Top 6 Creative Brief Software for Label & Artwork Industry

Creative Brief Software for Label & Artwork Industry

When we get a project, the first thing we do is write a brief of what’s needed out of it. This often looks simple, but when we sit with it, it turns out to be lucrative. In a recent study, we saw that 83% of marketing agencies find creating an effective brief difficult, regardless of their years of […]

Complete Guide to Creating Creative Brief for Label Artwork

Complete Guide to Creating Creative Brief for Label Artwork

Heard of creative brief success stories and now you want to try it for your brand too? You have reached the right place! This guide will exactly answer all your questions related to creative brief and help you understand how it can transform your artwork approach. Here’s an example to start with. In 1988 Nike […]

How to Write a Packaging Design Brief?

Do you experience endless challenges and bottlenecks in reviewing and approving your packaging briefs and label artwork? Feeling hopeless? Worry no more because you have the ideal tool to transform your work and improve collaboration like never before. Meet the packaging briefs for label artwork, your dependable choice to help you manage all your creative […]

What is a Creative Brief in the Graphic Design World?

What is a creative brief in the world of graphic designer?

It can be tough to effectively communicate thoughts and produce visions to life without a complete understanding of the project requirements. This often ends up in wasted time, miscommunications, and unsatisfactory results. Hence, a clear creative brief is of the utmost importance in achieving the desired outcomes. Thus, with this crucial document, tasks can quickly […]

Top 5 Sustainable Packaging Trends to Watch Out in 2024

Did you know? The Buying Green Report 2023 shows that 59% of consumers prioritize recyclability and sustainability when buying products. In fact, as per a study by IBM, more than 50% of consumers are willing to pay extra for sustainable goods. These stats aren’t just numbers but proof that mere feel-good greenwashing won’t work anymore. […]

Latest FDA Food Guidelines Updates & News 2024

Heading into 2024, the U.S. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) remains vigilant in ensuring the safety and quality of our food supplies. This year, the company introduced important updates and guidance on emerging products, new technologies, and changing customer needs. From updated labeling requirements to streamlined approval processes, this latest FDA food guidance aims […]

Top 13 Features to Get Creative Approval Fast for Consumer Products

Endless debates. Countless revisions. Struggling to get buy-in has delayed product launches for months. By then, you’re praying to beat competitors. The costs? Missed sales, wasted marketing spend. This struggle is all too real as brands fight inefficient creative approval processes. But optimize presentations and artifacts for 7 key factors upfront, and you’ll streamline stakeholder […]

Artwork Approval Management Checklist for the CPG Industry

Any CPG product can face a massive backlash if it misses even one small detail in its design.  Like, Lidl faced in August 2023 when it had to recall its Paw Patrol kid’s snacks.  It came to this because Lidl did not review the contents of its packaging correctly. According to Lidl’s public statement, the […]

Emails Are Painful. Explore How Artwork Approval Software Can Transform Your Packaging Approval Process.

Amidst the challenges of email-based approval processes, the transformative power of artwork approval software emerges as a game-changer for agencies and businesses seeking to revolutionize their packaging approval workflows. As the name suggests, this blog is about ditching the cumbersome process of approving artwork and packaging files over endless email threads. We’ve all been there—countless […]

Top 3 Best CPG Marketing Campaign Examples To Learn From

In the realm of consumer goods, packaging design is a make-it-or-break-it deal. Ever wondered why some products fly off the shelves while others gather dust? It’s all about the packaging. Think about it: when was the last time you picked up a product just because the packaging caught your eye? Well, that’s the magic of […]