6 Video Marketing Campaigns Your Marketing Team Can Learn From


The importance of video marketing campaigns has jumped from 78% in 2015 to 92% in 2020. This ratio is going to grow even more in the upcoming years.

There is nothing indigestible about this fact – we all are well aware of the status quo and how it has diverted us towards our screens more than we were even in the digital revolution history.

With this advancement, video marketing has become a more impactful medium. That’s because it’s more accessible, creative, and feels like a real-time conversation. The chances of you directly influencing your target audience increases manifolds as well. Most people use social media or watch television for entertainment, and anything which demands much of their energy has a predominantly lower risk of catching and then maintaining their attention.


Why Is Video Marketing Important?

Still, if you’re wondering why video marketing is important for your business, let’s get to it.

The importance of video marketing is also increasing as people lean more towards video content than text. However, it does not decrease the text’s impact, but the video has added a lot more mass appeal.

While Video Marketing Campaigns have become more enjoyable for consumers, their ever-increasing demand has made it difficult for companies to stand out and leave their necessary impact on their audience. However, there is still no shortage of creativity, which still stands above all.

So to inspire you for your next launch, here are a few video marketing campaigns your marketing team can learn from. We’ve analyzed and rounded up some of the most influential marketing videos from the past few years. So get ready for some power-packed insights.


6 Amazing Video Marketing Campaigns

There can be multiple ways to design your ad, but the predominant approach has an emotional appeal. That’s because it’s one of the most powerful emotion that connects with most audience types.

The following are shortlisted best campaigns, and we would be analyzing their style, message, what made them unique, and what your marketing team can learn from them to boost your business.


1. World’s Toughest Job | American Greetings and Card Store


The video starts with a man interviewing several candidates through online video conferencing for “Director of Operations.” He starts to explain the roles and responsibilities. 24 hours availability with no leave, break, or time to sleep or eat and rest. Candidates’ reactions get mixed, and while many call it inhumane, insane, and crazy, one even claims it to be illegal.

Adding fuel to the fire, they were asked to do this for free. With the rise of their complaints, they were informed that the job is legal as millions of people are currently doing it.

At their inquiry, he discloses; Moms, Mothers do the job every day. The change in their behavior is quite remarkable. It directly hits their emotions, and they realized the gravity of their mother’s responsibilities. How much she does daily and that too, without any instant reward.

The video ends with candidates sending lovely short messages to their mothers and thanking the same man they had been getting angry at earlier for making them understand this.

This ad was released on Mother’s day by American Greetings and Cardstore. At the end, when this whole revelation truly touches viewers, they are told – “This Mother’s Day, you might want to send her a card.”


What Can You Learn From This?

There are millions of ads created on Mother’s day globally. But all of them are quite traditional and common, focusing on just one or two factors of the mother’s responsibilities. While often choose to show their caring nature, some prefer to portray their sacrifices. But this Video Campaign is mainly focused on highlighting its strength, resistance, versatility, and efforts.

Even though this is quite an old ad, but still very relatable.

What your Marketing Team can learn from this ad is that for making an impactful campaign, you don’t need to have a massive budget or a team consisting of thousands of people. All you need is quite a creative approach that can move your target audience and psychologically convince them to buy your product or why your services are important.

One important factor to keep in mind is the perseverance of ‘natural responses.’ It keeps viewers engaged the entire time, with humor, tenderness, and even some tears at the end. Aside from a small pitch at the very end, you don’t even notice the sales tactic throughout. Quite impressive.


2. Kristina’s Success Story | Applied Fitness Solution

This is Kristina’s Success Story, narrated by herself and her trainer at Applied Fitness Solution, representing all the hardships and struggles she had to face when joining the gym.

From overcoming the laziness, procrastination, strength building to weight loss. In a digital world where customers need to connect deeply with your brand, Applied Fitness Solutions’ video marketing campaign is the best example.

Every aspect of this video feels and sounds authentic. Not only is Kristina informative, but she also delivers the message in a genuine, personable way that makes her testimonial incredibly trustworthy.


What Can You Learn From This?

Customers need stories!

Instead of going with your products’ scripts, share your brand’s importance from the customers’ perspective. This would help them connect with your brand while also allowing you to promote yourself informally.


3. Team Chat & Channels | Slack


Slack is an online networking site for professional purposes. Slack’s video marketing campaign is simply the true representation of their abilities and the nature of their services.

The ad is instructional in nature with bright colors and a good script. Instead of seeming overly generalized, Slack addresses the viewer and their needs directly.


What Can You Learn From This?

You might already have heard that modern problems require modern solutions. Though it’s more commonly used as a meme, I think that Slack has done just that with this video campaign. It has a contemporary appeal that is perfect for the digital world. More importantly, they’ve successfully proven that often short and crisp ideas are best to launch and market your product.


4. Donate your Words | Cadbury x Age UK


Cadbury collaborated with Age UK to address the issue of loneliness in later life. The campaign was designed in response to Age UK disturbing statistics, which found that 1.4 million older people say they struggle with loneliness, and 225,000 often go a whole week without speaking to anyone.

The video features aged women and men who live alone after their significant others’ deaths. The lady shares how she goes without speaking any word to anyone, how her neighbors don’t acknowledge her presence, or that she is alive.

The campaign is powerful, giving us an insight into their feelings, that despite all the sound of a clock ticking and magnified outside noises, they feel empty.  Without any music, advanced technology, and colors, they highlighted the importance of human interaction and life’s purpose.

The video concludes with facts about how millions of people live the same way every day. Cadbury then turns the packaging of its Dairy Milk bar blank and donates 30p from every pack sold to Age UK.

The whole campaign can be said to be an amalgamation of social services and business, or we should say the best use of social service to generate business.


What Can You Learn From This?

Well, it is quite obvious. They collaborated with their unusual audience- aged people, who are normally not considered target audiences for such products; the age bracket is commonly kids to middle age. But this campaign helped them turn their unresponsive audience to the most potential customers; as their adverts increased by 11% among over-65s, nationally, the brand’s attention scores rose by 3.7 points to 20.4 words of mouth exposure was up two points to 17.8.

It teaches us that with creativity and a slightly different approach, one can target anyone. All you need is just the right spot!


5. Gillette – The Best Men Can Be


Gillette has been in the market and ruling for ages, but it has never faced this much criticism and love as it received at this campaign. It features some new creative clips and a few from its own old ads while calling on men to stop objectifying women and bullying people across different age groups. Saying that the men can do better and how it needs to change. An effort to break social stigmas and gender stereotypes which justifies men’s oppressive behaviors as their nature.

The US campaign, devised by Grey New York, went viral, causing the brand to be bombarded by reactions. While the company was afraid and almost took it down, it became a global sensation. Within a week, the ad had 110 million views and 18 billion media impressions.

The overall interest was so high that Gillette canceled all of its planned media investment, with a total media bill of $104 for this global campaign. They observed a 65% increase in their sales, and the millennials were even more comfortable buying it; 84% of women and 76% of men aged under 35 said they would be more likely to purchase from the brand.


What Can You Learn From This?

Yes, brands need to understand their customers’ concerns. However, sometimes the most unrelated concerns can have a long term positive impact on your company. As brands have reached a massive audience, this also imposes responsibility for addressing what needs attention. With this campaign, Gillette proved to their customers that they realize the exigency for this change.


6. DocMorris – Christmas Ad


Christmas is the season of joy, love, warmth, and everything nice in the world. For many, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year. More importantly, Christmas is all about keeping the spirit of love alive. And that is exactly what this beautiful Ad has done.

This brilliantly crafted Ad follows an older man trying to regain his strength with the Christmas season dawning upon him. We see him placing a frame in front of him as he struggles to lift the weight every day until he can do it effortlessly.

At one point, his neighbors, even his daughter’s concern for him, but he persists. And we know that there’s some deeper meaning to this, until the end, where the story unravels. The old man was practicing to lift his granddaughter and place the star at the top of the Christmas tree! So many feels, right?

The Ad is by DocMorris with the underlying principle that we should all focus on our health and fitness to be there for the people we love.


What Can You Learn From This?

Emotional appeal with the right message can take your marketing campaign a long way. You need to find out a way to articulate your service or product in a way that shows concern and care towards your target audience. It shows them that your product or service can help them in everyday life, or at least in a crucial aspect of their life.

The best part? No one says a word throughout the video, and yet we understand everything. It shows you how you probably don’t need long scripts at times – just the right message.


Final Word

With so many online platforms, opportunities have increased, but it has also become challenging to maintain your position. So to stand out and ensure success, it is wise for you to keep improving strategies. And as it happens, leveraging video marketing campaigns can be a useful way of promoting your brand.

Alina Zahid Khan

Alina Zahid Khan

Alina Zahid Khan is a storyteller, brand strategist, and growth manager at GoVisually. She loves creating value-driven content for creative professionals.Want to write for us? Email us content@govisually.com and see our writing guidelines
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