15 Dribble Accounts to Put a Smile on Your Face


The key to good designing is finding the right inspiration. After all, what better source of inspiration than another artist? And in this case, looking at Dribble accounts can really help you up your game.

It’s true – sometimes, all you need to believe in your capability is a reminder that art exists and is waiting for you.

Today, we’ll look at 15 Dribbble accounts that will not only get the wheels in your head rolling but will also put a smile on your face!


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What is Dribbble?

But before diving into it, let’s talk a little about Dribbble. In comparison to other “social artistry” platforms such as Pinterest and Behance, Dribbble is not as renowned. This is because, unlike the other two, Dribbble is specifically for designers only – where Pinterest and Behance can be used to showcase any creative work, Dribble is more aimed towards designers!

It is a place for individuals in the design field to find other designers, get feedback on their portfolios, and find inspiration for future projects! All in all, Dribbble is one of a kind, creative community that can help foster your creative growth. 


Dribbble Accounts – Who to Follow?

Although I suggest that you should browse the platform yourself to find art, artists, and Dribbble accounts that resonate with you, here are a few that put a smile on our faces with the work they are putting out:


1. Cosmin Capitanu

Cosmin Capitanu is an architect and a freelance designer. His work has a very futuristic vibe to it – if you are a fan of crisp and clean designs that reflect a hint of urbanism, then this is your guy! The common theme for all his works is an elegant, minimal foundation that is bound to put you in a mood to create art on your own. 




2. Ionut Zamfir

Ionut Zamfir is also a freelance designer. One look at his page on Dribble will show you that this guy loves experimenting with different mediums, colors, and techniques. If you consider exploration and experiments to be an integral part of your design journey, then make sure you drop by this Dribbble account to get your art going!




3. Ben Cline

A clean, compelling, and aesthetically interface might not be easy, but Ben Cline and his work on Dribbble surely make it look like it is! Not only does he use extremely sophisticated design techniques, but he is also great at picking the right colors to make his work even more striking.




4. InVision

InVision, as the name suggests, is about all things vision!




Whether it is prototyping, collaboration, or workflow designs: InVision seems to have a grasp on almost everything. And their designs are pretty cool too.Their work seems to be focused on modernity, and this is reflected both in the design as a whole and the minor elements like the colors and the fonts that they pick out.


5. Fantasy

Fantasy is a design agency hailing right from the heart of Silicon Valley. But that isn’t the most incredible part: the coolest part is that they claim to make “human-centered” UI and UX. Their designs are focused on being compelling for people like you and me, and it’s refreshing to see something like it!




Overall, their designs are pretty cool-toned, soft, and easy on the eyes. A personal favorite for me is the color palettes they use. I mean, who can say no to a soft blue or green? No one!


6. T U B I K 

T U B I K is perhaps one of the most diverse Dribbble portfolios we mention on this list.




They have a little bit of everything to offer: from interface design to motion design to graphic design! As if that weren’t enough, these guys also create awe-worthy logos, have the branding department sorted out, and can even make magic out of mobile development.


7. Anton Achiechanka

Anton Aheichanka is yet another designer whose work is focused on creating minimal yet aesthetically pleasing designs.




His work stands out as being bold and fierce, yet not overly loud. If that sounds like something that might be up your alley, you must visit this Dribbble account.


8. Alexander Zaytsev

Through his Dribbble account, this designer from Russia showcases stunning, compelling, and unique designs. He uses an exciting color scheme – his work stands out and is something different from the other designs you will find on Dribbble.





PLATFORM is aimed towards creating designs for new businesses. As such, their designs are all about attracting customers and clients, generating and retaining engagement, and being simple to use. If you are looking to reconcile your designs with the business side, PLATFORM is something you can (and should) focus on.




10. Ueno

Ueno is a design agency that is based in San Francisco, New York, and Iceland. If you go through their work, you will see that this geographical diversity is also reflected in their designs.




Mostly, however, they are focused on creating actionable designs that are clean yet progressive! Some of their noteworthy clients include Google, Reuters, Uber, Medium, and Airbnb. 


11. Gal Shir

Gal Shir is an art director and a product designer. His work features stellar illustrations, unique concepts, and some pretty cool color schemes. Everything from cute snowmen to Baby Yoda wrapped up in a Christmas outfit can be found in the form of a cute illustration on this page. Have a look yourself!




12. Tony Babel

Tony Babel is another graphic designer whose expertise lies in animation and illustration. His illustrations are beautiful, colorful, and well-made! Seriously, watching his illustrations feels like being five again, sitting in front of the TV< watching your favorite cartoon series. 




13. James Curran

Animation paired with GIFs seems like a dream combo, which James Curran is good at. His work has a very comic feel, and one can’t help but grow fond of the little characters he makes! James is your man if you are a fan of unique designs and illustrations that feature comic characters.




14. Jona Dinges

Jona is a UI/UX designer – however, his portfolio is pretty diverse. The best thing about his account is that all his designs will remind you of a little painting! The number of details that go into each of his projects is genuinely astounding.




15. Markus Magnusson

He is another designer whose work is cute and comic yet actionable and clean. Again, if you want inspiration with some illustrations, then Markus Magnusson and his work can be a great source, so make sure you check this account out. 




Summing Up

Although true inspiration comes from within, you can always draw it from external sources as well. In this regard, there is nothing better an another artist’s work. Thanks to these Dribbble accounts, it is not hard!

So that’s it, guys – we hope these accounts put a smile on your face and get your creativity flowing. To discover more communities and creative platforms, visit the GoVisually blog here. Remember: no matter what your creative journey is, GoVisually can help you!

Alina Zahid Khan

Alina Zahid Khan

Alina Zahid Khan is a storyteller, brand strategist, and growth manager at GoVisually. She loves creating value-driven content for creative professionals.
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