Instagram Apps For Creative Teams


If you use Instagram, you’d know by far that Instagram is all about visuals and maintaining an aesthetic feed. Without that, you’re very less likely to gain visibility and engagement. That is why several users ensure that their helpful content also looks aesthetically pleasing. And that is why putting up simple photos or videos isn’t […]

Tools for Creatives to Make an Online Video Portfolio

video portfolio

Creativity is the champion of all content nowadays. And it’s because no one can take away from the creative value you add to your work. That is why today’s digital world is transitioning toward creative solutions. This applies to portfolio creation too. It doesn’t matter if you are an advertising company, a photography venture, or […]

Good Tips A Graphic Design Novice Should Know<h3>The Non-Technical Stuff</h3>

Tips A Graphic Design Novice Should Know

What are some excellent tips a graphic design novice should know? We recently came across a beautiful answer to this question by branding expert Sahil Dev on Quora. A quick search on Google would give hundreds of articles on this topic. You can find articles on what tools to use, design terminology, latest design trends, […]

Best Online To-Do List Apps for Creative Teams


Do you remember the countless times your meeting rooms were painted with sticky notes? We’re talking about those inevitable project management meetings where everything would go haywire because there was always so much to do. And now that we’ve moved towards using to-do list apps, somehow the problem remains. Most creative teams still find themselves […]

Color Theory and Color Palettes: Everything You Should Know


Close your eyes and think of the color blue. Does it bring the image of a happy sky in your mind? What about green? Does it make you feel the warmth and the brush of soft and freshly cut grass? Now open your eyes and think about it – why did you feel what you […]

Graphic File Formats – Where, When and How To Use Them


If you’re a designer, you’d probably know everything about the graphic file formats and use them properly. But even if you’re not a designer, you should still have this information so you can streamline your work process better. Think about it – how many times have you had your designer looking for that one file while […]

Top 6 Website Proofing Tools To Make Your Life Easier


Working on website designs can be a daunting task for any web designer despite your years of experience in the field. It requires keeping track of a lot of information in emails and messages. And of course, the never-ending critiques that require a thorough follow-up with approval processes. So, if you’re a designer looking for […]

Instagram Accounts Every Creative Must Follow for Jaw-Dropping Inspiration


As a creative designer, you’re very likely to run out on creativity. Its because you have to come up with as many designs as one can think of to impress several people in a day. But such strenuous times and strict deadlines can be enemies to your creative abilities. So how can you overcome this? […]

Top 8 Podcasts Every Graphics Designer Must Listen To


As a designer, you need to develop new, creative ideas for every project you work on. And while this is fun, it can also mean running into a few bumps in the road. But with the right kind of content and podcasts to inspire you, you can make sure you keep that creative workflow going. […]

11 Chrome Extensions To Skyrocket Your Design Career


If you’re a graphic designer, you’d already know the struggle of creating the best designs for your clients. But considering that there’s a ton of competition and multiple resources that people use to better their work, delivering your best isn’t always easy. But what if there was a way to streamline your process and kick […]