How to Use ClickUp for Creative Project Management


As more and more people shift towards using project management tools, we’ll discuss the relevance of one of the most prominent ones today. In this quick article, we’ll explain how to use ClickUp for creative project management. So let’s start! We know how challenging the project management process can be. Especially when starting on a […]

5 Best Trello Integrations To Supercharge Teamwork


Trello is arguably one of the best task management tools in the business world.  Trello took the corporate world by storm when Atlassian purchased it in 2017. With its Kanban-style board functionality, it makes collaborations and teamwork a piece of cake. And what’s even better is that Trello integrations further help you streamline the work […]

10 Proven Methods for Meeting Deadlines (#3 is our favorite)


Are you tired of trying but can’t seem to be meeting deadlines? We understand, and we’re here to help! The feeling of not providing work on time is generally perplexing, which often leads to an unsatisfactory outcome. The clock feels like a time bomb, and that becomes your nightmare. So, whether you’re a project manager […]

Top 7 Online Proofing and Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams


If there’s one thing that the recent shift towards remote work and collaboration has taught us, it’s this: online proofing and collaboration is the need of the hour, and we need to embrace it! So, if you’re working in a creative team, you would know very well how important it is to get timely feedback […]

22 Best Training Video Software For Remote Work


Remote work has become the safest and newest work option. But it comes with its own problems and challenges. The biggest of all being, how do you effectively manage and train a remote team?  The answer lies in training video software. Yes, many companies rely on pictures and graphics like charts to illustrate data. However, […]

Remote Video Training for Employee and Resource Development


The end of 2020 marks the end of an unprecedented year. The last 12 months have tested humanity in ways beyond logic. And the creative teams have been equally affected by the pandemic. However, it has also enabled us to recognize our ability to adapt to the change swiftly. So what if we can’t physically […]

Free Google Meet Backgrounds for Remote Teams


With Google Meet’s newest update, things just got a little less boring for creative teams. Free Google Meet backgrounds are now available for everyone wishing to be inspired by their remote workspace or virtual meetings. In the post-pandemic world of 2020, video calls and digital meetings have become second nature for most of us. And […]

Why Choose Online Proofing Software – 9 Great Tools to Boost your Workflow

Online Proofing Software – 9 Great Tools to Boost your Workflow

Online Proofing Software – An Overview Collective reviews are critical for the success of any project. A proper review cycle ensures that the end product delivered is free from any errors. and the client experience is elevated. Email proofing or paper-based methods can be quite a cumbersome and time-consuming process. Online proofing, on the other […]

Top 7 Best Online Proofing Software in 2021


Looking for the best online proofing software in 2021? You’ve come to the right place. We have shortlisted the 7 best online proofing software trending right now. To help you out, we’ve listed their pros and cons. So let’s get you started on faster and quicker approval software.   1. GoVisually – The Best Online […]