How ABYSS Brewery created a stand out brand in a saturated market

Today millions of businesses are trying to make a name for themselves and having a strong brand has become crucial to differentiate yourself from your competitors. When creating a brand, there needs to be an overall goal and vision for what you want to achieve. It’s not a – “I like this design, let’s keep […]

How Photobox transitioned to remote working

It’s July 2020, already. Many companies have slowly found their way transitioning into remote working over the last few months and people are getting accustomed to working from their couch at their leisure. International remote work expert Laurel Farrer says; like everything in life, working from home has a honeymoon period. At first, things are […]

Designing Olympic Sportswear – USRowing Gears by JL Racing

Designing athletic wear for Olympic games is no ordinary feat. What the athletes wear represents your nation in front of literally the entire world. The quality, comfort and visual appeal should be top-notch while abiding by all the requirements laid down by the National and International Olympic Committee. JL Racing is the official partner and […]

Embracing the Essence of Tradition – Packaging from Small Beer Brew Co.

How do you brand a product in the modern age that reminisces the 1700s? Small Beer Brew Co. is the world’s first brewery dedicated to the production of small beer, with the intention to bring back the age-old taste of medieval Europe. The team behind Small Beer has done an amazing job not just with […]

Let’s FIX8 on this Packaging Design

Last week, the team from TRIP suggested to check out FIX8 Kombucha for my next design inspiration blog, and boy am I glad! The colours on FIX8 bottle are vibrant and filled with art that it just makes you more curious. FIX8 Founder Freya and her teammate Helen has been kind enough to share their […]

Packaging Design that Connects – People Cold Brew (SAH.OL)

“Don’t design for brands. Design for people interacting with brands.” – James D Roumeliotis As a designer, we feel most excited and enthused by the blank canvass opportunity clients give us. The potential to harness artistic expression and brand strategy is a challenge we relish. At the same time, we must remain mindful of the […]

Irresistible Packaging Design from TRIP

It’s not every day that you come across a can that you can’t take your eyes off. Yet here we are, the moment I saw these cans from TRIP, I just couldn’t look away.  The minimalist design.. simple colours and.. matt finish.. I mean who can resist? I honestly would like to collect and line […]

WWE Tag Team ‘The New Day’<br>Design Concept

The New Day – Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods have formed one of the most charismatic and in-ring gifted tag teams in the current era. The WWE is promoting them as possibly the best tag team in history, but it’s hard to ignore the dearth of quality tag teams during their runs, and […]

Design Inspiration: <br> American Express Hawks Island

To football fans, parking lots aren’t for parking cars. They are places to celebrate before the game. Unfortunately for the Seattle Seahawks Fans, known as the 12s, there was never a real parking lot outside the stadium. Which means the Seahawks fans were missing out on the football tradition. American Express set out to fix […]

14 STUNNING Packaging Designs for your daily dose of inspiration

How do you nail the first impression? With an eye-catching package design! When you browse through a store online or while at a supermarket you go past 100s of products. And it’s most likely that you don’t even notice half of them. But there are a few that you notice, and you just feel like […]