7 creative UI designs for eCommerce websites and apps


According to a report by BigCommerce, eCommerce is growing 23% every year. With such a significant increase year after year, to ignore your business’ website or application is a foolish mistake. 

Creating an eCommerce website or app that users love and enjoy is always beneficial for your business. It represents what your brand stands for, and it is possibly the first thing any potential customer will see. 

UI designs for eCommerce websites and apps must be top-notch to leave a lasting impression on all customers. Optimizing your website design can enable you to become a memorable brand and accelerate your company’s growth. 


What is UI design for eCommerce?

User Interface (UI) is the visual element of hardware or software. It determines the experience users have when they interact with your website or application. The layout of the website or app, visual aesthetics, and the interaction design for users are all aspects that contribute to the UI design for eCommerce websites or apps. 

eCommerce is booming. The UI design for eCommerce apps and websites has become more crucial than ever for business. Your UI design should provide customers with an unparalleled shopping experience to increase your business’s sales, loyalty, and engagement.  


Benefits of creative UI designs for eCommerce 

Creating a UI design for eCommerce websites and simple applications can give customers an excellent experience shopping at your brand. It can lead to an increase in sales and revenue you create. There are multiple other benefits as well.

Let’s take a look at some of these advantages.  




1. Fast development and low maintenance 

A straightforward and responsive UI design will take less time to develop. You can create your website faster and get it working for customers. It takes less effort and time, and you can generate sales early.

Creative UI designs that are also simple are easier to maintain. You can ensure that your eCommerce website is never offline for an extended period due to maintenance, and you don’t miss out on any potential sales.  


2. Top-notch user experience 

Having a creative UI design provides your potential customers with an excellent experience. It can help get the user’s attention and make the occasion memorable. You can use various elements to make your eCommerce website or app stand out. Adding innovative aspects to your website ensures that everyone enjoys the time they spend on your website or app, and they don’t find it boring. 


3. Cost-effective  

Creating a UI design for eCommerce apps and websites that is creative and straightforward may cost you more initially. However, once the website and application are functional, they can provide you with more advantages in the long run.

The maintenance cost is also low, and you can save money on that. If the website and app are innovative and stand out from your competitors, they can generate more sales and increase your revenue.  


4. High conversion rates 

Suppose your eCommerce website or application provides the users with an exciting and enjoyable experience. In that case, they are more likely to spend time on the platform and end up making purchases from your company.

When you incorporate creative and straightforward elements in the UI designs for eCommerce platforms, you ensure that your bounce rates decrease. 


5. Improve your brand image 

There is no doubt that your website or application is one of, if not the most crucial platform for your brand. You can use elements that represent your brand the best and put your message across to your audience in a transparent manner. Having an impressive UI design for eCommerce websites and apps ensures that your audience enjoys shopping from your brand and the reputation for your company improves drastically.  


Elements for a practical UI design for eCommerce 



Simple navigation

When it comes to UI design for eCommerce, navigation is a crucial aspect. If the audience on your website or application finds it challenging to navigate through the platform and see what they are looking for, it will increase the bounce rates for your eCommerce website. It is also crucial for your website’s domain authority to keep the movement between the pages as concise as possible. 


Mobile responsive design 

People are more likely to shop online from their mobile devices today. Mobiles are more accessible and should be considered when designing your eCommerce website. Your web page must require a minimal amount of zooming in and out when using a mobile phone. If your UI design for an eCommerce website does not adjust to various sizes and screens, it will lead to you losing out on sales.  


Include call-to-action buttons 

To reach the optimal conversion rate, you must include call-to-actions in the UI design for an eCommerce website or app. These CTAs should be visible to ensure they get attention from the customers on your website or application. When the people on the platform are sure about the action they want to take, an excellent CTA should direct them towards the next step they need to take. Provide the users with a distinct button that has all the relevant descriptions. 


Provide search filters 

Including search filters in the UI for eCommerce platforms ensures that the users have an easy time searching through your website. It makes it simpler for them to find what they are looking for, and your bounce rate will also decrease. Having filters in the search bar makes your eCommerce websites and apps more user-friendly and easy to navigate through.  


7 creative UI designs for eCommerce websites and apps

1. GNO Blankets

The UI design for the eCommerce website for GNO shows us how visual consistency can make the website look aesthetically pleasing and fresh. Users are bound to have an enjoyable experience when visiting the eCommerce site, as it is lovely to look at and browse through. 


Image Credit: Tubik Studio


The company, GNO, sells weighted blankets for a peaceful night’s sleep. The website harmonizes with the concept and enables the audience to understand the message without taking away from it or overdoing it. The homepage shows you a graphic of a woman sleeping peacefully when you visit the website, setting the mood for the user experience. 

The UI design for the website follows a visual hierarchy. The balance between light and dark colors makes the page look pleasing to the eye. The fonts used on the website are readable, making the information easy to read, and the users can get all the essential information quickly.  


2. Exotic fruit app  

The UI design for eCommerce apps like this prioritizes creativity and accessibility. The use of multiple types of visuals like illustrations and photographs makes the interface look more attractive. The exotic fruits look even more delicious and pleasing when presented with rich colors. 


Image Credit: Tubik Studio


The bold and juicy colors look attractive to the users, but they also help establish a strong connection. When people look at the colors used in the interface of the application, they are bound to be reminded of the stalls of exotic fruits in the streets and feel more compelled to purchase. 

Buying the fruit is made accessible and straightforward, increasing conversions. The page shown above gives users details regarding the fruit they are looking at. You can find out all the information about the uses of the fruit, how much you want to order, the date and payment details, and finalize the purchase.  


3. Grovemade 

The use of minimalism in the UI design for the eCommerce website for Grovemade enables the users to appreciate the products without feeling overwhelmed. Using minimalism the correct way can help you make your eCommerce website stand out and create an excellent impression on the people visiting the page.  


Image Credit: Grovemade


When you visit the eCommerce website, you can immediately figure out what the company stands for and the services they provide, without the information being too in-your-face. They specialize in creating wooden objects, and the website showcases the star material brilliantly. The business itself sells hand-made accessories that are suitable for the office. 

The UI design for Grovemade is consistent with branding and personality. On every page you open, you can see the same characteristics, and it creates a constant character for their brand in your mind. The layout makes you feel like you are taking a tour of an office. The eCommerce website feels personal, as it should.  


4. Simply Chocolate 

The UI design for the eCommerce website of Simply Chocolate is exceptionally innovative. When you visit the homepage, the store is right there, and you can scroll to find the products you want. You can check out the website or scroll down to see various chocolates. The scrolling experience on Simply Chocolate is nothing short of magical. 


Image Credit: Simply Chocolate


As you scroll down, you get to see the chocolate on the page. You can unwrap the chocolate and find everything you need to know about the ingredients. The website uses the most creative elements to ensure the users have an exciting time. The parallax scrolling effect incorporated by the eCommerce website shows the components flying by you after opening the packaging.


Image Credit: Simply Chocolate


The visuals and copy for the Simply Chocolate website take creativity to the next level. The user experience for the website is enhanced, and it is nothing like any other chocolate website you can scroll through on the internet. You can see what you are getting when you are purchasing chocolates from them, and it encourages the users to make a purchase. 


Image Credit: Simply Chocolate


5. Bellroy  

The UI design for Bellroy’s eCommerce website is another example of how creative elements set your brand apart from your competition and enable you to leave a lasting impression on the users. The website itself is enjoyable to navigate, and you can find what you need through the menu and the footer. 


Image Credit: Bellroy


The UI design for Bellroy is simple for the most part, making it easy to use for everyone. There is no chance that people scrolling through the pages will get overwhelmed with extreme elements present. The font and color scheme are also pleasing to the eye, with all the essential information being readable.  

As shown in the picture above, the most exciting part of the Bellroy website is the Slim Your Wallet page. The wallet-makers from Australia use comparisons with other wallets to show you how valuable their product is. You can move the slider to decide how many cards you want to keep in the wallet and watch how much it expands compared to other products. Once you see it yourself, it is difficult not to be impressed by the product Bellroy is offering. 


6. Kylie Cosmetics 

The UI design for Kylie Cosmetics is an example of making your products the main attraction and making your website look excellent. No one is doing it like Kylie Cosmetics regarding straightforward website design. The website makes it easy for customers to see everything and choose what they want to buy.


Image Credit: Kylie Cosmetics


Although the UI design for the website is not the most aesthetically pleasing, it still gets the message of the brand across. The UI design focuses on making sales by enabling users to see all the buttons to purchase. You can scroll through all the categories and products with an easy-to-use interface. 

The website is an excellent example of running a successful eCommerce page that requires high maintenance or effort. Unlike other websites, Kylie Jenner does not need to go the extra mile to make her website shine. The marketing and aesthetics part is taken care of by her Instagram page. 


7. ASOS 

The ASOS eCommerce app is another example of how minimalism works in retail. You can scroll through the app and straightforwardly find all the products. The UI design of the application ensures that all the products are highlighted through the app’s layout. 


Image Credit: Design Rush


The UI design for the app of ASOS focuses on generating sales and conversions. You can search for anything you want to purchase. The search filters in the application enable the users to get precise results in a short time. 

The visuals used in the UI design for the ASOS app are aesthetically pleasing. These photos make it more relatable for the user and create an emotional bond. You can see real people wearing the clothes and products you are looking for. These elements help in making sales.  


Final Takeaway 

The world has advanced, and people prefer shopping online compared to going to stores. UI design for eCommerce websites and apps has become more crucial than ever. You need to have a brilliant website that can represent what your brand stands for and showcase your products and services, making them the star of the show. 

Setting up an eCommerce website can be made easy with the help of GoVisually. You can use the online review and approval software to get feedback on your design and content and make edits in real-time. All eCommerce stores and enterprises can significantly use GoVisually to improve their review and approval process.

And remember, you must incorporate creative yet straightforward design elements in the UI design for eCommerce apps and websites to ensure the users have a memorable experience navigating through the platform.

Alina Zahid Khan

Alina Zahid Khan

Alina Zahid Khan is a storyteller, brand strategist, and growth manager at GoVisually. She loves creating value-driven content for creative professionals.
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