Top 5 Hightail Alternatives for Project Management Teams

Hightail got you drowning in files and feedback? Let’s break free with the top 5 Hightail alternatives! No more email chains, lost approvals, or sticky note chaos. Time to turn project management into a seamless success!  


Hightail vs Hightail Alternatives


Why Search for an Alternative to Hightail?

OpenText Hightail is known for its file-sharing game. It’s all about secure transfers, working together online, and managing digital assets. Sounds useful, right? But here’s the lowdown: Is it the perfect fit for everyone? Before you decide, let’s talk about why you might want to check out other options. Ready to break it down? Here you go!

  • Limited pricing

Hightail’s free plan is nice, but with a 2GB transfer limit, it might not cut it for larger teams. Explore alternatives with fair prices and good free features to keep within your budget.

  • Feature overload

Hightail’s abundance of features, a potential selling point, can backfire, causing user fatigue, underutilization, and navigation bumps making the platform less welcoming and efficient.

  • Collaboration problem

Hightail blows collaboration features, but limitations like small file sizes for free users, clunky version control, and lack of real-time editing can hinder teamwork, making alternatives like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive attractive for complex projects.

  • Lack of advanced collaboration features

Although Hightail offers basic collaboration features like commenting, version control, and access control, it may lack advanced collaboration features found in competing platforms, such as real-time editing, creating custom workflows, locking files (under version control), and managing projects in depth.

  • Complicated File Sharing Process

Users have expressed dissatisfaction with Hightail’s cloud storage and sharing feature, saying it is too complicated to use and involves too many steps. According to them, Hightail’s collaborative features could encourage more client engagement by making them visible and accessible.


Top 5 OpenText Hightail Alternatives

Had your fill of Hightail’s limits? Switch things up! Take a look at our selected top 5 project management platforms to boost teamwork and get work done better! 


1. GoVisually

GoVisually – the ultimate design companion! It’s not just about managing projects; it’s your go-to for smooth teamwork. No more messy emails and endless edits. With GoVisually, you can handle tasks, track progress, and collaborate easily—all in a super clean and simple interface. 


Strengths of GoVisually

  • Sending project collaboration invites: Utilize GoVisually to access feedback through invitation links, eliminating the need for signups. Additionally, it facilitates sending invitations via email.
  • Adding section: Organize proofs in GoVisually for efficient search and categorization under the relevant project. Add team members to private sections for project-specific privacy, while reviewers access public sections.
  • Manage multiple projects seamlessly: Use GoVisually to easily organize multiple design projects by adding new projects and creating lists within each project.
  • Organize projects & activities: Efficiently oversee project reviews, approval statuses, feedback and stakeholders under the ‘activity’ section. Stay updated on all creative asset activities, and receive notifications for mentions, changes, assigned reviews, approved reviews, revisions, and more.


Verdict: GoVisually isn’t just a project tool—it’s a creative powerhouse. Streamline your workflow, boost communication, and bid farewell to design chaos.



Talking about, it’s like a team-friendly center! This tool is all about making collaboration easy and keeping things running smoothly. With simple boards, real-time chat, and tasks that fit your routine, it’s all about keeping everyone on the same page.

Strengths of

Visual boards: Your digital task organizer. Drag-and-drop to sort out projects and tasks with different colors. These flexible platforms let you:

  • Intuitive organization: Sort tasks for teams, priorities, stages, or custom categories.
  • Progress overview: Colors and icons indicate task status, deadlines, and dependencies.
  • Collaboration boost: Drag-and-drop tasks for seamless responsibility assignment and status updates.
  • Customized views: Select templates or design boards tailored to your workflow and project requirements.


Task management: Keep it straightforward. Assign tasks, set deadlines, and track progress hassle-free. Also, it helps with:

  • Easy task assignment: Assign team tasks with a click or drag-and-drop.
  • Clear deadlines: Prioritize and set due dates using color coding and flags.
  • Effortless tracking: Monitor progress and project timelines with automatic updates and notifications.
  • Subtasks and checklists: Break down tasks into manageable pieces for step-by-step completion.


Verdict: If you need teamwork and clear talks,’s teamwork beats Hightail’s basics. It’s like comparing a pro to a newbie!


3. Asana

Asana is all about laser-focused task management, helping teams stay organized and meet deadlines efficiently. Its streamlined interface, clear project views, and powerful search functionality make staying on top of tasks an easy procedure.

Highlights of Asana

Project views: Think of it as your task organizer. Sort things by teams, priorities, and timelines for a solid overview. Moreover, you can: 

  • List view: The classic to-do list perfect for prioritizing individual tasks.
  • Board view: Visualize workflow stages and drag-and-drop tasks as they progress. 
  • Calendar view: Schedule tasks on a calendar grid for deadlines and dependencies.
  • Timeline view: Map out project milestones and visualize overall progress.


Automation: Skip the boring material. Let Asana handle repetitive tasks, so you can focus on the important work. Here’s how it can help:

  • Rules: Set automatic triggers and actions based on task changes. For example, assign a task to a teammate when it moves to a specific section.
  • Forms: Standardize data collection with custom forms, eliminating back-and-forth emails and manual data entry.
  • Portfolios: Combine and group multiple projects for a bird’s-eye view of your workload and progress.


Verdict: If you’re into getting things done, Asana’s focus on productivity and cool task features leaves Hightail’s basics behind.


4. Wrike

Wrike is built for teams on the move, adapting effortlessly to growth and complexity. Think robust user tiers, custom workflows, and powerful integrations with giants like Salesforce.


Strengths of Wrike

Scalability: Wrike’s got a feature for handling big teams and complex projects. It fits right in with flexible user plans and storage options. Wrike’s scalability handles.

  • Flexible plans: Wrike scales with your team, avoiding unnecessary costs and limitations.
  • Unlimited storage: Store all project files and assets without space concerns.
  • Advanced permissions: Ensure data security with precise access levels for team members.


Custom workflows: Your project companion, letting you set things up just the way your team likes it. Its robust workflow features let you:

  • Custom workflows: Design project stages to fit your team’s processes.
  • Automate tasks: Free your team from manual work with task automation.
  • Enhanced visibility: Track progress with tailored dashboards and reports.


Powerful integrations: Wrike plays nice with the important players. Connect it to giants like Salesforce for smooth data flow. Seamless integration with your team’s favorite tools:

  • Key integrations: Link Wrike with popular platforms like Salesforce and Google Drive.
  • Custom options: Use Wrike’s open API for tailored connections to unique tools.
  • Effortless data flow: Wrike streamlines data exchange for seamless synchronization.


Verdict: If your team’s ambition knows no bounds, Wrike scales alongside you. Its robust features and integrations leave Hightail in the dust when it comes to managing and adapting to large-scale projects.


5. Nifty

Nifty breaks down walls, bringing files, projects, and communication together in one place. It’s got a clean and user-friendly setup, collaboration tools that just work, and a boost for your team culture. It’s like Nifty makes everything easier and more connected at work.

Strengths of Nifty:

Unified workspace: Nifty puts everything you need in one place – files, tasks, and chat, all easy to find. It also provides:

  • Centralized access: Find files, tasks, and announcements in one interface, reducing app-switching.
  • Efficient collaboration: Discuss tasks directly within projects for seamless communication.
  • Improved visibility: Stay informed with project dashboards, promoting transparency.


Culture-focused: Nifty’s not just about work; it’s about team vibes. Get ready for polls, kudos, and team goals – because work should be fun too, right? Its features encourage:

  • Team bonding: Polls, kudos, and celebrations.
  • Engaging tasks: Gamify with points, badges, and leaderboards for motivation.
  • Personalized workspaces: Customize with themes and emojis for a friendly environment.


Verdict: If collaboration is your heartbeat and simplicity your mantra, Nifty brings everyone together under one roof. Hightail’s file-centric approach can’t compete with Nifty’s holistic experience that boosts both productivity and team spirit.


G2 Ratings

  • Opentext Hightail Rating: 4.2/5 
  • GoVisually Rating: 4.4/5 
  • Rating: 4.7/5 
  • Asana Rating: 4.3/5 
  • Wrike Rating: 4.2/5 
  • Nifty Rating: 4.7/5



Let’s talk about the heavy hitters in the alternatives to OpenText Hightail. We’ve checked out the top 5, each with its unique strengths. But, hold on, because when it comes to project management standouts, GoVisually takes the lead.

Sure, the others have their perks, but GoVisually is like the ace for project management teams, especially those deep into creative collaboration.

Why? Well, it’s got this super intuitive interface, features that pack a punch, and a laser focus on making communication seamless. In the ring of project management tools, GoVisually comes out on top – no doubt about it.

Feeling curious? Dive into the GoVisually experience with their free trial. Once you do, you’ll see why it’s the perfect match for your team. 

Say goodbye to project management headaches – GoVisually’s got your back!

Payal Rajpoot

Payal Rajpoot

Writer and content strategist at GoVisually
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