How to work with corporate clients to get faster design approvals?

How to work with corporate clients to get faster design approvals_

Working with corporate clients for faster design approvals can be a mess if the review process is not clear.

That’s because corporate hierarchies and decision-making processes can slow the workflow, causing delays and hindering project progress. However, you can navigate corporate structures and streamline the design approval process by implementing a straightforward design approval process.

In this article, we’ll learn the following:

  • Why are design approvals necessary?
  • The importance of understanding corporate hierarchies and how they impact the review process.
  • Practical tips and approaches for working with corporate clients to secure faster design approvals.
  • And the secret ingredient you need for faster design approvals.

Let’s begin!


Why are design approvals necessary?

Design approvals play a crucial role in the success of corporate projects.

Picture this: you’ve poured your heart and soul into crafting a stunning design that perfectly captures the essence of a company’s brand. It’s like a masterpiece, carefully tailored to their vision and goals.

But here’s the catch – without timely approval from the corporate client, that masterpiece may collect dust in your portfolio.

So, why are design approvals so significant?

Well, they serve as the green light for progress. They are the ones that allow your creative efforts to get the official stamp of approval, signaling that it’s time to move forward with the project. 

Corporate clients have processes, procedures, plicated hierarchies, and decision-makers, all with individual opinions and preferences. But it’s not that easy to get your design approved. It can sometimes feel like navigating a maze of challenges.

That’s why working with corporate clients to obtain faster design approvals requires a bit of finesse. It’s about understanding their world and aligning your creativity with their expectations. 

Regular meetings, open dialogue, and shared expectations create a strong foundation for collaboration. You become a trusted partner, someone they can rely on and bounce ideas off of. It’s like unlocking many opportunities when you finally crack their code and establish clear communication channels.

Of course, feedback is an essential part of this creative process. It’s not just about receiving feedback but showing the client you value their input and are ready to adapt and improve. Streamlining the design and approval process is essential to ensure effective collaboration between the team and the clients. This is where design and approval tools come in!

But, before we get into the tool, let’s find the answer to how to get approval from corporate clients.


7 steps to understanding corporate hierarchies

In the corporate world, decision-making often involves multiple stakeholders with varying levels of authority. To successfully navigate this landscape, it’s essential to understand the structure and dynamics of corporate hierarchies. 

Each level within the hierarchy carries different decision-making powers and responsibilities. Identifying significant influencers and decision-makers within the organization can help you target your efforts to gain their approval and support.

Here are some of the steps you can take to understand corporate hierarchies and make review process easy.


7 steps to understanding corporate hierarchies


1. Research the company and requirements 

First things first, research is critical to a successful approval process.

Learning information about the client’s approval process and taking the time to understand their unique way of doing things can help you find the perfect way to execute an adequate review and approval process. 

Another critical aspect of the creative and approval process is ensuring punctuality. You need to know when things need to happen. Is it a tight deadline or a more relaxed timeframe? With this knowledge, you can plan your creative endeavors accordingly and ensure you’re on track to meet their expectations.

Understanding the corporate client’s process is like embarking on an exciting adventure. It’s a complicated journey that requires you to seek knowledge to unravel the unknown while building connections.


2. Build strong team relationships

Establishing strong relationships and fostering trust with corporate clients is crucial for expediting design approvals. 

Take the time to understand their organizational culture, values, and objectives. You should actively listen to their needs and concerns and demonstrate a genuine interest in their success. Building rapport and trust increases the likelihood of receiving prompt feedback and approvals.


3. Seamless and timely communication

Corporate clients often have very hectic and busy schedules. Communicating your ideas and proposals clearly and concisely ensures faster design approvals.

You should present your designs in a way that highlights their benefits and aligns with the client’s objectives. You can use visual aids, such as mockups and prototypes, to visually represent your concepts. Remember to focus on the most critical aspects that require approval to avoid overwhelming the client with excessive details.


4. Establish expectations 

Setting clear expectations and deadlines upfront is critical to streamlining the design approval process. 

Communicate the project timeline, milestones, and deliverables. You should ensure the client understands their role in providing feedback and approvals within specified timeframes. Creating a sense of urgency and accountability can motivate clients to prioritize and expedite the approval process.


5. Streamline feedback

Efficiently managing feedback and revisions is crucial for obtaining faster design approvals. 

It’s essential to provide clear guidelines on how the client can give feedback, highlighting specific areas or elements that require attention. You can encourage them to shorten their feedback into concise and actionable points. This will help you avoid unnecessary back-and-forth exchanges and facilitate a more streamlined approval process.


6. Engage key decision-makers early

Identifying and involving key decision-makers early in the design approval process can significantly speed up the workflow.

You can gain insightful information and address their concerns by engaging with them from the beginning. This proactive approach reduces the likelihood of significant revisions or roadblocks further along.


7. Use collaboration tools

Technology can be a valuable tool in streamlining design approvals with corporate clients. 

Utilize collaboration tools, project management software, and design review platforms to streamline communication, gather feedback, and track progress. This is where GoVisually comes to your rescue!


GoVisually – #1 online proofing software

Wondering how to get reviews from clients?

The answer is GoVisually.

GoVisually is one of the leading online proofing software that allows you to collaborate seamlessly with corporate clients, streamline design and infographic reviews, and get those approvals quickly.

With GoVisually, you can quickly speed up the review process to ensure the timely delivery of the final product. 


8 top features that make GoVisually perfect for getting faster design approvals from corporate clients


8 GoVisually features to use for faster design approvals


  • You can proof any file type

GoVisually offers a simple and intuitive platform for proofing and collaboration. You and your corporate clients can upload design files in various formats such as PNG, JPG, PSD, PDF, and even video formats like MP4 and GIF.

  • Share project review links.

With GoVisually, sharing design reviews with corporate clients is a breeze. Simply generate a project review link and share it with multiple reviewers. This eliminates the need for lengthy email threads and ensures all stakeholders can access the designs in one centralized location.


  • Categorize and label versions.

Organizing design revisions is crucial when working with corporate clients. GoVisually lets you sort versions into categories and label them according to individual requirements. This feature enables clear communication and makes it easier for corporate clients to track changes and provide precise feedback.


  • Easy to use UI for smooth communication and collaboration

GoVisually streamlines communication between your team and corporate clients. Marketing professionals receive email notifications about client comments, ensuring no feedback goes unnoticed. Plus, previous interactions and discussions are conveniently accessible on the sidebar. This allows you to review the project’s history quickly.


  • Private comments and file attachments

GoVisually enables designers to add private comments and attach files for internal teams. This feature lets you have internal discussions and share relevant information without exposing sensitive details to corporate clients. This way, GoVisually fosters efficient collaboration and ensures that your team stays informed throughout the approval process.


  • Mobile accessibility

Corporate clients are often on the move, and being able to access designs and provide feedback remotely is crucial. GoVisually offers mobile applications, allowing corporate clients to review and approve plans wherever they are. This feature enhances flexibility and speeds up the approval process by eliminating unnecessary delays.


  • Adobe CC integration

Many designers rely on Adobe Creative Cloud to bring their creative visions to life. That’s why GoVisually offers a seamless integration as an Adobe Extension. Integrating GoVisually with Adobe Creative Cloud allows you to access GoVisually’s features and functionalities directly within your favorite Adobe applications. 



  • Third-party integrations with 1000+ other apps

GoVisually is a versatile platform that integrates with several other collaboration and project management tools to ensure effective collaboration among team members and clients.

The tool offers a range of third-party integrations that enhance your workflow and allow you to work with your preferred tools. Whether it’s project management software like Asana or communication platforms like Slack, GoVisually integrates smoothly to ensure you can collaborate effectively and keep everyone in the loop.


Final word

In the fast-paced design world, collaborating with corporate clients to streamline design approvals requires a blend of communication, understanding, and the right tools.

Remember, you can simplify the approval process and deliver outstanding results by fostering transparent communication channels and leveraging efficient design collaboration platforms. 

So don’t forget to sign up for GoVisually’s free trial today to boost your productivity and efficiency.

Alina Zahid Khan

Alina Zahid Khan

Alina Zahid Khan is a storyteller, brand strategist, and growth manager at GoVisually. She loves creating value-driven content for creative professionals.
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