16 UI and UX Instagram Accounts to Follow for Inspiration


Instagram is one of the largest sources of inspiration for people from all fields. And that can’t be truer for UI and UX Instagram accounts that inspire millions every day!

So my team and I did a little digging on our favorite UI and UX Instagram accounts and here we are with the top 16! Let’s check them out together, shall we?


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1. @dailywebdesign

Talk about getting inspired from the no. 1 designing community, and we can’t leave the @dailywebdesign Instagram account behind. This IG account represents the best user interface and user experience inspirations for upcoming web designers by sharing new ideas every day with over 482k followers on Instagram.



2. Jessica Robbins as @uxmemo

Jessica Robbins is an inspiration for individuals who tend to explore for fulfilling curiosities. Jessica’s Instagram account represents her personality as she posts various colorful notes with creative captions every day. Her short writings also inspire you to turn on your creative thinking. Jessica has over 6k followers on Instagram. 



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A post shared by Jessica Robbins (@uxmemo)


3. Giga Tamarashvili as @gtamarshvili

You can get an idea of how aesthetic Giga Tamarashvili designs are by going through his Instagram account.



Giga is famous for his exquisite colorful designing palette emphasizing modern UI and UX designing tactics. This Instagram account inspires upcoming modern-day designers who would love to be adventurous with their designing skills.

4. Alex Buononato as @alexbuononato

Alex Buonoato is a Milan-based UX and UI designer with exceptional designing techniques. You can see his life by scrolling through his Instagram.



Alex is a founder of @Becreative Sofware house, responsible for offering services like developing websites, applications, blockchain, etc. In short, it is a complete creative factory, as mentioned on its account. Alex’s Instagram account is an inspiration for new startups which thrive with entrepreneurial mindset individuals. 

5. Sander Crombach as @sandercromba.ch

Are you looking for inspiration for multiple designing tactics? Sander Crombach is here for you.



The multi-talented Amsterdam-based UX and UI product designer is a remarkable example of inspiration for individuals who love to pursue more than one career in designing. Sander’s Instagram account highlights his work through technical and creative posts comprising how his mind works to create various designs. 

6. Bogomolova Anfisa as @anfisign

Bogomolova makes learning UX and UI designing more fun and straightforward than any other designer with her fun tactics.



Bogomolova’s Instagram account reflects on her cheerful personality and takes you through the journey of her contributions to designing with over 92k followers. Bogomolova is also famous for teaching UX and UI creating courses at @intoux.design with over 1k students onboard. 

7. UX/UI wireframes as @uxconsultingapp

UX and UI wireframes account is the no. 1 choice for getting inspired by UX and UI prototypes. This Instagram account is for the App web page owned by JJ Baker.



You can see the creative process of the work done by this exceptional application page through the various posts of mindmaps. Though it is not run by a single person, it is a well-known source of inspiration for UX and UI designing with over 30k followers. 

8. Lubos Volkov

The Czech Republic-based designer is well-known among all designers since he has been interviewed by Forbes and Dribble. Lubos is highly talented with over 61k followers on Instagram and is responsible for incorporating the design team by being the leader at Toptal.



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A post shared by Lubos Volkov (@lubosvolkov)

9. Raza Shah as @lexshah

Raza is also known for getting Featured in Prototypr.io and the startup, aiming to help new startups build robust and award-winning product prototypes with UX and UI design.



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A post shared by Raza Shah (@lexshah)

10. Zerotoone.de

Are you new to designing and looking for platforms to showcase your skills? Zertoone.de is just the correct account for you.



This Instagram not only inspires you but enables you to grab a chance to show off your abilities as a designer. The Instagram account is owned by Denis Hegemann. He seeks potential individuals passionate about creating various creative UX and UI designs prototypes to promote them through this Instagram account with over 101k followers. 

11. TwoHabits

This Instagram account is a platform that is an inspiration for every individual who seeks different places for top-notch designer work since the Two habits design is managed by Ilya Fedorov, who integrates and promotes exceptional designers worldwide with over 100k followers on the account.



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A post shared by TwoHabits (@twohabitsdesign)

12. Jessica Walsh

Jessica Walsh is an American designer, and an illustrator with a creative agency and a studio onboard named Sagmeister and Walsh in New York city to incorporate illustrative ideas into designs.



Jessica’s Instagram account is a source of inspiration for individuals with a creative mindset and an intention of starting a campaign of their own to generate their abilities in their chosen designing fields. 

13. Yael Levey as @iamnotmypixels

Yael is a renowned UX professional managing designs of giant platforms like Facebook. Along with his inspiring profession, Yael shares some of his cheerful methods for encouraging individuals.



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A post shared by Yael Levey (@iamnotmypixels)


However, his qualities don’t end here since Yael is a creative director at the BBC and manages his stationery store at @littlegoatsupplies

14. Cadabra Challenge

If you want to take upon a challenge to boost your motivation to become a designer, you can count on this Instagram platform.



Cadabra Challenge allows individuals to learn through their postings by setting up various challenges to complete in an hour related to designing every Wednesday and communicating directly.  The platform is a great deal for designers who are passionate about learning new things in various illustrations and interface designs.

15. UX Design Mastery

This Instagram account is a center point for getting tips and ideas about UX designs. UX design mastery is the most popular Instagram and has over 100k followers.



The platform includes works of the best designers and agencies. It aims to generate ideas for helping upcoming designers to help them grasp the opportunity to learn from the best by offering them exceptional examples through their platform. 

16. Uxpiration

Uxpiration is the best example of how you can learn through scrolling their account the skills of remarkable designers. This platform incorporates the contributions of various top designers. The impressive design gallery on IG is a source of generating new ideas for professionals and amateurs. 



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Alina Zahid Khan

Alina Zahid Khan

Alina Zahid Khan is a storyteller, brand strategist, and growth manager at GoVisually. She loves creating value-driven content for creative professionals.
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