Case Study

Miss Amara


The team loves GoVisually! It has been an integral part of our ability to stay on trend and be able to communicate.

Tell us about your story and your company.

Our Founders, Alex and Aaron, discovered that rug buying was not only hard but also not that fun. There was a lack of inspiration, style and even assistance in the selection process.And that’s how Miss Amara was born. We aim to inspire and delight, constantly giving our customers valuable, educational and engaging content.We’ve made rug buying risk-free and also offer expert rug styling advice.

Tell us about your business structure and your brand's projects.

We’re a fast-growing global remote team of over 70 employees.Our team is driven to help make homes beautiful by adding a little style and comfort with a rug!

What would you say will be some of the most prominent lifestyle trends in 2023, and how does Miss Amara fit into them?

We’ve seen a lot of interest in the country/farmhouse aesthetic, a very homey and classic feel coming from the USA. We’ve got several collections designed specifically for this style, traditional medallion rugs with a vintage distressed finish in gorgeous earthy neutral tones.With so much more pattern and pop of colors coming back in style, we have amazing and fun prints coming, like checkered and bold stripes. We have rugs coming in mint, sage and forest green tones.

What led you to GoVisually?

Content creation is a HUGE part of Miss Amara. We create so much inspirational, educational and engaging content for social, email and website that the process needs seamless.As a remote team, communication is key! And so, we needed software that we could use for reviews and communication.GoVisually has helped us bridge a gap and cut down a lot of wasted time going back and forth.

What do you typically use GoVisually for, and how does it help visualize your goals?

With GoVisually, we can proof, review and make comments within minutes!This means we can react to any trend on social media and get that piece of content out faster. If we can create content faster, we can also schedule ahead, giving us extra breathing room since our usual turnaround is within 3-5 hours for most sets of creatives.It’s super easy, and we wouldn’t know what to do without it. It would be chaos on endless PDF/PNG exports, drowning in screenshots, and frustration to move one graphic 2-3 spaces to the left.

So what impact does GoVisually create for your brand?

Our team LOVE IT! ❤️GoVisually has been an integral part of our ability to stay on trend and creatively communicate with our customers in a fun visual way.