Top 5 Problems with Video Proofing and 1 Powerful Way to Fix Them


Video content is up for the win! In fact, it’s predicted that the hub of video content, YouTube, will become the most used search engine in the digital world in the coming years. And yet, when it comes to reviewing video content, teams face so many problems with video proofing.

That’s primarily because most of us are still unsure how to manage the problems with video proofing best.

Luckily for you, in today’s article, we’ll be discussing the top 5 problems with video proofing and 1 superpower to fix it all!


5 Problems With Video Proofing

Your video production team has come up with a new video; what now?

Now starts giving presentations to the client or internal review, receiving feedback, and creating a new draft if needed. In short, the exhausting reviewing process begins for the team. And here are the top 5 problems why that happens.


1. Hard to keep track of deadlines

Let’s face it, due dates and deadlines are scary and can be overwhelming. However, they’re equally necessary to keep the teams motivated and complete work timely. But with the video review process, that becomes a moot point. That’s because the back and forth of reviews makes it harder to decide a deadline.

Even if there is one, it’s likelier to be ignored or buried down, especially if you’re reviewing through emails or outdated methods. Teams often miss important deadlines, which can be a major area of concern for team managers. 

47% of employees complain that it is hard to track the project and subsequently make them miss a deadline. They complain about not having the right tool that sends them reminders of the deadline. And that is why deadline tracking can become a major problem while reviewing videos.


2. Lack of communication and effective feedback

Miscommunication costs businesses 25% to 40% of their annual budget. Once there is miscommunication among the team, having conflicts with the clients is no surprise. The teams have to work again on the project and spend money on new products. Effective communication is the key to all the problems. However, it is not hard to fall victim to miscommunication when working and collaborating as a team. 

Let’s take an example of a team that has created a video food marketing campaign for a new project. The chances are that if your team is working remotely internally or with the client, it’ll take you ages to align a meeting time and discuss feedback. Or even if you’re in the same space, the lack of a proper tool can make the feedback collection process a literal hell.

Your team needs a forum that lets you have a team meeting that makes it easier to discuss all the essential aspects of the project.


3. Troubles with feedback collection and implementation

Feedbacks are essential for any design process. More than 75% of employees agree that clear and comprehensive feedback is vital for an impactful result. Moreover, numerous studies show that constructive criticism helps creative teams show more remarkable results.

But as explained above, the feedback can be disrupted because of poor communication. In fact, many team members hesitate to give open suggestions in-person or on a video meeting, resulting in improper feedback collection.


4. Lack of centralized files and assets

Creative teams have to go through piles of works, email threads, and files to understand the project. Most of the time, this scattered information can result in the team losing track of the important information.

When teams are working on big projects, it is possible to mix data from different projects together, and they have to go back to files to revise the details. This way, most of the time is spent searching for the files, and often team members lose an important file. All this causes conflicts with the clients, and the production team has to work on a new draft without centralized access to files and assets.


5. Difficulty comparing versions

Without comparing two or more versions of the edited videos together, teams can not truly grasp and understand the changes that have been made. When feedback is given and the suggested edits have been made, the manager and client must review the file. This is hard for them as they have to switch from one video to another to see if the necessary changes have been made or not.

To identify changes, collaborators have to open two windows, make sure that it is in sync, and then play the file simultaneously. And frankly speaking, that sounds like a lot of hassle. Seeing different versions side-by-side to compare changes to the project together can make video proofing a lot easier. 


Supercharged Solution for Video Proofing & Review Process

So if you’re looking for the solution to the 5 major problems with video proofing, we have it for you.

Welcome to the world of GoVisually!



A platform that gets everyone and everything in one place. A software that allows you to work and collaborate easily with your team and share feedback in a centralized place.

GoVisually is the best video proofing online software that simplifies the process and makes you stay on top of your game by gathering feedback in one place. With its power-boosting features, user-friendly interface, and 1000+ integrations with other project management tools and apps, the team’s proofing process becomes easier. It is easier to manage deadlines, go through the review process, and quickly get your video out in the market.

Sharing video files online can often become hard if you’re sending them through emails. And other social platforms like Dropbox or Drive do not allow you to collect real-time feedback. This is where GoVisually comes to our rescue. It enables you to share videos online and send links to your collaborators. They can then easily leave feedback and comments on the video file,e and there you have it, the perfect video review process.


Why video makers love GoVisually!

Creative teams love GoVisually as it works as a platform for them to collaborate and capture feedback instantly. Here are some of the best features about GoVisually that make it the best video proofing tool for video production teams.

  • With GoVisually, the collaborator does not need an account; you can upload your video and receive feedback within minutes. 
  • Get instant notifications and never miss out on an update or new comment on the design.
  • Approvers can easily give feedback on the project within seconds using any browser or device without any subscription.
  • GoVisually gives you a minute-to-minute update of client reviews and deadlines, which helps you stay on track.
  • GoVisually lets you download the approved error-free video file within minutes.
  • You can easily compare and control video versions with GoVisually.
  • Give frame focus feedback by leaving a comment on the exact part of the video that needs improvement.
  • GoVisually supports all file types, including MP4, GIF, PDFs, and PNGs.
Alina Zahid Khan

Alina Zahid Khan

Alina Zahid Khan is a storyteller, brand strategist, and growth manager at GoVisually. She loves creating value-driven content for creative professionals.
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