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George Creative

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London, United Kingdom

In comes GoVisually! It has completely streamlined our workflow especially for those 100 page + brochures which are a nightmare to proof anyway!


Could you tell us a bit about you and your agency?

George Creative Agency was founded with the aim of working with clients of all sizes to give them a bespoke and personalised service for all their creative needs. From graphic design to photography we take from you from inception to final creation.

What kind of designs/projects do you work on?

A lot of what we do currently is long-form brochures for charities and educational establishments, marketing campaigns, brand development as well as headshot and event photography. No day is the same, which is why we love what we do.

How did you hear about GoVisually?

I actually stumbled upon GoVisually when searching for a new proofing platform a few years ago and boy, I’m glad I did. Great value and saves no end of time for both us and the client.

What made you decide to start using GoVisually?

It was clear that time was being sucked up by the more manual approval process, especially for long form brochures.

Amends would arrive in numerous e-mails in different formats and we’re sad to admit that things were missed because there was such confusion over what had been actioned and what hadn’t.

So we desperately needed a proofing system and now we know that saving grace was GoVisually!

How has your process changed since you started using GoVisually?

We were getting brochure amends back that the client had printed, annotated (by hand), scanned in, and then e-mailed over. It was becoming unsustainable for both parties… In comes GoVisually! It has completely streamlined our workflow especially for those 100 page + brochures which are a nightmare to proof anyway!

Next to nothing is missed now and the new compare versions feature means clients can check what they had commented on the previous version to make sure it was actioned.

The other great thing is that there are no longer 7 different PDF files floating around on client servers, as they only get to download the finalised version, which is either digital or print-ready.

And how do you typically use GoVisually on a project?

For brochures we typically start using GoVisually from the very first proof enabling our clients to give us extensive and accurate feedback from the get go.

For photography, we upload contact sheets for clients to go through and comment on the images they like best as well as commenting on any specific edits they would like making.

What do you feel is the best feature about GoVisually?

The compare versions feature is a game changer, allowing clients to see what they commented without having to find the previous file or use dedicated software to compare PDF versions. Also, the fact the team can comment on documents internally without the client seeing those specific comments is also a great thing.

This means the team and the client can proof simultaneously, therefore saving time.

Actually, the best part isn’t actually the software, it’s the people behind it.

There is deep care behind the scenes wanting to make this the best proofing platform out there and this is shown through the consistent feature updates and, if you ever have a problem the team are on live chat ready and waiting to help you straight away, you can’t get much better than that!

Anything else you'd like to share?

Team GoVisually keep going because you’ve got an awesome product and with every update, it becomes a powerhouse for proofing. If you’re sat there thinking whether this is worth the investment, look no further it’ll save time, money, and more importantly, headaches!