Case Study

The Swift Group

Cottingham, UK

We have found GoVisually invaluable as a general design communication tool. We had already started using the software to review early concept designs before the COVID-19 pandemic forced our working practices to change.

Swift Group

Could you tell us a bit about Swift Group?

Swift is the UK’s largest manufacturer of touring caravans, motorhomes, and holiday homes. The company has a turnover in excess of £270m, with a workforce of over 1000 employees. Swift’s head office is based in Cottingham, East Yorkshire.

Swift also runs its own motorhome hire company, Swift Go that makes the leisure vehicle experience available to a wide range of customers.
Swift Group

What kind of projects do you work on?

The primary use of the GoVisually system has been for the review and approval of marketing visuals. We brought this aspect of our business in-house a few years ago and transitioned it from a physical photography process to a fully digital CAD image process. This was a significant task as we were generating in the region of 500 visuals per annum for use in digital media such as our website and printed point of sale and brochure production.

The majority of the reviews and approvals are internal between different departments and functions within the business.

This live communication and audited review have proved invaluable in making sure that all aspects of our initial CAD models and visual output has the correct content and visual appearance.

Although the software was purchased initially as an artwork approval system, we have found it invaluable as a general design communication tool. We had already started using the software to review early concept designs internally with specific project stakeholders before the COVID-19 pandemic forced our working practices to change.

Now we are using the system to aid communication between team members who are often working from home.
Swift Group

What made you decide to start using GoVisually?

The platform was purchased initially to use as an artwork approval system. We had already been using a system designed for the graphic print media sector and had found it useful.

Since adopting GoVisually we have been impressed with the development of the site and the easy access to customer support.

It has a very easy to use and understand interface. We have found it easy to invite numerous people across the organization to participate and they have done so without any significant training. The interface is simple and intuitive.

How has your process changed since you started using GoVisually?

GoVisually is primarily a communication tool. As such we have adapted our use of the system to act as such throughout the process from initial design concept through to marketing visual development and confirmation.

By using the same system from the beginning of our design process through to the end we can track the development of our designs and gradually open up the communication to different levels of the organization. This allows a full and transparent process that gathers critical input from all functions.
Swift Group

How do you typically use GoVisually on a project?

We have developed a four-stage process that allows us to group stakeholders at each stage of the development process. This ensure feedback is received and can be audited to track changes.

Anything else you’d like to share?

As a project-based communication tool, this software has great potential to expand beyond the print media artwork approval audience. It is fast becoming an integral part of our project communication and those that have adopted it within our organization are all seeing the benefits it brings.

It is not a substitute for our other development based processes, but it does bring a unique perspective to the communication of digital media. Our focus on CAD-based visualisation means that it is important to communicate project work to a wide group of stakeholders to check accuracy and content. This is not easily done through physical meetings due to time pressures and now location and logistical issues. The live review system, notifications, and analysis of the contributions given are a significant benefit to the efficiency of our business.

Finally, I would like to commend the work that AJ and the rest of the team have done in developing the software and reacting to our feedback.