Artwork Approval Management Checklist for the CPG Industry

Any CPG product can face a massive backlash if it misses even one small detail in its design.  Like, Lidl faced in August 2023 when it had to recall its Paw Patrol kid’s snacks.  It came to this because Lidl did not review the contents of its packaging correctly. According to Lidl’s public statement, the […]

Emails Are Painful. Explore How Artwork Approval Software Can Transform Your Packaging Approval Process.

Amidst the challenges of email-based approval processes, the transformative power of artwork approval software emerges as a game-changer for agencies and businesses seeking to revolutionize their packaging approval workflows. As the name suggests, this blog is about ditching the cumbersome process of approving artwork and packaging files over endless email threads. We’ve all been there—countless […]

Top 3 Best CPG Marketing Campaign Examples To Learn From

In the realm of consumer goods, packaging design is a make-it-or-break-it deal. Ever wondered why some products fly off the shelves while others gather dust? It’s all about the packaging. Think about it: when was the last time you picked up a product just because the packaging caught your eye? Well, that’s the magic of […]

Top  5  CPG Packaging Trends to Watch Out in 2024 (With Examples)

In today’s highly competitive CPG market, having shaddy packaging is a risk you can’t afford to take. Your packaging makes a first impression on customers. Also, it acts as a factor to understand how policy can decide their purchase or violate it. As a result, you need to keep up with the latest packaging design […]

8 Packaging Design Mistakes to Avoid

In 2009, Tropicana tried its way into rebranding its design to a more minimal design. The new packaging featured a minimalist design with a plain white background, a simple logo, and a small image of an orange.  Source Despite a good intention to revitalize the brand, it did not work out well for them.  Consumers […]

A Complete CPG Market Research Guide

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Imagine this: You are building a CPG brand in this highly competitive market, and now you want to launch your brand in the optimum way.  The challenges you are facing are: You lack consumer insights for your product. You have built a product, but you’re not sure if it resonates with your audience’s needs and […]

Top 9 Packaging Design Review Software for CPG Brands

Are you struggling to maintain brand consistency across different types of packaging? Changes in SKU specifications and local requirements often cause this challenge. Have business challenges hindered your productivity? Do manual review errors make it difficult to meet tight deadlines? Worried about compliance and meeting industry standards for your CPG brand? Fortunately, software packaging solutions […]

Top 10 Expert Tips to Create Effective CPG Packaging Design

If you’re here, you might already know the importance of the right packaging in selling your product.  But here’s what you don’t know.  When you rightly and most importantly, transparently package your product, your sales skyrocket.  Wondering how? According to JohnsBryne’s reports, 63% consumers re-purchase a product because they liked the aesthetic and appeal of […]

The Complete Guide to CPG Packaging Design Process

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‘How do we make sure our products stand out on store shelves?’ Every Brand Manager has asked this question at some point. The answer is simple: design a packaging that speaks for itself. Hundreds of CPG experts have conducted multiple research and confirmed that strategically designed packaging can build a strong shelf presence and skyrocket […]

Top CPG Industry Emerging Trends 2024 (Infographics)

The consumer packaged goods industry has seen a major shift in the last 2 years. With the ever-changing shopper preferences, a new CPG competitor is rising everyday in the market. And on top of that, technologies like Generative AI, are all set to turn the CPG industry on its head.  We are not just talking […]