Blazing Fast Review & Approvals
of Final Cut Pro X Renders

GoVisually is the perfect partner to Final Cut Pro. Deliver your final cuts faster by capturing feedback and approvals on video content.

Try out any plan. No contracts. No surprises.

Share FCPX Renders

Upload and share your FCPX renders  as an MP4, MOV file or even GIFs for review with your team and clients.

Review and Approve

Take everyone on the journey from V1 to final video allowing them to comment and approve videos with ease. No more email attachments.

Deliver Final Cut

Once everyone is happy, deliver final assets with one-click. Smiles guaranteed 🙂

Precise commenting directly on your
Final Cut Pro Renders

Bye bye crazy email ping-pong threads. 

Hello instant time-coded & frame-accurate comments directly on videos.

Need fast review and sign-off?
No sweat

Share revisions and track your FCPX projects to approval and delivery of final files. 

Reduce revisions by 54% and save time, money and frustration.

Bring everyone on the same page

Share video with your team and guest reviewers to bring everyone on the same page.

Reviewers can leave comments & sign-offs for free. They won’t need an account.

Powerful features that'll speed up
your review process on
Final Cut Pro Projects

Make video review

Get design feedback quickly.
NO registration required.

Visually annotate
on FCPX Renders

Add pointers to MP4, MOV,
GIFs and Image files

Manage revisions

Resolve comments and
upload new revisions

Get things done even
on iPad and iPhone

Work on the go via GoVisually’s
mobile-friendly interface.

Restrict file downloads
and views

Control who gets to view and
download files and comments.

Manage remote video production teams

Get feedback and reviews from
anyone working from anywhere.