5 Remote Proofing Tips to Bulletproof Your Remote Team’s Work Process


Looking for remote proofing tips to streamline your remote team’s work process?

You’ve come to the right place. Most of our team at GoVisually works remotely and we’re still ahead with our proofing process. So today, we will be sharing the 5 best remote proofing tips (that we follow) to ensure amazing work, every day, all day.

We understand how the process of giving a presentation to your clients to receive feedback, take the feedback and implement it, show them another draft can be exhausting. I mean, who is going through all of those steps, making presentations for each? It sounds a little outdated, doesn’t it? 


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Why are we seeing a rise in remote work?

The whole world is moving on to more efficient remote working techniques.

In the past two years, for reasons we all know and understand, the world as a whole is moving towards remote working and using various software and strategies to help them adapt to remote work. Some problems the leading companies faced when shifting to working digitally include:

  • Being able to add more collaborators to a digital project space
  • Investing in the right people and projects
  • Keeping track of visibility and compliance across various spaces
  • Facilitating final colours and versions of products

 A considerable part of making the remote work process more efficient was using methods and tools to help companies manage their time better and become more productive. Taking out redundancies like proofing or editing the same content over and over can help with that. 


Here’s how GoVisually fits in the picture…

Various online proofing tools help companies work better with clients and deliver exactly what they ask. Remote proofing benefits are countless.

This is where powerful online proofing tool like GoVisually helps marketing, and creative teams cut down on the number of emails exchanged with their clients. With the help of GoVisually, you can receive feedback directly on the content you are working on and make edits in real-time. This allows you to save time and follow the client’s directions better. 

Even after shifting back to the office instead of working from home, companies chose to stick to the methods they learned due to the remote proofing benefits. These remote proofing tips and techniques help make the workflow more seamless and make the work process bulletproof.


5 Remote Proofing Tips To Make Your Remote Work Process Bulletproof 

Proofing and editing is a process that can take a long time, even if you are carrying it out remotely. Sending emails back and forth to get feedback and then make changes can become tasking. Here are five tips that will help you handle this remote process better. 




1. Follow Deadlines Strictly 

You can set a deadline for a project, but if no one abides by it, it will not turn out to be a productive step. You must ensure that the deadline your marketing team or content team, or the client has set is met. 

Using an online cloud that connects the various teams and stakeholders and lets them be a part of the same creative process can benefit. Our team uses Asana to keep all projects aligned. But you can also look at some of the other project management tools.

All the stakeholders can be made aware of the project’s deadline, and they can work accordingly. You must tell everyone working on the project that the deadline must be met for more efficient results. 

Reminders can be set through the workspace you are using, or the reminders can be sent through email or phone. Getting frequent reminders will ensure that all the stakeholders are at the top of their game and finishing the project before the deadline. 


2. Use One Tool Consistently

All the employees that are working on the same project should be on the same page. This practice enables all the stakeholders to know what is going on at any given time, and they can always learn what edits and reviews need to be made. 

If you are using one remote proofing tool, all the teams can be on the same channel and communicate with each other better. All the members of different teams must always be up to date with everything that is happening. There are countless remote online proofing tools like GoVisually available these days which let you receive reviews and make edits on projects simultaneously. 

The remote proofing tool can help you streamline all the workflows and help you become more productive and efficient with work. These tools eliminate the use of unnecessarily long email chains between you and the clients. 


3. Give In-Depth Feedback

When giving feedback or edits for any project, please do not feel like you have to hold back because it is digital. You do not have to limit yourself to giving feedback only on editing or fixing. You can contribute to the creative process as well. 

When conducting team meetings, you can use breakout rooms to join the creative team and give them feedback on what you think could be more beneficial. You can also have other members of your team speak out and brainstorm during meetings. 

This step will help you get the best out of all team interactions and allow the different team members to shine creatively. It will enable you to bounce ideas off of each other and get criticism and feedback that will be beneficial. 


4. Help Your Team Grow Technologically

Everyone on your team might not be tech-savvy and familiar with different tools. When you choose a digital space for all of your workers, you can ensure that they learn how to use the platform. 

You can also use a platform that is user-friendly and not difficult to work with. This choice can allow all of your employees to get familiar with the space and use it to the best of your team’s advantage. Some various remote-work friendly softwares and tools can help you enhance your company’s performance. 

You must walk through the digital platform with your entire team and tell them which features to use and when to use them. This step will help you save time later on as all team members will be familiar with all the software features and use them to create a more efficient workflow.  


5. Communicate Efficiently With Your Team

Working and collaborating as a team can lead to a lot of miscommunication between the members. You should use the digital platform to ensure that all the employees are on the same page and allow them to talk to you and each other in the same place. 

Make the best use of team meetings and assign time to discuss all the essential aspects of any project during the meeting. Your team must have everything clear and no confusion regarding anything. Confusion and miscommunication can lead to delays in the project, and you might not be able to meet your deadlines. 

Having a face-to-face conversation with your employees will lead to better communication. Sometimes, only emails are not enough to relay important messages. 


Key Takeaway

Many people globally are still working remotely, and running a company’s proofing process online can become challenging. However, you can implement some remote proofing tips to ensure that your team stays efficient and meets the deadlines. 

You can also use various online proofing softwares that can make the process easier for you and all the stakeholders. These online proofing tools like GoVisually help you manage your time and provide multiple remote proofing benefits.

Alina Zahid Khan

Alina Zahid Khan

Alina Zahid Khan is a storyteller, brand strategist, and growth manager at GoVisually. She loves creating value-driven content for creative professionals.
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