Free Google Meet Backgrounds for Remote Teams


With Google Meet’s newest update, things just got a little less boring for creative teams. Free Google Meet backgrounds are now available for everyone wishing to be inspired by their remote workspace or virtual meetings. In the post-pandemic world of 2020, video calls and digital meetings have become second nature for most of us. And […]

Why Choose Online Proofing Software – 9 Great Tools to Boost your Workflow

Online Proofing Software – 9 Great Tools to Boost your Workflow

Online Proofing Software – An Overview Collective reviews are critical for the success of any project. A proper review cycle ensures that the end product delivered is free from any errors. and the client experience is elevated. Email proofing or paper-based methods can be quite a cumbersome and time-consuming process. Online proofing, on the other […]

Top 7 Best Online Proofing Software in 2020

1. GoVisually GoVisually is a leading proofing tool for creative teams to deliver work faster without email chaos. Invite team members, clients, and reviewers to get your original work reviewed and approved quickly. The simplest, most intuitive proofing platform out there, GoVisually allows for precise comments, unlimited reviewers, real-time progress tracking and client approval, and […]

How Photobox transitioned to remote working

It’s July 2020, already. Many companies have slowly found their way transitioning into remote working over the last few months and people are getting accustomed to working from their couch at their leisure. International remote work expert Laurel Farrer says; like everything in life, working from home has a honeymoon period. At first, things are […]