How To Win Over Clients With A Remote Team?


Ever since remote working has become somewhat of a ‘normal’ routine, remote teams have been struggling to keep up with the challenges of working remotely.

Even big businesses and corporations like Microsoft have opted to implement permanent work from home as a partial option for employees following the pandemic situation.

And that is why, it all comes down to effectively managing your remote team, especially when it comes to client acquisition. So today, we’re going to discuss the 4 measures you can take to ensure that you keep winning clients even if you have a remote team. Let’s start!


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How Remote Work Impacts Productivity and Creativity in Client Outreach?

One of the reasons you feel less energetic while working remotely is that your hibernating routine takes away the productivity levels.

Another reason is inadequate resources to work. When working in an office, you have sufficient resources to develop sales collateral, discuss client requirements, and brief about onboarding a new client. It also comes with several other facilities like high-speed internet, systems, and the presence of your sales team.

So in the absence of all of this, remote teams’ morale is likely to shake.

Here’s how you can manage your remote work like a pro! 


1. Creativity Begins with Communication

Remember that your creativity lies in the availability of communication. Let’s lead with an example.

Companies like Amazon opted for cashier-less stores to embrace creative approaches for upcoming times. In this way, not only they addressed an issue that came with changing times but was also able to maintain their customer base. 

So if you face a creative or communication problem, address it immediately! You can report it to your superior or discuss it in a meeting to ensure that its resolved in the best possible manner.




You can also anchor the issue of communication barriers with your team workers by using collaboration tools like Govisually. 

Govisually is the leading remote proofing tool for approving creative assets and sales collateral. With real-time feedback and content approval, you can take up your productivity by miles. In fact, you can even share your sales collateral with team members through GoVisually Share. And that too, for free!



2. Set Up Project Agenda, Objectives, and Deadlines

Conveying your work to clients on time is the most critical aspect in managing various projects simultaneously. The issue of ensuring that every team member is committed to the deadline is a hindrance to productivity. In this sense, setting up a strict deadline is your primary milestone to keep you and your team on track and focused. 

However, the common drawback most project teams face is that they often tend to overcommit the deadline to handle the bulk of tasks simultaneously, which eventually leads them to fail either in maintaining the quality of the work or delay in delivering the work on time. 

In this sense, the deadlines set by your clients should lay under your team’s capabilities and availability. So, don’t overcommit with your project that you can’t complete on time since your reputation as a project manager is based on the quality of work you produce. 

Moreover, you can always use tools like Govisually to streamline your workflow to meet your deadlines. It gives you all-time access to communicate with your clients about the project without any disruption to keep them updated about the project progress. Automated client reminders help you to stay committed and focused on your deadlines. 


3. Build a Stable and Honest Relationship

Your project does not only require a client and a team, and it requires a robust interpersonal relationship to build trust and integrity. Your team will not bring off the tasks you assign to them without honesty: it goes both ways.

The biggest concern while performing tasks is miscommunication, through which heaps of projects fail, and this is also one of the reasons you need to maintain stable and honest terms with your team workers and clients. 

Your potential client will not offer you work if they don’t assume that you are trustworthy, and your team workers will not follow you if you don’t have transparent working conditions and vice versa. 

In this regard, for building a stable and honest relationship with your team members and clients, you should set up values that are appealing to your team onboard and your potential clients. Your values should be made around empathy and collaboration, reflecting on your working environment and conditions. 


4. Use Virtual Tools to Stay on Track

Why would you step back when you have facilities to enhance the quality of your projects? Not every time can your expertise underpin your projects to stand out; you need some backing to ensure the quality of your work. 

In this case, there are various virtual tools to optimize your project performance. Using virtual tools aims to bring your team on track and monitor and control every aspect of your project.




However, for building transparency in your work, you must inform your clients of whatever project management you choose to prioritize. In this sense, your clients will acknowledge and agree if the project tool is appropriate for their work.

Moreover, visual tools like Govisually optimize your remote work through online proofing and mitigates any hiccups. Govisually alters the spam emails to cater to messy comments disrupting your work. In addition, the tool offers handy solutions through mobile optimizations, so you can review and operate from anywhere.

Here’s a list of some of the best and most widely used virtual tools for remote collaboration:

  1. GoVisually
  2. Showell
  3. Trello
  4. Asana
  5. Slack


Final Word

Enhancing the performance and quality of your project tools like Govisually contributes in the best possible ways. It offers bundles of features to allow you to execute your projects like a pro. So utilize Govisually for better and promising practices of managing your projects!

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Alina Zahid

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