8 most impactful things you can do to stay productive while working from home

8 most impactful things you can do to stay productive while working from home

Many companies – big or small – began remote working policies amid the pandemic. This gave birth to an era of working from home. Today, more than 4 million US citizens work remotely.  Safe to say, remote working is going to become a new norm for the corporate world widely. This is also because remote […]

Virtual networking: 7 real-life tips on getting past the ‘awkward’

Networking is a simple task when you are working in an office. You sit close to your colleagues, exchange inside jokes, and form close bonds. Even if you – or your coworkers – leave the job, staying in touch through Whatsapp and other social media is possible.  But what about the people who are working […]

How to automate creative production in a remote setting?


People working in the creative field are always on a strict timeline, trying to pull through and deliver creative assets for the campaign. This creative production process is not easy and requires focus and a more sustainable approach. So while scaling up content, time often becomes a restriction, and quality is a top priority, making […]

A quick guide to understanding what is file sharing


The world is slowly transitioning to the digital age, and many organizations are quickly catching up to it.  Long gone are when companies used to spend hours filing and archiving the data manually. Today, many companies and corporations are switching to transferring their data from physical to digital files and sharing it through file sharing.  […]

17 communication strategies to connect with remote teams

Humans are social animals. How many times have you heard this saying? A bunch, right?  That’s because the essence of being social lies in communication. And thanks to effective communication, we’ve come a long way from being hunter-gatherers to technological evolution.  And that is why, to advance your career, you need an effective communication strategy […]

15 ways to improve work performance and become a company superstar


Looking for ways to improve work performance? Whether you’re a newcomer at a job, want to be the one who secures the job promotion, or develop yourself professionally, improving your work performance can help you drastically in the long run. Plus, top-performing employees are always favored more by the managers, and if you want to […]

Top 20 remote work tools in 2022 for productive teams

Sitting in the comfort of your home, sipping from a big cup of iced coffee, setting your work schedule, and working in an environment with no stress and disruption sounded like a dream a few years ago. Now, this dream has turned into reality for many people.  With the onset of the recent trend for […]

BPM tools: 28 business process management tools to revolutionize workflow


Business process management (BPM) is one of the most instrumental parts of any company’s operations. That’s because it effectively coordinates various business functions to lead to increased productivity. So, if you want to drive your business to its full potential, you need to employ BPM tools to your business. The idea of using such software […]

10 ways to build and retain a remote marketing team


Building a highly collaborative remote marketing team can become your hell if you don’t do it right. Without the physical presence of team members, it becomes hard to maintain consistency and inspiration. However, there are ways that you can employ to ensure that you build a great remote marketing team and retain their progress. These […]

How to create a remote work policy for your team


Due to the ever-changing landscape of our world, businesses need to have a strong remote work policy if they want to keep progressing. That’s because remote work is on the rise, and a solid policy would make it easier for organizations to accommodate their workers.  So today, in this article we will explore: What is […]