10 Reasons Why Page Proofing is The Key to Success in 2022


Miscommunication, feedback trails, circulating bundles of emails, and whatnot. All of this is inevitable if you’re not using software for page proofing.

If you truly want to unlock the work potential of your co-workers and win the project, you’d need everything to be perfect. And that means reviewing all project assets, ensuring they’re good to go, and getting approval from clients.

So what’s the magic recipe?

Page proofing!


But, what is page proofing? 

Page proofing refers to aligning content documents on a centralized location to get feedback from your stakeholders regarding any changes that should be made in your file to make it up-to-the-mark to be approved or published as a final piece. 

This technique eliminates the hassle of emailing attached files in trails with comments and managing them simultaneously to keep a record. Moreover, various page proofing tools make it convenient for agencies and freelancers to directly connect with their teams or clients and exchange suggestions. 


Why is Online Page Proofing Important?

Powerful online page proofing tools like Govisually allows creative teams to focus on their delivery quality instead of juggling with emails and feedbacks. Let’s explore further how page proofing can work as a catalyst for groups. 



1. Minimizes Hassle

Page proofing allows teams to manage their projects effectively by minimizing the hassle of keeping an eye on emails and follow-ups regarding suggestions on your content. This way, teams can focus on more critical aspects, such as enhancing the project’s creativity and quality before the due date. 

2. Works in Real-Time

Page proofing works in real-time with teams. Let’s put it this way, suppose a marketing team was assigned to create a blog post for a website, and the team would select a content writer for carrying out the offered job. After writing completion, the writer would swerve the project to be edited and reviewed by a separate team member. 

In this sense, the editing and reviewing team member will be solely responsible for managing the page proofing with a chosen proofing tool. The whole process lies in sequence without involving the entire team to manage a single project. 

3. Eliminates Ambiguity

When we think about working without online proofing, nothing is more challenging than knowing what changes to make in which content due to the ambiguity which comes along with the various suggestions about multiple projects simultaneously. 

Apart from this, the proofing tools also eliminate ambiguity for your stakeholders since they can communicate and suggest in real-time while reviewing your work. 

4. Saves Time and Effort

The time and efforts you drain on ensuring a single project’s progress could be utilized elsewhere more productively. That is why creative project managers tend to become frustrated without having any room to think out of the box without page proofing since the time and effort wasted on checking and arranging emails could be used constructively to stimulate your creativity while doing a project. 

Consequently, if it were not for page proofing tools, a single team member would not be able to manage the time-consuming process of sending and receiving email trails about a single project.

5. Allows You to Take More Projects

The mishap without page proofing constraints teams from taking on more projects since the previous ones are still ongoing. For example, one of your team members has completed the assigned task and is waiting on the responses from the third party to get the approval through emails. 

After spending hours waiting for the response, the feedback suggests redoing the project or simply rejecting it. Moreover, while managing various suggestions simultaneously, the peril of losing a record of recommendations for specific content and misplacing it is another daunting factor. 

In that case, by utilizing proofing tools, you could take on more projects and resume working in the meantime instead of waiting for implacable reviews from your stakeholders. 

6. Allows Real-time Communication

Online proofing aims to open gateways of communication to stimulate a smooth working process. The hindrance which results from miscommunication wastes your team’s time as well as the end party’s. Everyone can review, comment, and suggest the changes on a single platform by eliminating the tardy process, which results in delays.

7. States Your Brand Values

Stating your brand’s values is a critical step to maintain the decorum of your brand to the external parties, and that is another reason for using online proofing. The teams need to abide by the standards prompted by the agencies’ brand in any situation. 

8. Assures Delivery On Time

The online proofing tool assures delivery time by enabling reviewers to monitor the progress. This option is only permitted to the viewers who can check and comment on the files maintaining confidentiality. However, the option does not allow reviewers to make changes that guarantee the work’s quality. 

Moreover, the online proofing software is a cross-platform tool that you can use from any device. In that case, the reviewers who cannot download tricky software can open and review the files, videos, designs, PDFs, Gifs, and so on quickly on browsers. 

9. Maintains Privacy

Exchanging files through emails is highly risky as you lose control right after hitting the send option. If you send the confidential file to the wrong email, then this mistake cannot be undone.

However, the same case can happen if you keep relying on emails to take suggestions from your stakeholders; one mistake can put all your efforts in vain. 

So to be careful about such perils lookout for online proofing software tools which enable the control in your hands. The proofing tools aim to control who will access the file and who has seen your file. 

In short, the page proofing tools maintain encryption between you and the reviewers by allowing your reviewers to mention their names so that they will be directly responsible for referring any suggestions. 

10. Visually Annotate

Downloading files from emails, make different folders for each project, save the files in the folders, and create another folder to record the incoming suggestions. The ability to arrange files subsequently with projects satisfies the team members and engages them to track the project’s progress. 

The online proofing tool like Govisually is one of the few tools to enable annotations and comments on PNG, JPG, PSD, GIFs & Video (MP4, MOV) files.


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Alina Zahid Khan

Alina Zahid Khan

Alina Zahid Khan is a storyteller, brand strategist, and growth manager at GoVisually. She loves creating value-driven content for creative professionals.
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