Case Study

Professional Photographers of America

Atlanta, GA
30,000+ Members

With GoVisually, the ability to reply to comments from others and attach links and documents for reference is amazing and efficient!

Photo Credit: Farm Kid Studios

Could you tell us a bit about PPA?

PPA helps professional photographers grow and sustain healthy photography businesses. As a non-profit, we provide unparalleled resources, protection, and education as an investment in the industry. Our aim is to provide support, fellowship, and advocacy that photographers need to thrive as entrepreneurs.

What kind of projects do you work on?

Oh gosh, there are so many! We’re typically working on at least a dozen projects at one time.

We communicate with our members and prospective members through print and digital designs. We create social and programmatic web graphics, email graphics, and a range of printed collateral to ensure successful reach.

We also produce and promote Imaging USA, our high-energy annual photography conference and tradeshow throughout the year.
Photo Credit: Farm Kid Studios

Why did your company to start using GoVisually?

We shifted to remote working in mid-March of 2020 due to the pandemic and needed a new proofing process to meet our team’s changing needs.

Previously, all designs were printed and handed around our office for proofing/markup. Now that we were spread across the state, we needed a reliable, user-friendly solution for both our marketing team and our other internal teams. That’s where GoVisually came in.

How has your process changed since you started using GoVisually?

GoVisually has increased both clarity and efficiency in our proofing process.

Now there’s no need to decipher handwriting or track down lost sticky notes, trying to figure out who said what. Multiple users can review at the same time, reducing the overall proofing time. And the ability to reply directly to comments from others and attach links and documents for reference is amazing and makes our workflow so much more efficient.

On a purely practical note, all of our designers are happy that they no longer need to include “it’s brighter on-screen” on every proof for a digital piece.
Photo Credit: Farm Kid Studios

How do you typically use GoVisually on a project?

Typically, we start with a small core group for the first round of a design. This is where most of the design and overall content changes happen. Once it’s more developed, we add more reviewers to check details and give final approval.

While we assign our reviewers directly in the system, we also provide links to the proofs in our project management system. The best part is that your system makes that easy to do – thank you!

It’s also lovely to be able to keep all of the designs from one project together. It gives us a birds eye view of how all the pieces work together at a glance.

Anything else you’d like to share?

There have been so many great updates released since March – it’s clear that your team is constantly looking to improve and listening to user feature requests. The newest @ feature for comments has made us all happier and cheer for GoVisually this week :-)

Also, your customer service has been stellar since day one. Quick, clear, and friendly.
I cannot overstate what a positive effect your service has had on our team.