-mark.


Review Your eBook with GoVisually

The success of your eBook depends on how much people like it. That doesn’t just involve the content. It also involves eBook designs, its formatting, and the general perception of its layout.

So our advice is that before you launch it, get it reviewed by your friends and colleagues. Now the question is, how can you do that in a time efficient manner? And the answer is… wait for it… GoVisually!

You can upload your entire eBook and other important details. After that, invite your friends to review it. And you’d be able to see through all their comments and suggestions. With that, you’ll find yourself in a better position to ensure that your eBook is up for success and public support.


Additional Tips

Here’s a list of the 7 additional tips that we advise you to follow through.

  1. Break down each chapter before you write it.
  2. Incorporate attractive colors in your work. 
  3. Visuals! Use more visuals to grab your reader’s attention. 
  4. Try to employ more quotes and stats to increase the credibility of your text.
  5. Incorporate a few calls to action in your eBook – generating more sales cannot harm!
  6. Dedicate a landing page to your eBook!
  7. Promote and market your eBook on all the right platforms. 


Key Takeaway

Writing an eBook is actually quite a straightforward task, as you may have established from this article. All you need to do is ensure that you follow the tips and tricks we have laid out for you, and you’re good to go. So, happy writing! 

Alina Zahid Khan

Alina Zahid Khan

Alina Zahid Khan is a storyteller, brand strategist, and growth manager at GoVisually. She loves creating value-driven content for creative professionals.
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