Top 25 subreddits for artists, designers, and photographers


Reddit is a massive platform where almost hundreds of content are shared and rated daily. And anyone that has compelling content, be it a designer, artist, or photographer, their performance is ranked on how their content looks and stands out from others. 

However, Reddit, an all-in-one content promoter platform, includes sub-categories for different content creators called subreddits. This way, you can easily jump onto the subreddit of your favorite designer, artist, and photographer. 

Luckily, for your ease, we will be sharing the top 25 subreddits for various artists, designers, and photographers to help you get inspired by their piece of art.

So, without further ado, let’s get right into it!  


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1. Art

Profile Link:

Members: 20.3 million

Reddit Art is a creative hub for artists. This subreddit is for you if you want to dive into creative content. You can get a bundle of options to learn new innovative techniques from this subreddit. Not forget to mention this subreddit has over 13 million active subscribers.

Various artists share and discuss their creative projects on this platform to get the most rankings and ideas from the discussion. Now you can get the idea of how useful and inspiring this subreddit would be. 

2. Learning to Draw from the Ground Up

Profile Link:

Members: 243k

This subreddit is a gem for any amateur artist who longs to polish their skills, especially sketching. Fundamental is a full-packed sketching course with the comprehensive guideline.

Also, this course is entirely free, and you can get the full guideline for this course on You also get assignments that you can complete and share on the platform to be rated by fellow students.

3. Sketchpad

Profile link:

Members: 19.9k

You must have created some pieces of artwork and are confused to decide whether it is up to the mark or not. You need to get a thumbs up from someone to go with your artwork in this condition.

However, it’s risky to share your ideas with anyone since there could be scams, and your ideas can be stolen.

So, what can you do to avoid this risk and still get the idea of whether to continue the work or not? That’s where Sketchpad comes in. Sketchpad is a creative community on Reddit where artists share and discuss their rough artwork to get feedback and inspire others. You can leverage this platform to request feedback for your artwork.

4. ArtStore

Profile link:

Members: 100k

Have you ever heard of a virtual marketplace for art?

This is what the ArtStore subreddit is all about. This is a platform for art enthusiasts to get the most creativity in one place, i.e., illustrations, photography, drawing, UX/UI designs, and more! This subreddit has given a chance to creative designers to visit without any fee and get examples of interesting artwork.

You can share your artwork to sell, attract new clients, get feedback and ranking.

5. ArtTools

Profile link:

Members: 3.5k

Are you wondering if there’s any virtual art tool seller or reviewer in the market? Art Tools subreddit is here for you. This subreddit is an ideal platform for artists to read reviews about certain art tools like canvas, digital art pallets, and brushes. You can even sell these digital art tools on this subreddit. 

6. ArtCrit

Profile link:

Members: 59.2k

We understand how eager you are to get an honest assessment of your artwork. And this is not accurately done when you randomly ask your close ones. It would help if you had some strong guidelines and a gateway to discuss your art and creative insecurities with someone who can relate.

ArtCrit is a community subreddit for creatives like you. You can get instant feedback or on long discussions with a relatable artist to collaborate. And ArtCrit is full of those people. 

7. ArtBuddy

Profile link:

Members: 24.9k

Creating art needs consistent encouragement to feel motivated and make the best piece.

However, this sense of motivation can be lacking in the isolated artist. But don’t worry because ArtBuddy is here for you. This subreddit allows you to engage with another artist by merely posting “Buddy Wanted” on the platform. After posting this, you will need to fill up a questionnaire mentioning goals, specialty, and desired duration to share your work. 

8. ConceptArt

Profile link:

Members: 93.4k


ConceptArt is a hub to give a break to those who have the abilities and passion for creating something extraordinary for videos games, movies, and general digital art for the entertainment industry. You can polish your skills through multiple tutorials, tips, and feedback from fellow subscribers.

If you think you are better than most artists in the entertainment industry to produce better graphics and UX/UI designs, then ConceptArt is your listener. 

9. Computer Graphics

Profile link:

Members: 44.8k

This subreddit is for anyone who is a digital art enthusiast. It includes a gallery of all digital art, including 2D and 3D. You can get your daily dose of inspiration through this subreddit and the pros’ suggestions whenever you need them. 

10. ArtDocumentaries

Profile link:

Members: 8.1k

If you want to be hooked with someone passionate about art and illustrations, this ArtDocumentaries subreddit is your spot. This may sound similar to Tinder dates, but this subreddit can set you up with a more professional artist or a photographer you can explore and discuss your creative abilities. 

11. Pics

Profile link:

Members: 28.7m

You can get by the name what this subreddit is all about-yes you can share your photographic skills on this subreddit. Anyone who needs the inspiration to fuel their photography passion and motivation can land on this platform to get the best ideas and suggestions directly from professional photographers.

Or you can collaborate with fellow artists to start a campaign of your own. 

12. Photography

Profile link:

Members: 4.6m

This is another subreddit for polishing your photographic skills. On this subreddit, you can find photographers with varying levels of expertise. All are gathered as a community to listen, share, instruct and motivate fellow photographers to take the craft to another level. 



13. AskPhotography

Profile link:

Members: 317k

Every artist, especially photographers, needs validation to continue doing what they are enthusiastic about. You cannot ask people randomly to give feedback for your photography skills.

However, AskPhotography is a community to help you with that! You can discuss, share, post, and comment for others to validate their work and get the most amount of motivation. 


14. PhotoMarket

Profile link:

Members: 59.1k

Want to explore Reddit’s camera store? Let’s go!

Reddit is not just about sharing a word or getting inspiration from various professionals’ artwork. It’s more than that! Subreddit like PhotoMarket is a Bazar for exchanging, buying, selling, and sharing photography tools like hardware. It is labeled as “Reddit’s Camera because you can find the best or extinct second-hand photography tools on this platform at a bargain!

15. Photo class

Profile link:

Members: 13.9k

PhotoClass is a promoter and a foundational learning platform for anyone who wants to kickstart their career with loose pockets in the photography industry. The self-learners can come out of their cocoons to dive into the photography world through PhotoClass. This subreddit is a comprehensive guide that includes 29 tutorials and assignments to help you start with the best techniques possible. 


16. Cameras

Profile link:

Members: 110k

The Camera is a subreddit for photography tool experts who can sprinkle some of their knowledge regarding photography gear like cameras to amateurs. In this platform, you can find all the information regarding professional cameras to choose the right photography tool. The right Camera with the right lenses, kits, and accessories is key to kickstarting a professional photography career. 


17. Analog photography

Profile link:

Members: 1.7m

One more photography subreddit is at your disposal. This subreddit is a pure inspirational platform. The pros who are into analog photography can share their expertise on this platform. 


18. Darkroom

Profile link:

Members: 23.8k

The darkroom is where the pictures in the camera come to life. The Darkroom subreddit has over 4000 users who share and discuss darkroom processes on this platform. In this sense, you need a piece of knowledge regarding darkroom speculation. 


19. Lightroom

Profile link:

Members: 74.7k

With the uplifts of digital photography, adobe lightroom serves as a quick and advanced version of photo editing. Although the darkroom has its purpose, the lightroom is for those who have substantial knowledge of the creative cloud. 


20. Photo critique

Profile link:

Members: 1.4m

You can get it by the name of what this subreddit is about. Photo critique is a platform for the digital photographers’ community to share their work and get suggestions to improve each other’s work. 


21. ITookAPicture

Profile link:

Members: 3.7m

This subreddit is the most popular, with over 80k users worldwide! This platform is ideal for those who wish to get a daily dose of inspiration for photography by browsing others’ work and sharing their work to get the ranking. 


22. PostProcessing

Profile link:

Members: 152k

The real artwork begins after the photo is clicked. And this platform is all about after-effects. This subreddit is for those who long to scroll to find the best inspiration for editing their image using Adobe Illustrator or Photo Editor. PostProcessing subreddit has over 54000 users who are professional photographers. 


23. PictureChallenge

Profile link:

Members: 28.9k

PictureCalleneg subreddit allows all users to post a picture and enter the contest for winning the best Reddit picture every week. Those who look for a challenge to promote their photography skills can land on this platform to get the recognition they seek. You can showcase your skills or challenge yourself by seeing others’ work.


24. ExposurePorn

Profile link:

Members: 1.6m

This subreddit is for those who strive for long exposure in their photography. You can share your long-exposure work and get inspired by seeing your fellow-users long-exposure skills. 


25. Illustration

Profile link:

Members: 374k

Here we present the community for talented illustrators. Illustration enthusiastic who long for telling a story through their animated and aesthetic artwork can share their work and get more inspiration every day by seeing the work of professional illustrators every day.


Final Word

Designers, artists, and photographers- all these creatives need a direction or a place for validation where they can explore more opportunities and ideas to enhance their work. With that being said, the top 25 subreddits can deliver everything a creative artist of all genres needs. 

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Alina Zahid Khan

Alina Zahid Khan

Alina Zahid Khan is a storyteller, brand strategist, and growth manager at GoVisually. She loves creating value-driven content for creative professionals.
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