20+ Frame.io Alternatives to Optimize Video Review Process


Looking for frame.io alternatives? We’ve got the best 20+ software and tools for you!

But before we dive into those, let’s do a quick rewind of why video content is becoming increasingly powerful. More importantly, why its the right time for your business to start creating video content (if you haven’t already!)

A video is a powerful tool for elevating the marketing strategy of any brand. 87% of marketing departments in the corporate world utilize video to produce creative and effective campaigns. 

However, handling video content and making something good out of it is not a piece of cake. It requires money, time, and effort in overwhelming amounts – unless you get software that can help you simplify and streamline the process. 

Many teams rely on Frame.io to optimize their video review process, but it’s always good to have a few alternatives in mind. 


The Best Frame.io Alternatives to Optimize Video Review Process

Without any further ado, let’s look at what other software you can use to create the perfect video campaign.


1. GoVisually

With GoVisually, you can easily collaborate with your team members and come together to create video content that is actually captivating and compelling enough to resonate with your audience. By using GoVisually, marketing teams can easily review their videos and get them approved. 




  • Ability to upload video, PDF, and image files. 
  • Efficiently publish videos, images, and PDFs. 
  • Collaboratively published work or designs and reviewed them. 
  • Annotate videos for a better review.
  • You can leave comments on specific time stamps. 
  • Review and proof files without any registration. 
  • You can integrate GoVisually with other good Asana. 



  • $20 billed annually for a solo plan. 
  • $50 billed annually for a team of 5 users (an extra $10 for additional members). 


2. Filestage

Filestage is also software that can help you with video review and approval. You can start using it without signing up or any other sort of registration. Not only that, but you can also involve other team members in your journey and get everybody’s feedback without any hassle involved. 





  • Invite an unlimited number of reviewers to review files. 
  • Get one-click, documented approvals from stakeholders.
  • Add annotations to any comment with markup tools.
  • Manage, review, and track all file versions till you get the final content approved.
  • Upload as many files of the project you want. 
  • Drag and drop things throughout your project.
  • You can create custom projects for each review process. 



  • Essential (€ 9/ member)
  • Advanced (€ 19/ member)
  • Professional (€39/ member)
  • Enterprise (Pricing depends on the size of your company)


3. Widen Collective

Widen Collective is yet another video optimization tool that allows your marketing team to review and proof videos online easily.

However, the one thing about Widen Collective that sets it apart from most of the other options on this list is that it allows you to publish your content on its own platform. That’s right. You can post your video for the rest of the Widen Collective community.





  • Streamline all aspects of your workflow – not just video content. 
  • Archive as many files as you want. 
  • Leave feedback in real-time and approve files. 
  • Share assets with other team members with an asset. 
  • Manage team calendars. 



Depends on the needs of your company. 


4. Vimeo

For a long time, Vimeo was primarily a video publishing platform – very similar to Youtube!

However, it has recently gone through major revamping and is now a place where different video creators can get together and work on projects together. So, not only can you stream videos on Vimeo, but you can also use it as video optimization software.





  • Store and manage video content. 
  • You can streamline all aspects of post-production. 
  • Collaborate with your team members and anyone else who can work with you on the project. 
  • You can use it to align your goals with marketing and monetization.
  • Automatically save and seamlessly compare versions of your videos.



  • Plus: $7/monthly
  • Pro: $20/monthly
  • Business: $50/monthly
  • Premium: $75/monthly


5. QuickReviewer

You can use QuickReviewer to review your video content. Not only that, but it also helps you organize the different feedback you get on your files. It has a similar pricing structure to Frame.io, so it can work out to be a great option.





  • Upload all sorts of content: PDFs, pictures, videos, share live websites, audio files can all be made a part of your project.
  • Share your files for review and proofing among your team members.
  • Collaborate with feedback on designs and documents in real-time. 



Essential Plan: $8/month

Pro Plan: $20/month

Pro+ Plan: $35/ month

Premium Plan: $50/month 


6. Shotgrid

Shotgrid is another video optimizing platform that can be used by both your creative and marketing teams to get together in terms of feedback. Not only that, but it offers a clean UX that all users can benefit from mutually. 





  • Drag and drop image and movie files right into RV.
  • Choose playback mixed resolutions, formats, and framerates.
  • You can compare shots with tiled contact sheets, A/B wipes, and custom layouts.
  • Annotate directly on frames and submit them to ShotGrid.


  • $40/month
  • $330/year
  • $890 for three years


7. LookAt

LookAt is another video optimization software that can help you with online proofing and other aspects of post-production, such as review and approval. It offers an efficient process and can allow your team to collaborate easily (even remotely!)





  • You can upload and share videos
  • Review and leave feedback on videos
  • You can upload all the video files you want in bulk.
  • Add an overlay to your brand of choice.
  • Stream videos.


  • 250/month


8. Jumpshare

Jumpshare is yet another amazing software that allows you to optimize your videos like never before. It can be a great alternative to Frame.io because it has similar features but is even better in some regards.





  • You can upload and share videos and files.
  • Track the views and edits on your files.
  • Access to savvy integrations with other workflow management tools.
  • You can comment and view comments on videos and other files which means easier collaboration. 


  • Plus Plan: $8.25/monthly
  • Business Plan: $12.50/monthly


9. Cage

This one is amazing if you want to collaborate and manage your video project. Using Cage, you can easily organize and stay on track with each detail of your video content. You can use it to share feedback and annotate videos as well.





  • You can optimize your overall task management.
  • Streamline workflow with a user-friendly interface.
  • Easily upload and share files and videos.
  • You can leave and receive feedback in real-time.


  • Standard: $8/monthly
  • Professional: $14/monthly


10. Screenlight

Screenlight is another awe-worthy alternative to Frame.io. It will allow you to proof your videos online. It will also allow you o upload your work, share it, channel your creativity accordingly. 





  • Quickly upload and share videos
  • You can bulk upload videos.
  • Leave feedback and comments where necessary.
  • Access to mobile screen support.
  • You get to add your brand overlay.
  • Stream videos.


  • Professional Plan: $9/monthly
  • Enterprise Plan: $500/monthly 


11. InMotionNow

InMotionNow is the creation management software that can help you leverage your creativity and take your video management to the next level. You can easily keep track of your video content through this app, and hence it is a good alternative for people looking for apps similar to Frame.io. 





  • Get access to some of the best collaboration tools
  • You can proof and review your videos and other files easily. 
  • Create and use templates.
  • Get a personalized dashboard for your video content. 
  • Track due dates.
  • You get to access the due date on the calendar.
  • Use the audit trail.


Depends on the needs of your brand.


12. Aproove

Aproove is another video optimization software that can help you bring your video ideas to life. It gives you access to online proofing tactics that just make the whole process better. Some of its features are even better than Frame.io, so it truly is one tool you must turn your attention towards today. 





  • You can easily upload and share files. 
  • Review and leave feedback. 
  • Manage your digital asses.
  • Get access to your personal dashboard. 
  • You can manage your due dates and stay on track with them. 


Subscription starts from $750/monthly. 


13. Notism

Notism is another app that will allow you to optimize your videos. In fact, it will allow you to improve a lot of the aspects of your workflow in general. You can get the feedback you need in real-time. 





  • Video collaboration
  • Workflow management
  • A handy mobile app
  • Leave feedback
  • View feedback on videos


  • Team Plan: $20.40/monthly
  • Agency Plan: $41.65/monthly
  • Enterprise Plan: $85.15/monthly


14. GoProof

GoProof is yet another efficient Frame.io alternative that will let you improve your video management operations. It really is a good option for marketing teams to invest in, considering that it has savvy integrations with apps like Adobe Creative Cloud. 





  • View designs and leaves feedback.
  • Edit and approve work.
  • Upload and share videos, PDFs, and images.


Depends on the needs of your brand. 


15. Ziflow

Want to take your video management to the next level but also equip it with the right online proofing features?

Then Ziflow is your friend!

It is one of the better alternatives to Frame.io, given the extensive list of features, it provides as well as the customer service you get. 





  • Upload and share documents, pictures, and videos. 
  • Task tracking
  • Version tracking and control
  • Edit and give feedback
  • Due dates


  • Basic Plan: $9/monthly
  • Starter Plan: $18/month
  • Business Plan: $45/monthly
  • Enterprise: Depends on the needs of your brand. 


16. Hightail

Hightail will allow you and your team to collaborate on your creative project. You can easily preview your content and get feedback on specific parts of the video. In short, it is a great place for you and your team to get together and create something that leverages all your creativity and competence in one place. 





  • You can share as many files as you want. 
  • Collaborate creatively with all your team members. 
  • Manage your project. 
  • You can make use of all the other wonderful apps and integrations it offers.


  • Lite: Free
  • Pro: $12/month
  • Teams: $24/user/month
  • Business: $36/user/month


17. Workfront

You can take control of your projects by using Workfront and easily manage not only your video but other types of content that you have as well. You can easily make use of the features it provides and put them towards evolving your video content.





  • The whole team at your workplace can collaborate on projects. 
  • You can easily manage your workflow. 
  • It centralizes all your files. 
  • It is easy to use.
  • You get access to the kind of security that is good for enterprise-based activity.


Depends on the needs of your brand.


18. ReviewStudio

ReviewStudio allows you to collaborate and proof your videos online with no hassle involved. It also allows you to bring the whole marketing team together to create something that resonates with everyone on the project. 





  • Easily mark up and comment on imagery, video, web content, and PDFs.
  • Track revisions with integrated task management.
  • Centralized feedback and approvals keep everyone aligned.
  • The platform supports independent and lives review sessions.


  • Individuals: $15/monthly
  • Single teams: $56/monthly
  • Multiple teams: $124/monthly
  • Bigger teams and projects: $240+/monthly


19. Cospective

Cospective is a good alternative to frame.io. It offers video review solutions by the name of cineSync and Frankie. While the first one is a better fit for cinematic productions, smaller teams can make use of Frankie. 





  • It is easy to use. 
  • You can easily access it in any browser.
  • You can get access to interactive drawing and note tools.
  • There is an iOS app that you can make use of as well.


Basic: $49/monthly

Plus: $99/monthly

Pro: $249/monthly


Bonus Alternatives to Frame.io:

20. Wipster

21. Kollaborate

22. Ashore

23. Workgroups DaVinci

24. BLUE Online Proofing

Alina Zahid Khan

Alina Zahid Khan

Alina Zahid Khan is a storyteller, brand strategist, and growth manager at GoVisually. She loves creating value-driven content for creative professionals.
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