Executive Spotlight: An Interview with Sakura Rimal, Co-Founder of Little&Big

Unpacking GoVisually’s Visual Identity

Recently we shared the story about GoVisually’s journey of creating a new visual identity. We had a tons of inquires regarding the creative team behind this new branding. So, we sat down with Sakura and Allan from Little&Big, the creative brains behind our rebranding and our proud new visual identity, to get to know them […]

How We Rebranded GoVisually in just 2 Months With A Fully Remote Team

How We Rebranded GoVisually in just 2 Months

Step 1: Starting with the WHY? Back in 2012, when collaboration over email was the typical method for design review and approval, we realized that this process was highly ineffective and a significant bottleneck for the entire design process. Things got lost in the communication process, and it was wasting time on both ends. So, […]

Free Halloween Graphics, Puns, and Other Fun Stuff For Your Social Media Posts

Free Halloween graphics, you say? Yep, you heard that right! Marketers, managers, and business people, get ready to add some creepy fun to your social media posts and newsletters, because we’re sharing ideas and free graphics you can use this Halloween! Now, while people are busy sharing their latest trick or treat costumes, why not […]

These BEAUTIFUL Portfolios of Dribbble Designers Will Blow You Away

Dribbble designers are the BOMB. How so? Let’s face it. There are lots of stuff online. And they’re all starting to look the same. It’s like all of these businesses use the same resources for their graphics! Honestly, it gets to a point where it’s just visually exhausting. To stand out, you need to build […]

How to switch to a new proofing tool

You are here because you’ve realized that your old proofing software is not giving you the kind of support you are looking for. You’ve also most likely gone through all possible alternatives and have decided it’s time to switch to a new proofing tool. The biggest next step for you is to on-board your team […]