4 ways to share interior designs with clients in 2023

4 ways to share interior designs with clients in 2023

Are you an interior designer looking for faster and more efficient ways to get your designs approved by clients? You’re not alone! 

As an interior designer, finding ways to streamline your design process, reduce the time spent on revisions, and improve collaboration with clients is essential.

In a recent survey by Houzz, 53% of interior designers said that “getting clients to finalize decisions” is the biggest challenge they face when working on a project.

Luckily, with the advent of technology, there are now innovative ways to share home design with clients that can help you achieve all this and more. 

This guide will explain four game-changing ways to share interior designs with clients in 2023, using the ultimate design proofing, feedback, and collaboration software.

So, let’s dive in and explore how you can take your interior design business to the next level!


Collaboration in the interior design industry today 

The current design industry is all about collaboration. 

It’s a constantly evolving industry that relies heavily on teamwork, communication, and collaboration between designers, clients, contractors, and other stakeholders. 

Interior designers work closely with clients to create custom designs that fit their unique preferences and style. However, with the increasing pace of technological advancements, designers need to adapt to the changing times.

Since everyone is working on the go, clients no longer expect you to show up at their doorstep daily with a plan. To stay ahead of the game, interior designers must find ways to streamline their design process digitally, get designs approved faster, and improve collaboration with their clients. 

Whether annotating PDFs to give feedback, having a team of different designers work on the same interior sketch, or gaining your customer’s approval for every building room, things can get messy without a clear collaboration mode.

In the modern, digitally running world of interior design services, you will need the right design proofing and collaboration software to achieve all this and more!


GoVisually – the ultimate design proofing, feedback, and collaboration software! 

GoVisually is an online proofing, feedback, communication and collaboration software for creative teams. Its online platform allows designers to upload designs, share them with clients, get feedback, and collaborate in real-time.



You can streamline their design approval process, reduce time spent on revisions, and ultimately deliver high-quality designs that meet client expectations. 


With GoVisually, interior designers can enjoy a host of impressive design-proofing features such as:

  • multiple file format feedback (PDFs, PNG, MP4, PSD and more)
  • advanced annotation and mark-up tools
  • time-stamped comments and team-only comments
  • no client sign-ups
  • unlimited reviewers 
  • version history, comparison, and control
  • watermark feature for data protection, and more!


These features make it easier for designers to share home designs or share office designs with clients, gather feedback and approvals from clients, and collaborate with stakeholders in real-time, leading to a more efficient and streamlined design process.

With all that, interior designers can completely revolutionize how they seek client feedback with the platform, and here’s how!


4 easy ways to share interior designs online with clients in 2023 

4 easy ways to share interior designs online with clients in 2023


1. Interior design sketches 

Interior sketches are the traditional way to represent design ideas and share home drawings with clients visually. Sketches provide a rough idea of the final design, allowing clients to provide feedback and make changes before moving on to more detailed designs.

Today, most designers use online software to create these designs; you won’t have to print them out and get feedback every time.

With GoVisually, you can easily upload the sketches as PDFs and share them with clients for feedback. Clients can add comments, highlight areas that need improvement, add shapes and annotations, attach images or files,  and suggest changes, all in real time. 

This ultimately saves you a lot of time and helps deliver designs that meet client expectations down to the T!


2. 3D rendering and modelling

3D rendering is a powerful tool that allows designers to create photorealistic images of their designs. It’s a great way to give clients a clear and detailed view of their designs and helps them make informed decisions about the final product.

As an interior designer, you can turn your floor plans, decor, and concepts into 3D renders, live illustrations, or animations on Adobe Suite or other creative tools.

Since GoVisually integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud, it makes it easy for you to share 3D designs with clients or any other design formats. Clients and your team can view your designs as you work on them inside Adobe, provide feedback, and suggest changes before moving on to the final product. It makes things 100x simpler and faster! 


3. Video walkthroughs 

Video walkthroughs are a great way to give clients a virtual interior tour. 

They provide clients with a detailed view of the design, features, and functionality. Video walkthroughs are great for showcasing designs with intricate details that may be difficult to communicate through static images.

For example, when you share kitchen design with clients, you can animate everything from the positioning of a vase on the aisle to the cutlery drawer and what’s inside as part of the video model.

Since GoVisually integrates with Final Cut Pro and Adobe CC, you can easily create and share video walkthroughs with clients and receive video feedback.

The video review and approval software allows frame-by-frame annotation and comments so your clients can stop at any part and leave their remarks. You also get brownie points with all your clients since it makes your process look more professional, modern, and convenient!


4. Online presentations  

Online presentations are another traditionally used method to showcase interior designs to clients. They allow designers to present their work professionally and interactively. 

Online presentations have been great for showcasing designs to clients who cannot visit the site in person. Now there are more options, but that doesn’t mean you must quit using presentations to share your designs!

Whether a video presentation or a PDF one, you can upload the whole file and collaborate with your team and client in real time on GoVisually. Clients can view the presentation, provide feedback, and suggest changes visually on the presentation instead of a long thread of emails or text messages that are hard to keep track of!


Key takeaway 

Ultimately, it’s all about fitting in with the modern design industry.

Interior designers can significantly improve client collaboration and streamline their design process using the right design proofing and collaboration software. 

GoVisually is an excellent example of such software, offering interior designers efficient and effective ways to share their designs with clients, including interior sketches, 3D rendering, video walkthroughs, and online presentations. 

By adopting these methods, designers can improve turnover, get designs approved faster, reduce the time spent on revisions, and ultimately deliver high-quality designs that meet client expectations and leads to 100% satisfaction.

So, if you’re an interior designer looking to share interior designs, try GoVisually and supercharge your design process for the future of creativity!

Alina Zahid Khan

Alina Zahid Khan

Alina Zahid Khan is a storyteller, brand strategist, and growth manager at GoVisually. She loves creating value-driven content for creative professionals.
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