100+ Project Management Tools: The Only List You Need


Are you chasing after reviewers and facing difficulty in finding ideal project management tools? We understand!

As a project manager or the marketing team lead, it can become quite a hectic job to close a project successfully. And that’s because project management isn’t easy as it’s painted out to be.

So, today, we’re going to let you in on a cheat sheet. We will review the features and pricing structures of the top 100+ project management tools so you can make an informed choice and pick the best project management tools online.

  1. What are project management tools?
  2. 100+ project management tools
Project Manager
Liquid Planner
Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft Project
Microsoft Teams
Zoho Projects
Jira Software
Google Tasks
Kanban Tool
Kissflow Project
Project Insight
Teamwork projects
MindGeniusToggl Plan
Easy Project
Copper Project
Brain Sensei
Eclipse PPM
Deltek Vision
Oracle Primavera
Hubstaff Tasks

Table of Contents

What Are Project Management Tools?

But before we start, let’s do a quick rewind for those of you who want to know what a project management tool is and how using project management tools and techniques can benefit their workflow.

Project management tools are software that helps marketing heads, creative teams, and project managers plan, organize and manage the project until completion.

Some of the key benefits of a project management tool include:

  • Bringing stakeholders on the same platform
  • Creating tasks, assigning work, and meeting deadlines
  • Faster turnaround
  • Improved quality
  • Ensuring that compliance guidelines are met
  • Timely work delivery
  • Improved efficiency and management

So, in simpler words, it’s an incredible city, and you’re the one in charge!

100+ Project Management Tools Online

Without further ado, let’s review the best project management software and tools.

1. GoVisually

Designs and visuals are a crucial side of any project. You need design approvals from clients, you need internal reviewing, and even within your designer’s team. That is why you need GoVisually to streamline your reviewing process and eliminate the chaos.

It is the simplest online proofing tool built with the sole purpose of enhancing your creative team’s work efficiency.


Key Features

  • Upload and annotate multiple file types
  • Share with your clients (They don’t need an account, only you do)
  • Invite as many reviewers on the project as you want
  • Keep all your revisions and feedback organized in one place
  • Mobile optimized so you can manage and review your projects even on the go
  • It can be integrated with Slack and Zapier
  • Outstanding customer service available 24/7



GoVisually has two plans: Solo and Team. The Solo plan is for $20 per month and is perfect for freelancers. The Team plan is for $50 per month and includes 5 users. For more information, visit here.

2. Asana

Asana is a complete all-in-one featured platform that improves project management functionality in several different areas. Besides, It can foster a team schedule and monitor promotions and releases using marketing strategy management software.

The platform has a significant range of project management features, including BM tools which incorporate almost all of the purposes that an individual looks for in a project management software.


Key Features

  • Create projects.
  • Allows users to communicate directly.
  • Specify deadlines.
  • Mobile compatibility.
  • Slack, GitHub &Instagant Integration.


Asana offers four different pricing plans, and each upgraded feature unlocks with other plans: Basic, Premium, Business & Enterprise. The basic plan is for new and amateur users, and Asana allows them to create projects for free forever with the basic pricing plan.

The premium plan will enable individuals to use more upgraded features for creating better projects with confidence; the premium plan is for US$ 10.99 per month. For further details, click here.

3. Project Manager

Need an online solution for all your work-based issues? Get your hands on ProjectManager.com!

ProjectManager helps you to prepare, organize, and post your tasks online. You can quickly create calendars with deadlines and requirements, as well as drag-and-drop schedules.


Key Features

  • Online planning tools.
  • Real-Time Project Dashboards.
  • Web-Based Task Management tools.
  • Manage Multiple Projects.
  • Online Timesheets.


ProjectManager involves three pricing packages; Personal, Team, and Business. Personal is for US$ 15, and Team is for US$ 20. For more information, visit click here.

4. Brightpod

If you opt to start a marketing campaign and get more creative tools to put your hands on, BrightPod software is just right for you! It is a project management software aimed primarily at digital media and creative agencies.

Brightpod has a wide range of applications, including; Kanban and project schedules for task formation, time monitoring, and prediction software; an action tracker is a cloud-integrated software.



Key Features

  • Web-Based Project Management & Tracking
  • Pods (Projects)
  • Task List & Tasks.
  • Workflows.
  • Editorial Calendar.
  • Time tracking enables you to check and set a time limit for each task to meet the deadline effectively.


BrightPod offers four different pricing plans; Professional, Studio, Agency & Agency Plus. The professional plan is for US$ 29/month, which offers 15 projects, 5 Users, and 10 Gigabytes of storage. For more information, visit click here.

5. nTask

nTask is an excellent and one-stop to-do list application for creative teams. It is designed to cater to both a remote team and a team working from the office.

The application is built for small and big businesses alike. In fact, if you’re starting your business journey, it will help you set up your team properly without prompting you to sign up for any premium plans.


Key Features

  • Timesheets to help you stay organized
  • Gantt Charts
  • Issue tracking for all your projects
  • Option to set up meetings (remotely and in-person)
  • Advanced data sorting for all your projects
  • Option for multiple board views to categorize your teams or projects
  • Activity management so you can know what your creative team is onto
  • Customer support available to help you throughout
  • 1000+ integrations including Google Drive, Zapier, and Slack


Basic: Free

Premium: $1/month per user for up to 3 users. If you have more than 3 users, they can still be added but will be charged at $2.99/month.

Business: $7.99/month per user

6. Nifty

There are generally several development sessions, based on the initiative, in which every investor discusses the latest progress reports. These sessions are not only inconvenient, but they also waste your time, which is your project’s most limited yet precious resource.

After painstaking work is done through automatic activity alerts, Nifty helps you create visual schedules and coordinate with your group.


Key Features

  • Discussion.
  • Time Tracking.
  • Reporting.


You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel the pricing plans anytime. Nifty offers you four packages; Starter, Pro, Business, and Enterprise. The starter can cost US$ 39/ monthly. For more information, visit click here.

7. Trello

If you’re looking for a fun, collaborative tool for project management, then Trello should be your go-to choice. The visual workflow is laid out quite impressively, which makes it a great application for creative teams.


Key Features

  • Kanban boards to easily organize your work
  • Schedule your tasks using labels and stickers
  • Add a description to each task
  • Collaboration tools for project management
  • Option to integrate other applications and software (premium version)
  • Create as many boards as you want for effective management
  • Use the free templates available to create your own boards for your creative team


Starting from $9.99/month per user.

8. 2Do

If one of the primary reasons why you need a to-do list app is because you need faster results, then you should go for 2Do. You can download it on iOS or Android and easily use it while you’re on the go, so all your tasks and project are properly managed.


Key Features

  • Task editor offering a full range of features so your team can create and edit tasks as per their requirement
  • Options to apply sorting filters that will help your creative team remain more organized.
  • Option to integrate other software and platforms
  • Option to create smart lists that can be optimized for individual use as well
  • Geographical location-based reminders for the team members (Excellent for remote teams)
  • Notification center layout so you never miss out on an important update
  • Backups for your data so you never lose out on important work


$14.99 for iOS. Available on Android as well.

9. Wrike

Wrike is a professional service and preparing platform that appeals to many groups in many sectors. Whatever the case could be, Wrike will help you optimize your flows, plan assignments, and see your strategic aims whether you work in marketing, creative, product creation, or as a full-time project manager.

Frameworks can also be used to accelerate tasks like event planning, service delivery, and staffing. This free project management software is suitable for small groups of up to five individuals.


Key Features

  • Customize tools for any team.
  • quick slide tools and user-friendly GUI
  • Enable better collaboration.
  • Imagine your plans with immersive Gantt graphs
  • Visual Proofing.
  • Asset Publication.
  • Share Team Calendar.


This software tool offers you four pricing plans; Free, Professional, Business and Enterprise. The professional plan is for US$ 9.80, and Business US$ 24.80. For more information, visit click here.

10. ProofHub

An all-in-one solution with heaps of capabilities allows the team to schedule, coordinate, organize, and execute tasks on time. ProofHub enables you to schedule, imagine, and view project-related data in the most effective manner possible, as well as delegate assignments, share information, and ensure that your goals are met.

ProofHub works across all devices

Key Features

  • Discussions.
  • Table View.
  • Custom Roles.
  • Proofing.
  • TimeSheets.
  • Integrated with API.


ProofHub involves no per-user fee. It offers two pricing plans; Ultimate control and Essential. Ultimate control is for US$ 89, and Essential is for US$ 45. For more information, visit click here.

11. Clarizen

Clarizen is one of the most impressive project management applications that offers everything. From your data security and protection to an easy-to-use interface, this might be heaven for your creative team.


Key Features

  • Time tracking and timesheet management are available to check on the logged hours by your team members.
  • Multi-tiered network security to protect your data and valuable assets
  • Billable & non-billable work items available along with budget tracking, so you never run out of your budget
  • Multiple dashboards to organize projects and teams
  • SSP & LDAP integration
  • Progress and work scope management
  • Document review and feedbacks available so you can streamline the editing process.
  • Gantt Chart
  • Issue tracking
  • Real-time analytics and data available to assess your progress
  • Third-party integration
  • Risk assessment and security encryption
  • Task scheduling and activity tracking
  • Option to create a project hierarchy, so your team knows what to prioritize first.


Free trial available. You can also request the pricing based on your needs from their site. But it usually starts from $45/month per user.

12. Basecamp

Basecamp enables you to break down your tasks into smaller assignments making them more manageable and effective. Moreover, it provides tools such as visibility for all staff members, discussions, and documentation to ensure that everyone is updated and can monitor progress in real-time.



Key Features

  • Visibility for all staff members.
  • Group Discussions
  • Documentation.
  • Manage Deadlines.
  • Real-Time updates for bosses, managers, and staff.
  • Another exclusive feature of BaseCamp enables you to keep projects on track with basecamp’s Hill Charts.


BaseCamp offers two plans: BaseCamp Business and BaseCamp personal. BaseCamp business is for US$ 99/per month with unlimited offers whereas, BaseCamp personal is free but limited.

13. Workfront

It is a company integrated with Adobe providing the company with innovative, simple preparation software. Workfront Scenario Planner provides you with ongoing preparation tools that help you create various what-if situations, analyze each, and form an opinion depending on the projected consequences.


Key Features

  • Project Management.
  • Resource Management.
  • Digital Collaboration.
  • Portfolio Planning.
  • Strategic Planning.
  • Workfront keeps you up to date on the status of each task.


Workfront allows you to use three pricing plans; Enterprise, Business, and Pro. For more information, visit their website.

14. Liquid Planner

Liquid Planner is a perfect alternative because it has many special preparation functions. You may build ongoing, funded, and active projects using project and task-level options.


Key Features

  • Track.
  • Plan.
  • Analyze.
  • The only software that caters to automated scheduling and forecasting solutions. By considering team availability and goals, LiquidPlanner estimates the possible completion date for your project.


LiquidPlanner’s pricing plan involves three plans: Enterprise, Professional & Free trial. The professional plan offers US$ 45/month, and it is best for startups, basically, small ventures and projects. For more information, visit their website.

15. Scoro

Scoro is an exclusive project management tool that includes real-time Gantt maps to help you get more done. When problems emerge in a project, Scoro highlights them and helps you to make fast and simple choices on how to proceed.


Key Features

  • Time Management.
  • Project Management.
  • Sales & CRM.
  • Finances.
  • It helps you eliminate manual changes.
  • Mitigate double-bookings by including a comprehensive set of automation features.



Scoro offers you four different packages of pricing; Essential, Work Hub, Sales Hub, and Ultimate. Essential offers you service for US$ 26 and Work Hub for US$ 37.

16. Quire

Quire‘s minimalist design is what sets it apart from the rest. It has intuitive features and navigation tools that make project management easy. As a team, you can also prioritize the tasks and update their deadlines on the boards.


Key Features

  • Real-time updates on your work progress and project management
  • Already made templates that you can customize according to your needs
  • Visual management of all the projects makes them easy to handle
  • Share files and documents via 3rd party app integration
  • Option to manage work timelines individually across all the projects
  • Allows you to invite collaborators and reviewers (clients or someone who’s not part of your creative team)



Free to use.

17. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is like your digital notepad for creating to-do lists. You can then share and collaborate on the lists with your teammates and clients. The biggest advantage of using OneNote is its easy-to-use interface. You can rely on the site to keep things in the same order that you leave them.


Key Features

  • Option to categorize and divide the work among different pages and sections
  • Revise and edit your work using different highlighting annotations
  • Insert recordings, online files, and videos
  • Share your notebooks easily with your colleagues, clients, and friends.



You can request the pricing on the website.

18. Backlog

Backlog is software for project management platforms particularly developed for programmers. It combines all project control resources into a single interface, such as graphic tools like Kanban-style boards, Gantt maps, and burndown charts.


Key Features

  • Track Project Progress.
  • Task Management.
  • Version Control.
  • Team Collaboration.
  • Backlog also offers an exclusive feature, bug tracking, to mitigate any issues hindering the task’s progress.


Backlog offers four cost-effective payment plans; Free, Starter, Standard, and Premium. The free plan enables you to work on a trial platform, including only ten users, one project with 100 Megabytes of storage.

The starter plan is for US$ 35/month and elevates the offers to use more upgraded tools for starters, including 30 users, five projects, and 1 Gigabyte storage.

19. Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project enables you to remain focused and execute a variety of activities and programs. This software allows you to effortlessly build business processes and provides a better interface for PC and smartphones.


Key Features

  • Interactive Dashboards.
  • Automated Workflows.
  • Dynamic Scheduling.



Microsoft Project enables three different project plans; Project plan 1, Project plan three, and Project plan 5. Project plan 1 is for US$ 10.00/ month, and Project plan 3 is for US$ 30.00, whereas Project plan 5 is for US$ 50.00/month.

20. TeamGantt

TeamGantt helps you to make comprehensive project planning by putting the Gantt map in the cloud. You can use the Gantt map app to prepare, organize, and monitor your tasks. Also, you can construct a Gantt chart quickly using the drag and drop function.


Key Features

  • Drag and Drop Simplicity.
  • See all your projects on one screen.
  • Workloads & Team availability.
  • Easy Collaboration & Organization.


It offers three different plans; Free, Standard Plan & Advanced plan. The standard plan allows you to unlock more upgraded features to use, and it is for US$ 24. The advanced plan allows you to use the best features, and it is for US$ 29.

21. Workzone

Workzone is a web-based project management tool for small and big teams alike. It’s a great tool to keep track of project progress and keep stakeholders in the loop. The interface might look a bit difficult to use at the start. However, the more you use it, the easier it becomes.

Moreover, the templates can be used to save time. Or you can even customize them as per your brand guidelines. However, it’s very pricey for companies that have large teams.


Key Features

  • Project dashboards that allow you to track progress easily.
  • To-do lists for each team member
  • Gantt charts
  • Multiple project templates available for customization and use.
  • Project requests forms to automate workflow.
  • Workload reports to review your team’s progress
  • Time tracking option available to ease remote work
  • Group calendars for easier project review
  • Document sharing and review options
  • Custom branding to create a stronger brand presence


The Workzone pricing starts from $24 per user per month and goes up to $43 per user per month.

22. ActiveCollab

ActiveCollab is an all-in-one project management tool that helps with all the various aspects of project management and team management. It is one of the cheapest tools to use with a great dashboard, with time tracking features, and is very easy to use.

However, there is a lack of integration of ActiveCollab with other versions of control systems. 


Key Features

  • Planning and organizing projects
  • Projects tracking and measuring
  • Active communication and collaboration
  • Project budget and expense tracking. 


You can choose from annual or monthly packages where the first package is free for personal use but later charges $7.5 per three users in yearly billing and $9 per three users in monthly billing, rising to $6.25 and $7 per user, respectively. 

23. Smartsheet

Developed and marketed by Smartsheet Inc,  Smartsheet is used for collaboration and work management. It provides easy integration with other tools, has customizable sheets and dashboards, and provides help pages and support departments’ assistance.

However, conditional formatting takes a lot more time and has row and cell link limitations. 


Key Features

  • highlight changes for faster feedback.
  • shared workspaces
  • advanced reports
  • permission levels for better security
  • Sharing of sheets
  • Receiving and sending updates through email. 


Smartsheet plans include standard and enterprise plans with individual plans starting from $14 per month, going up to $25 per month per user in the annual billing cycle. 

24. GanttPro

GanttPro is an online chart software where one can plan, create and manage various tasks in less time. It is easy to use and supports the management of various projects at one time.


Key Features

  • Budget tracking
  • task management
  • Collaboration
  • time management, 
  • team and resources management 


Gantt Pro offers three pricing packages, individual, team, and enterprise, where the individual one costs $15 per user per month in annual billing. 

25. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a video conferencing tool that allows users to go from group chat to video call with one click.

The integration of all the tools is easy. There is no additional cost for the Microsoft 365 users. There are helpful bots, and it also provides seamless file search, backup, and collaboration. 


Key Features

  • greater data visibility
  • secure collaboration
  • powerful integration options
  • audio and video calling options
  • support for healthcare, education, and emergency services. 


Apart from providing the free version, Microsoft Teams offers three more packages with the basic package starting from $5 per user per month in annual commitment and the E3 going up to $20.

26. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is a cloud-based project management tool that helps plan your work and track and collaborate. The pricing is fair and practical. The customer service is very responsive, and the billing and time tracking features are great functionalities.


Key Features

  • task automation
  • time tracking
  • team collaboration
  • charts and reports
  • project administration
  • issue tracking 
  • project timesheets. 


After the ten-day free trial, try their various priced packages according to monthly or yearly billing options. The premium version starts from $5 per user per month. 

27. Jira Software

Jira Software is project management allowing bug tracking and project management. It is highly customizable, works for different users, is great for agile project management, and supports roadmap requirements. 

However, the mobile application is not that great. The reports are not usable, offer limited file size upload, and have a confused User Interface. 


Key Features

  • scrum boards
  • Kanban boards,
  • agile reporting
  • roadmaps. 


Have a look at the pricing packages offered by Jira Software which include Free, Standard, Premium, Enterprise. 

28. Podio

Podio is a tool that helps to align all the collaborations, content, and conversations in one place. Help keep track of all tasks, helps to maintain contact information, and is super easy to use. Project sharing becomes difficult, and tagging someone on a project is difficult as well. 


Key Features

  • Podio apps
  • integrations of different applications
  • API and file sharing
  • task management 
  • mobile version for better working


There are monthly and annual subscriptions available with the basic packages starting with $7.20. 

29. Slack

Slack is a tool that helps to communicate faster and allows it to stay better organized than emails. It is effortless to set up, has a great pricing plan, and helps to collaborate with various teams, and helps to cut down on relying on emails.

However, it gets expensive after a person adds additional paid members to the group. Also, if you end up creating too many channels, it might become difficult to navigate through them.


Key Features 

  • channels to stay focused
  • collaboration with other teams
  • voice and video calls
  • messaging features. 


Slack offers three packages, which are standard offered at $6.6.7, plus and enterprise grid. 

30. Monday

Monday is an operating system that helps to run processes, projects in one concise digital workspace. Organization of different projects and tasks in easy, great customer service, personalization of your items, along with great reporting features.


Key Features

  • Project management tools based on a priority model
  • Workload management includes easy to create tasks and assigning options
  • Option to change the view of your timelines as charts or sheets (whatever you like more)
  • Integration with other platforms
  • Time tracking
  • File sharing
  • Organized notification bar, so you never miss out on important updates from your team.


The basic annual plan is $8 per month per seat while $10 per month per seat for the monthly plan. In the yearly package, you can save 18%. 

31. Click Up

ClickUp helps you create, plan, organize and track people to projects through a single tool. It allows you to avoid the hassle of switching between various tools. 

But, the tool is a little challenging to use, so you might need to watch a few tutorials. Moreover, creating a task is difficult, and the ones that are attached in the emails show up in a format that is difficult to read. 


Key Features

  • Time tracking projects to increase efficiency
  • Real-time editing to avoid collisions
  • Capturing, marking up, and editing screenshots
  • Attachment of files in comments
  • Two-factor authentication ensuring improved security
  • Easy Integration of firefox and safari integrations helps save time. 
  • Creation of customized dashboard for every business
  • Distribution of assigned tasks through scrum points or assigned tasks.  


There are two plans that Click up offers. Either you can choose the plan that is free forever or select the unlimited plan that costs $5 per user every month if charged annually and $9 per user every month if charged monthly.

32. Airtable

Airtable is a cloud collaboration tool that is used for creating and sharing databases. The user interface is very interactive and is the first thing that catches the user’s attention. Moreover, it has active customer service and makes it easy to create amazing spreadsheets. 


Key Features

  • Simple and user-friendly interface making it easy to use. 
  • Allows collaboration from anywhere and anytime. 
  • It helps to work with over 50 prebuilt apps making it easier to work. 
  • Automation of redundant tasks and creation of custom notifications.
  • Powerful filtering and sorting help to create customizable views for every project. 
  • Flexible relational data helps focus on what is essential. 


You can try the three plans for free and then choose the one that suits you. The plus plan is the one with the lowest cost starting from $10 per seat per month billed annually and $12 for monthly billing. 

33. Google Tasks

Google Tasks is Google’s latest innovation to help you with your project management. The best part about using Google Tasks is that it can be fully integrated with Google’s other services.


Key Features

  • Create and organize your to-do lists easily.
  • Option to categorize the tasks into lists of works that can be divided into different project setups
  • Drag and drop tasks to keep them more organized and structured
  • Option to integrate Gmail emails into Google Tasks that’ll help you streamline your mails too
  • Calendar view
  • User-friendly interface that allows the creative team to make intuitive decisions



Free to use.

34. Zenhub

With tracking, planning, and reporting as its powerful features, Zenhub is agile project management with GitHub. Setting up a board and integrating it with GitHub is easy and helps organize work quickly and fastly. It lacks custom options in cards and stories. 


Key Features

  • Add browser extension or web application to manage your projects better. 
  • Tracking of projects and filtering by labels allows for better visibility of progress.
  • Create actionable reports through real-time GitHub data.  
  • On-premise and cloud version for easy working. 
  • Integration with GitHub to update projects. 
  • Flexible workflow customization


ZenHub offers two plans. The monthly growth plan costs $7.95 per user per month when billed annually, whereas the same plan costs $95 per user per year. 

35. Zenkit

A project management tool focused on your workflow, Zenkit provides you the flexibility and freedom you need to work.

It is affordable, and you can also learn how to use it through different video tutorials and blogs. Moreover, it is a multi-functional tool that keeps on improving its user experience and functionality. 


Key Features

  • A software suite that allows more productivity and better collaboration. 
  • Powerful and central management of various projects. 
  • Easy to use task management
  • Messaging app with built-in task management


Basic Plus, Business, and Enterprise, with the option to either pay in euro or dollar. You can have a detailed look at their pricing page to decide on the plan that suits you. 

36. Kanban Tool

Kanban Tool is perfect for visual management by depicting the various stages of a project using cards. Its drag and drop features allow for easy navigation. Furthermore, the time tracking and progress visibility features are flawless.

However, customizations are at times a little challenging to make because of problems in UI. Additionally, the mobile story still needs to be improved even further. 


Key Features

  • The use of cards makes it easy to track the progress of projects.
  • Effective reporting in real-time. 
  • Simple and easy editing of schedules.
  • Generation of detailed reports on various aspects of the projects and team. 
  • Easy sharing of reports with only a click. 


They offer three plans, free, team, and enterprise. The team plan costs $5 per user per month, whereas the enterprise plan costs $9 per user per month. 

37. Kissflow Project

An effective project management tool Kissflow project helps to manage all business tasks and creation of project plans. The navigation is simple, and the platform is pretty easy to -use, providing excellent performance.

However, the platform has many limitations, and the fact that it compares itself to other tools providing a lot of functionality is absurd. 


Key Features

  • Contextual collaboration through search, comments, and mentions. 
  • Insightful reports increase efficiency. 
  • Lists, sub-projects, and matrix help get multiple views. 
  • Data security through activity logs and user roles. 
  • Custom forms, tags, and activity feed allowing better task management


Kissflow projects pricing has four plans with both monthly and annual payment options. The free plan charges nothing, but the starter plan costs $35 per month for five users and five projects in a yearly subscription option.

Whereas in monthly the cost increases to $45 per month.

38. Chanty

Chanty is an effective and powerful team collaboration and communication tool with unique features to make the team more productive.

It is an excellent tool for team communication that allows the team members’ management with ease. Moreover, the feature to reach them through Facebook Group to get their response is their star feature. 


Key Features

Seamless onboarding across devices and platforms

  • Simple and intuitive user interface.
  • Easy creation and management of tasks.
  • Marking of important content through pins. 
  • Setting and controlling permissions and roles. 
  • Collaboration in real-time through calls and messages


Chanty has two plans, free and business, which starts at $3 per user per month but offers monthly and annual subscriptions.

39. Redbooth

Managing tasks and communication through Redbooth helps to complete the projects faster.

The tool allows desktop sharing with excellent video and audio quality. On top of that, uploading files and data is very convenient, and so is getting alerts on finished projects. 


Key Features

  • Delegating responsibilities through tagging provides better transparency.
  • Gantt Charts in Redbooth help to get visual project timelines. 
  • High Definition video calls
  • Detailed productivity reports better track the progress of projects. 
  • Mobile applications for android and iOS. 


Pro, business, and enterprise are the paid plans offered by Redbooth. You can get it billed annually or monthly. However, the pro plan starts from $9 per user per month in the annual subscription. The prices of the other plans increase accordingly. 

40. Proworkflow

Proworkflow is an all-in-one tool that helps to manage teams and projects in one place. It is an excellent tool for creative agencies by providing them with powerful functionalities for managing projects. Managing projects through it is just super easy. 

While setting up customized reporting is complex, and standard reporting seems to have its limitations. It also lacks good feature updates and customer support. 


Key Features

  • Cloud-based technology
  • Mobile and iPhone application
  • Basic training and support
  • Project management
  • Easy scheduling
  • Microsoft integration

$20 is the price of a professional plan, while the advanced plan is $30 per month per user. 

41. Mavenlink

An award-winning software, Mavenlink caters to the needs of different professional services organizations.

It successfully provides details of project plans and timesheet views for tracking hours. Furthermore, it provides a central location for all the project information and integrates well with Google Drive. 


Key Features

  • Resource Management through planning and optimization of resources. 
  • Management of projects and time. 
  • Estimation with different features to create precise proposals. 
  • Forecast based on actionable and reliable data. 


They ask you a couple of questions, after which they suggest the best plan for you. 

42. Insightly

Insightly is a powerful software and assists businesses to manage contacts and other essential details at every stage of the process. 

It’s not just easy to use but has an excellent customer support service that is quick to answer your query. Moreover, it uploads contacts from excel and .csv files quickly. However, the email functionality is limited as you cannot send an email based on an organization. 


Key Features

  • Creation of customizable emails.
  • Embedded forms to get better feedback.
  • Sharing valuable insights with the team.
  • Visual representation of customer journey. 


You can easily choose from the three plans to cater to your needs. Marketing-centric and CRM-centric Evernote plans are differently priced. Moreover, marketing plans are more expensive than CRM plans. $299 is the starting price of the marketing plan.

43. Crocagile

Crocagile is easy to use for agile teams by providing them with a user-friendly workplace and further allowing them to work in real-time and enjoy their work.

They are quick to respond to their user’s reviews by adding relevant features. Screensharing and collaboration are its best features. However, it is not open for many industries and might not be for big companies that limit its use. 



Key Features

  • Documents management
  • Budget management
  • Integration of collaboration tools
  • Content management
  • Customizable templates. 

44. Teamdeck

Teamdeck is an effective resource management solution for software houses and agencies. 

The calendar is very interactive because it helps keep one updated about everything. Moreover, the time tracking and timesheets tool are handy because it helps monitor the entire team’s performance.   

However, it often fails to send a notification through emails or even slack. And the messages are only viewable when you open the entire application.


Key Features

  • Interactive calendar
  • Provides timesheets and time tracking
  • The smart mobile version of Teamdeck
  • Resource Management helps manage projects more efficiently. 
  • Provides clarity and efficiency through remote management. 


There is just one plan with all the features and a fixed price. $3.99 per team member per month is what the plan states. 

45. Hive

A cloud-based project management tool, Hive, helps teams automate their tasks management. A cheaper solution that is easy to set up and work with and where multiple users can work at a time.


Key Features

  • Streamlined communication through emails, comments, and chat. 
  • Various customizable templates
  • Centralized processes with proofing, approvals, and automation.
  • Analytics and project views for better analysis of work. 


There are two pricing plans: base package and enterprise pricing. There is workspace add ons as well. You can choose the one you want, and it can be added at nominal prices starting from $4 per user per month. 

46. Flock

Flock is a top communication and collaboration tool with added features related to project management. Its pros include that it is available on all platforms, and file sharing is effortless.


Key Features

  • Configuration of external apps
  • Integration from Flock App Store. 
  • Polls
  • Reminders
  • Video Conferencing
  • Voice notes 
  • Data retention


They have the starter, enterprise, and pro plans to help the businesses with their different projects. 

47. Project Insight

Project Insight is used to centralize all the work, tasks, and projects on one online tool. It is excellent for project management because it creates and makes it easier to understand the project summaries even better. The export functionality is restricting, and getting the permissions is also a bit tricky and challenging. 


Key Features

  • Useful project insights
  • Project Insights consulting
  • Robust Features
  • Connection with the best applications
  • Project Baselines and budgeting


Sign up to enjoy the free plan and later decide on the plan you decide to buy. 

48. Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects is one of the best project management tools that help you deliver projects on time.

The chat threads right in the project are a noticeable advantage over other tools. Moreover, it is straightforward to upload and view documents. You can later go back, search for them and look at them again. 

The dashboards need to be updated and made a little more interactive. Also, it has customization issues and can be very difficult to load when different tasks are running. 


Key Features

  • Collaboration through messages and chats. 
  • Gantt Chart
  • Kanban Board View to automate workflow
  • Unlimited Free client users.
  • Best in class project management apps. 
  • Effective time logging
  • Personalized dashboard for key project metrics


The free plan costs you nothing. However, the other three packages are charged on monthly and yearly subscriptions. You can start with the delivery package, which is $10 per user per month in annual billing. 


49. Redmine

An open-source tool, Redmine is a tool that works across platforms and provides multi-language support. It is an easy, lightweight project management tool offering great features in Gannt Charts, Calendar, and file storage. 


Key Features

  • Flexible time tracking
  • Calendar and Gantt Chart
  • Documents and files management
  • Multi-Language support
  • Role-based access control
  • Self-registration support for user



You can visit the website to check the pricing and use cases.

50. Nutcache

Nutcache provides tools that can help get the work done timely. It also allows you to manage, plan and track the projects faster. The tool is user-friendly, and the services continue to improve and develop.

Moreover, you can add more than one company to work as well. It has some glitches that cause problems, and at times the time reporting goes missing for different projects. 



Key Features

  • Accurately bill time and expenses.
  • Well-organized tasks.
  • Customizable workflows.
  • Manage priorities through cards.
  • Use milestones and alerts to avoid missing deadlines. 


They have three free, pro, and enterprise plans. Their pro package starts from $6 per user per month, but you can choose the annual billing as well. 

51. Cage

Cage is a great media collaboration tool for online proofing, review, and projects. It helps to get the feedback faster and act on it immediately. It is effortless to work with multiple collaborators on various projects at a time.


Key Features

  • Addition of annotations to various attachments. 
  • Sharing of design-related work and layout. 
  • Record work in progress. 
  • Asset management.
  • Unlimited archiving for safekeeping. 


Cage offers popular packages that start from $8 per user per month. 

52. Notion

An all-in-one workspace, Notion is where you can write, plan and collaborate the way you want. The User Interface and the documentation features are simply excellent. Also, it has excellent flexibility and an immaculate presentation. 

However, Notion’s offline mode is inaccessible.


Key Features

  • Laptop and mobile versions for easy working. 
  • Collaborations in real-time.
  • Works offline to provide better working. 
  • Records everything to help keep track of work. 


They have four available plans. To are for individuals and two for teams and businesses. The personal pro for individuals is $4 per month, while the team for businesses is $8 per member per month. 

53. Paymo

One-of-a-kind project management system Paymo helps teams work better through multiple features. It also allows you to work faster and in harmony. The time tracking feature is imposing as it directly connects to the projects without any hassle, and the invoices generated are neat and precise. 

The major issues are related to exporting data, which becomes a serious problem, and that the mobile version needs to be better than it currently is.


Key Features

  • Kanban board
  • Easy team scheduling
  • Automatic ghost bookings saving time. 
  • Built-in planners
  • Collaboration with teams in real-time. 
  • Personalized task viewer with filters. 


Paymo is offering three pricing plans, and the first one is free. A small office is the most popular one that is $9.95 per user per month. Furthermore, you also get two months free when you pay annually. 

54. Avaza

If you want to run a more productive business, then Avaza is your solution to collaborate, track time, and manage different projects. It ensures better time management and actively keeps track of time spent on each project.


Key Features

  • Powerful task management through all task view
  • Smart email integration
  • Role-based security
  • Customer collaboration
  • Integrated workflows for time tracking
  • Insightful reporting
  • Project Resource Scheduling (PRS).
  • Team Chat.
  • Online TimeSheets.
  • Online invoicing.
  • Business Reporting
  • Xero, Slack, Quickbooks Integrated.
  • It also offers an expense management tool to streamline your expenses.


You can either choose from the three paid plans that Avaza offers. Or you can try their pricing calculator to get the customized package for your needs. 

55. Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud storage service and a workspace that helps you divert your attention to other essential tasks.

It provides file storage to all its users, and the mobile version is equally effective as the web version. Moreover, it allows for an automatic backup which helps to update all the data.

Source: Dropbox

Key Features

  • Automatic file backup
  • It helps stay organized by bringing all the content together. 
  • Integration with different tools
  • Disaster proof option for better security
  • Easy file sharing
  • Content collaboration


You need to choose options according to your requirements, and then a customized plan is suggested to you. So, it is advised to visit the pricing page and get the personalized plan options. 

56. Evernote

Evernote helps to keep all the things organized. It helps when you create notes or lists and even read online content. 


Key Features

  • Checklists and reminders to keep you on track
  • Templates to create notes faster.
  • Keyword tags to find notes quicker
  • Document scanning to help go paperless
  • Document search
  • Comprehensive task management solutions for your creative team
  • Options to keep a record of tasks and create tasks even when you’re offline
  • Web clipping
  • Sync and organize your notes in one place so you know what needs to be done
  • Option to integrate with other applications and software
  • Option to search handwriting within the notes
  • Go paperless with the document scanning option


They offer basic, premium, and business plan. The premium plan starts at $.99 per user per month. 

57. Todoist

Todoist is a powerful task manager that significantly helps to boost productivity with its tasks organization and scheduling system. Todist provides ease and a lot of functionality regarding the scheduling of tasks. Moreover, organizing the tasks, projects, and meetings is also very easy. 


Key Features

  • Personalize task views with Quick Add.
  • Centralize work in one place. 
  • Measure progress with visualization. 
  • Synchronization with all your devices. 
  • Share workload by efficiently delegating tasks. 


Pro plan starts at $3 per user per month while business costs $5 per user per month in annual billing. 

58. Timecamp

Timecamp is a simple time tracking tool that helps you gain valuable insights regarding your projects.

Can be used on different devices and operating system without any significant issues. It also has excellent analytical reporting capabilities to help us make better decisions. 


Key Features

  • Accessible and insightful reports.
  • One-clickThe premium approvals.
  • Effortless invoicing for clients. 
  • More focused time tracking for projects.


Apart from their free plan, Timecamp has three paid plans made to cater to your needs. Pro is the most popular plan priced at $7.50 per user per month in yearly billing. 

59. Bitrix24

Ideal for small businesses, Bitrix24 helps to manage all the aspects of daily operations and tasks happening. The data cataloging feature provides excellent scalability and can be connected to various platforms and business management services. 


Key Features

  • Kanban and Gantt charts
  • Workload planning
  • Complete control over data
  • Customization options
  • Activity stream and group chats.


It has cloud pricing plans and on-premise plans that are separate. Moreover, they are further divided into unique and business plans with the number of users you have. 

60. Workbooks

Workbooks is a customer-centric CRM tool that is actively used to keep track of the customer life cycle and further help with lead generation and sales. It provides great flexibility in order tracking and user management. And the dashboard feature is pretty good as it helps to view everything at once.


Key Features

  • Tracking opportunities.
  • Simple and easy order processing
  • Agile workflows and automation
  • Dashboards and analytics 
  • Client portal support
  • Customizable.


You have to choose the service and then the plan which suits you more. In addition to this, the pricing is in pounds. 

61. Confluence

A remote-friendly workplace Confluence is where teams collaborate and work together to get all the tasks done on time.

It is a very interactive and useful tool that displays the information where the user wants it to be. Moreover, it is straightforward to search the content and sort out all the information. 


Key Features

  • Simple and hassle-free file sharing
  • Notifications to help you stay top of progress.
  • Personalized feed to help you stay active
  • Integrations to streamline work.
  • Advanced search
  • Customizable templates. 


Choose a pricing plan from either the cloud or the data center group. The number of users you have questions of also helps to decide which plan suits your needs. 

62. FunctionFox

Functionfox is a timesheet tool and project management tool that is easy to use and very effective. It works great with task management and time tracking and provides excellent analysis for its growth. It needs to improve the search function and also integrate with more tools like CRM. 


Key Features

  • Real-time reporting.
  • An easy and interactive scheduling system
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Easy project creation and management



FunctionFox offers three paid plans. Classic starts from $5 and goes up to $20. You can also have a look at their full price sheet. 

63. WORKetc

A customer relationship management tool integrated with project management, Worketc helps small to medium-sized businesses increase their sales and manage their projects better. 

It is super easy to work with while reviewing customer’s data, staff, and time management. It also integrates with Google Applications easily and makes working even easier.


Key Features

  • Web and mobile apps for better working. 
  • Inbox and Gmail add-ins. 
  • Custom fields for selected information.
  • Control access through permissions.
  • Gannt Charts, Tree, and Timeline.  



Pricing plans offered by Worketc are expensive, where the starter plan costs $78 per month for two users maximum. 

64. Weekdone

Track the performance of your employees with their goals setting, check-ins through Weekdone, an employee performance tracking tool. You can quickly set it up without any problems. And it is excellent when aligning your work and personal tasks.


Key Features

  • Easy setting of weekly plans.
  • Setting up of company structure. 
  • OKR coaching and support
  • Data visualization and reporting
  • Active and meaningful conversation within teams. 


Get to know what you will be paying annually or monthly through the number of people working in your organization.

65. MindGenius

Mindgenuis is a perfect tool for planning and managing projects. Setting goals and strategic planning are straightforward and easy to do through this tool. It allows real-time editing, which is hassle-free and saves a lot of time.


Key Features

  • Mind mapping for better visualization of ideas. 
  • Real-time editing
  • Hassle-free meetings. 
  • Caters to different professions


Mindgenius has two licensing models; subscription and perpetual.  

66. Toggl Plan

Toggl Plan is a fast and easy task management software to help you stay updated on all your projects. The price the tool is charging is great for all the features. Moreover, it helps to improve the workflow and brings valuable updates. 


Key Features

  • Easy and effortless planning.
  • Workload planning
  • View complete project timeline with ease. 
  • Simple task scheduling and planning
  • Color coding and checklists.
  • Easy sharing


Either choose the team or business plan priced at $8 and $13.35, respectively, in annual billing.


67. Easy Project

Easy Project is a professional management tool for the entire organization, individuals, and teams. 

The User interface is very impressive and interactive, and the tool is very stable and easy to work with; it does not lag like others. It also does not miss notifications and provides easy collaborations. 


Key Features

  • Visual mapping and planning for projects. 
  • Successful integration with Outlook, Excel. 
  • Compatibility with CRM, finances, and Help desk. 
  • Easy to use
  • Faster access
  • Mobile application for better management. 
  • Personal dashboards


The cloud plans are three, with their pricing in euros, whereas to get the server pricing, you have to provide them with information. 

68. Copper Project

Copper Project is the most advanced project management platform on the market. They offer their services to multiple industries. Minimizes unorganized work and replaces it with an intelligent collective project allocation and status update.


Key Features

  • Real-Time tasks management and time tracking.
  • Flexible project and file management.
  • Budgeting, invoicing, integration and customization.
  • Resource management.
  • Unified database
  • The revolutionary interactive design allows users to concentrate on their market, customers, and income.


Pricing packages come with a free 30-day free trial for consumers to use before deciding to sign up. It offers three pricing packages; Studio, Corporate, and Premium. The studio package is for $49 / month with unlimited users.

69. Ravetree

Ravetree is a flexible project management tool that combines essential company management functions into a single framework. All company data is stored in the main point, giving all subscribers access to see the updates. This encourages them to make more informed decisions and perform at their best at all times.


Key Features

  • Custom branding.
  • Digital asset management.
  • Team management.
  • Time and expense tracking.
  • Customer relationship management.


Ravetree offers pricing packages such as; Yearly, Quarterly, and Monthly allowing you access for a limited period. The yearly pricing plan is $29 per month, summing up to $348 yearly.

70. Highrise

Although Highrise (CRM) is a great platform, it does not take any new signups since 2018. Only users that already have an account can access it.


Key Features

  • Notes and emails about your leads all in one place.
  • Easy follow-ups and reminders.
  • Bulk email.
  • User-friendly and responsive interface
  • Works with any email system.
  • Report on your information and pipeline.
  • Easy search and sophisticated filters.
  • Privacy and permissions
  • The app helps users to keep track of customer contact.


Highrise offers a free trial initially, and afterward, it costs you $24.00 per month.

71. Buildertrend

Buildertrend is the most helpful platform for construction companies, renovators, and contractors. The construction project management software is a solution to everything you need in an app that includes constructive work.


Key Features

  • Import for Excel and other integrated softwares.
  • Start working from existing templates.
  • Collect digital signatures.
  • Notify subs via email, text, and push notifications
  • Set deadlines, and we’ll send reminders
  • Accept bids and roll them into contracts


Builder trend offers three pricing plans; Pro, Core, and Premium. The pro plan is for $499 per month, unlocking various advanced features.

72. WorkflowMax

WorkflowMax is a project management platform that includes various tools such as work costing, quoting, time monitoring, invoicing, and reporting. This platform helps to improve the team’s visibility and project effectiveness.


Key Features

  • Usability and Customizability help users to retrieve relevant information conveniently.
  • Client-Management functions enable to build strong customer-relationship and gather information in one place.


The WorkflowMax lets you start with no setup fees and no upfront costs. It offers two pricing packages; Standard and Premium. Three members can use the standard pricing package, and it is for $45.00/month.

73. BuildTools

BuildTools is an online construction project management platform that is completely developed. It’s a flexible construction management tool for home designers and renovators to handle their back-office operations.


Key Features

  • A fantastic planning system integrated with the financial system
  • Creates quotes quickly.
  • Send professional-looking proposals
  • Manage proposals at each stage
  • Buy order system and change order monitoring
  • Customize quotes
  • Enter information once.
  • You can organize the building mess by storing all of your project details in one location.


Buildtool allows you to start a free demo, and afterward, it can cost you $199 per month for the base package, and you need to pay for additional users around $20.

74. Caspio

Caspio is an online framework for quickly and easily developing business database programs, documents, and records. It comes with everything you’ll need to build and operate a web-based database application on any website with many users.


Key Features

  • Visual App Builder, Interactive Reports and Data Publishing.
  • Built-in Cloud Database, Online Forms
  • User Management
  •  Application Modules
  •  Advanced Deployment Options
  • Integration with other applications
  • Allows you to create digital experiences for a fraction of the cost and time it takes to hire in-house engineers.


Caspio has two types of plans: Basic and company. It has a Free program to help people get started and an Explore plan for $29 per month under the Basic plan.

75. Knack

Knack is a web-based server creator that converts spreadsheets into web-based databases. As a simple web app interface, it enables anybody to create apps that can access data, generate reports, and be shared with many users.


Key Features

  • User Access. Secure access for your users to manage their data.
  • Workflow & Automation.
  • Data Management. A single platform to collect, manage, and audit your data.
  • Reports & Dashboards. Real-time charts and formulas to report on your data.
  • Payments.
  • Integrations


The $39 a month Starter package comes with 20,000 documents, 2 GB of bandwidth, three applications, and primary email and chats support.

76. Procore

Procore produces plans, responds to RFIs more quickly, keeps track of project communications, and archives records and images. Documentations, regular logs, shift requests, work costing, and punch lists are also things to keep track of. MS Project and Sage Timberline Office are also sponsored.


Key Features

  • Capture and manage all project correspondence efficiently.
  • To reduce risk, everything is readily available in one location.
  • Accurate Information.
  • Track all steps and speed up the approval process


It provides customer service for $375 per month.

77. Brain Sensei

While this isn’t a project management tool, it’s certainly a platform that every project manager needs. Many project managers at world-leading firms, including Apple, Microsoft, Disney, and Uber, have been certified by Brain Sensei. It generates engaging narrative electronic learning programs that help you get your Project Management Certification.


Key Features

  • Nine interactive modules with story-based learning.
  • 13 storyline challenges.
  • Four practice tests with 800 practice questions.
  • Knowledge summaries and recaps.


Based on the qualification, the time required to complete this education course varies from 30 hours to 3 months, with an average time of 3 months. The registration fee for Brain Sensei is $400.

78. Kintone

In only a few taps, Kintone can plan out your tasks, simplify job scheduling, and even set up automatic alerts and reminders.


Key Features

  • Workflow Management Software.
  • No-Code Development Platforms Software.
  • Business Process Management Software.
  • Database as a Service (DBaaS) Provider.
  • Inventory Control Software.
  • Warehouse Management Software.


Kintone offers several pricing plans; Professional, Enterprise, Education, and Non-Profit. The professional pricing plan is $24 per month.

79. Forecast

Forecast has everything you need to schedule, run, and monitor projects from beginning to end in one innovative automated platform.


Key Features

  • Work Automation.
  • Project management.
  • Resource management.
  • Team collaboration.
  • Time management.


The forecast offers three different pricing plans; Lite, Pro, and Plus. Lite pricing plans are for $29 per month with ten users.

80. MeisterTask

MeisterTask is an interactive task management and coordination platform that allows project managers power over managing projects.


Key Features

  • Unlimited sections.
  • Filters.
  • Timeline.
  • Automation.


MeisterTask offers three different pricing plans; Basic, Pro, Business, and Enterprise. Essential is for free, and it is simpler to use.

81. Planisware

Planisware is a project management program that assists project managers in defining, prioritizing and managing their portfolios while gaining valuable exposure.


Key Features

  • resource management and time tracking abilities.
  • Enterprise social networking tools.
  • Budget management and demands processing.
  • Flexible reporting and dashboards.
  • Full support of agile processes.


The one-time payment for Planisware starts at $250000.00 per customer. There is no free edition or free trial available.

82. Eclipse PPM

Eclipse PPM aids project managers in project implementation, scheduling, prioritization, resource allocation, coordination, and other functions. It allows you to troubleshoot issues that are incurring with the compilation of information. It provides support for various construction schemes, such as CMake. 


Key Features

  • executives & portfolio managers
  • resource managers
  • project managers
  • project resources
  • Intake
  • Prioritization
  • selection, execution, project overview, schedules, financials, risks, issues, and documents.


EclipsePPM pricing begins at $15.00 a month as a flat rate. There is no free version available.

83. BVDash

BVDash is a mobile project management platform that was created to assist project managers in various industries.


Key Features

  • Updates.
  • Allows you to schedule tasks.
  • Budget-friendly.


The monthly cost of BVDash starts at $29.00 per customer. However, you can also start with a free trial.

84. Deltek Vision

Deltek Vision is a task ERP that enables service providers to monitor their entire project development cycle and create value.


Key Features

  • Performance management.
  • Resource planning.
  • Vision in the cloud.


Deltek Vision’s monthly pricing ranges from $30.00 to $46.00 per employee. The subscription fees can be paid yearly.

85. InLoox

InLoox is a project management program that enables users to schedule, execute, and cooperate on various projects.


Key Features

  • Project planning with Gantt charts.
  • Outlook Synchronization. 
  • Dashboards.
  • Graphical budget overview. 
  • Workplace.
  • Project planning with Gantt charts. 
  • Kanban.
  • Outlook integration


InLoox offers a pricing plan starting at $490 for unlimited projects.

86. Comindware

Comindware is an automation application that allows you to create business apps and advanced tools for many sectors without knowing to code.


Key Features

  • Predictive Real-time Gantt Chart.
  • Automated Priority-based Planning.
  • Visual UI Across All Devices.
  • Available in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Unparalleled collaboration capabilities.
  • Project and Timesheet Reports.
  • Resource Management.
  • Configurable Reports.


Comindware pricing plan is for $24.99 per month per user.

87. ReQtest

ReQtest is a virtualized platform for specification management, testing, and error monitoring that aids development teams in creating the best available tools.


Key Features

  • Task management.
  • Bug tracking.
  • Screen Capture.
  • Agile board.
  • Integration.


ReQtest offers two pricing plans; Professional and Enterprise. A professional pricing plan can cost around $6 to $45 per user.

88. CollabNet

CollabNet VersionOne software is a company that offers a variety of DevOps and Agile strategies for businesses. With the merger in 2017, the two firms will now have full corporate Agile, technology lifecycle management (ALM), integration, versioning, and DevOps tools.

They allow enterprises and federal agencies to use integrated Agile and DevOps techniques to boost software creation and execution and control it across a single network that scales sector agility.


Key Features

  • Flexible, centralized document management.
  • Centralized role-based access control.
  • Universal search.
  • Burn Down Charts.
  • Visualize Progress with Task Boards.
  • Fast-Track with Planning Templates.
  • Enterprise Subversion Management.
  • Manage Code Repositories.


The project management software has several choices to meet specific needs. You can check their website for details.

89. Huddle

Huddle helps project management in the private and public sectors to efficiently communicate and handle activities, programs, and documentation.

The interface is excellent – loading documents straight from the internet browser in desktop applications and making the files encrypted and reopened instantly makes folder loading very simple for our employees. 


Key Features

  • Collaboration.
  • File sharing.
  • Version control
  • File request.
  • Mobile working.
  • Security.
  • Tasks management.


Huddle offers three different plans for pricing; Huddle, Huddle Plus, and Huddle Premier.

90. Odoo

Odoo is a resource development and customer relationship management fully accessible organization with a variety of modular interfaces. The applications are seamlessly incorporated, enabling you to simplify your company operations and enjoy the benefits fully.


Key Features

  • Strongly integrated apps.
  • CRM
  • Great mobile support.
  • Robust corporate and cloud solutions.
  • Communication tools.
  • It helps you maintain a comprehensive list of all employees and can expand its modules.
  • It is easy to use and relatively inexpensive to execute.


Odoo offers various ranges of different pricing plans for other applications.

91. OrangeScrum

OrangeScrum is a software mainly based on task management that aids project managers in managing their multiple tasks effectively.


Key Features

  • Task management.
  • Agile project management.
  • Project template.
  • Custom task tracking.
  • Resource management.
  • Slack integration.


OrangeScrum offers three pricing plans; Startup, Professional, and Custom plan. The startup pricing plan is $9 per month per user, allowing you to have a fourteen-day free trial.

92. Oracle Primavera

Oracle Primavera is a leading international management platform that uses a modular cloud-based service to support users handle projects of any scale.


Key Features

  • Interactive user-interface
  • Easy to use program
  • Advanced networking site that enables you to exchange documentation easily
  • You can tag messages and collaborate more effectively
  • Risk management.
  • Information dashboards.
  • Reporting and analytics.
  • Timelines.


For pricing details, you can contact them directly through their website.

93. Hubstaff Tasks

Hubstaff Tasks is an agile project management and automated platform that promotes itself as the simplest way of organizing a team’s work by keeping everyone on board.


Key Features

  • Agile workflow.
  • Automated stand-ups.
  • Agile sprints.
  • Project timeline.
  • Roadmaps
  • Epics


Hubstaff offers two straightforward pricing plans; Free and Premium. The free plan allows up to 5 users with ten projects and limited epics.

94. Samepage 

Samepage facilitates team coordination and virtual project management through various devices, boosting agency and marketing team performance and productivity. The software is beneficial for keeping various files, comments, and other items together in one location and on one mission.

Essentially, it allows you to work on a project in real-time rather than providing a separate site for documentation, talk, and so on.


Key Features

  • Collaboration management.
  • Collaborative workspace.
  • File management.
  • Discussion board
  • File synchronization.
  • File transfer.
  • Group scheduling.
  • Instant messaging.


Samepage offers the pricing plan; Free, Standard, and Pro. Free pricing plan allows essential document collaboration and communication.

95. Todo

Todo.vu is a successful initiative that provides project managers with a variety of tracking time and billing tools that remove the hassles of integrating many billing processes.


Key Features

  • CRM.
  • Tasks.
  • Time tracking.
  • Time billing.
  • Email tasks.
  • Checklist.
  • Calendar sync.


Todo.vu is free for freelancers.

96. Hansoft

Hansoft is a flexible forecasting platform with a wide variety of advanced and versatile capabilities that can help scale global productivity.


Key Features

  • Collaborative project management
  • Collaborative task ownership
  • Supports creative and technical workflows
  • Git and P4 integrations
  • Reports
  • Supports a wide range of working disciplines


Hansoft allows you to start a free trial and also offers a free pricing plan.

97. Float

Project managers will schedule their team’s time and tasks in one location with Float, a resource management and team planning tool.


Key Features

  • Resource scheduling.
  • Time tracking.
  • Capacity management.
  • Multi-project planning.
  • Forecasting and reports.


Float offers two pricing plans; Resource Planning and Resource Planning plus Time Tracking. The resource planning pricing plan is for $6 per user per month with unlimited projects.

98. Proggio

Proggio is a project management solution that includes project timeline development, various project displays, and more.


Key Features

  • Project portfolio.
  • Mobile app development.
  • Task management.


Proggio allows you to manage projects smartly with four simple pricing plans; Basic, Business, Professional, and Enterprise. The basic pricing plan is $250 for unlimited users, and it is paid annually.

99. Yodiz

Yodiz is a piece of agile software that lets developers improve their overall performance by streamlining their workflow.


Key Features

  • Product backlog.
  • Epics management.
  • Sprints.
  • Release management.
  • Planning board.
  • Integration with GitHub, Zendesk, and others


This software offers four different pricing plans; Starter, Issue Tracker, Agile Tool, and Self-hosted. The starter plan is for free for up to three users with unlimited projects.

100. Daylite

Daylite is a CRM for Mac and iOS-based small companies. It aids project managers in the development of partnerships, the closing of agreements, the execution of plans, among other tasks.


Key Features

  • Apple supported features.
  • CRM and sales features.
  • Project management features.
  • Customization.
  • It syncs with Mac Mail to keep track of email communications with both people and businesses.
  • Allows for extensive customization to suit my company’s unique knowledge needs.
  • It serves as a focal point for everyday routines and assignments.


Daylite allows you to start with a free thirty-day trial and also book a demo. The yearly pricing package is $24 per month.

101. Hitask

Hitask is a task manager that focuses on teamwork and task execution for project managers.


Key Features

  • Project management.
  • Document storage.
  • Selective sharing permission.
  • Shared calendar.
  • Time tracking.
  • Hitask is capable of creating and assigning tasks.
  • It is fast, stable, and easy to use.


Hitask offers three different pricing plans; Team free, Team business, and Enterprise. Team free allows access to up to five users with unlimited projects.

Alina Zahid Khan

Alina Zahid Khan

Alina Zahid Khan is a storyteller, brand strategist, and growth manager at GoVisually. She loves creating value-driven content for creative professionals.
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