Packaging Design Inspiration 01:<br>Herb & Olive

Designing a catchy packaging design is no easy task. It defines the very product you’re trying to sell, many times, it decides if your customer picks up the item. Funny enough, you never see a full cover at first glance. Depending on the shape of the package, portions of the design goes out of view. […]

Best Free Zoom Virtual Meeting Backgrounds To Use While Working From Home

Attending meetings from home because of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) outbreak? I know I do. And I really think this is not the best time to display my messy house to my colleagues or clients 😉 Lucky enough, Zoom Conferences provides an exciting feature where you can put up a virtual background to your meeting […]

Invision Studio Review-How to Use It and Simpler Alternatives

InVision Studio is an animation and prototyping software that gives you a chance to come up with outstanding vector-based designs. InVision Studio is considered as one of the excellent prototyping software in the market. With this great software, you can create fascinating prototypes, speed up your workflow, communicate your designs to the crew, square away […]

Don’t keep your file on the loose, proof securely!

The Internet is a wonderful tool, but technology is increasing faster than the safety message is. -Pam Weaver Collaboration and feedback are essential parts of any modern media or art project. With almost all teams now communicating electronically, one of the biggest challenges to successful working is ensuring that your data is secure. Computer hacking, […]

Why Faster Design Approval Is A Must In 2021?


Doesn’t the slow design approval and review process bother you? Imagine you’ve just designed something extraordinary. You then email it to your team and clients for review. And then you wait, for days or even weeks, before everyone reviews the design and send you their individual (often contradicting) opinions. Not only that sound like a […]

Why it’s time to ditch email proofs – Email vs online proofing

Remember when email was launched back in 1971? I know that I don’t, my father was still a toddler back then! Those were the days email was touted as a time-saving tool which would bring greater efficiency and ease to the world. And for the most part, it has. But as anyone who has experienced searching […]