30+ product image ideas to inspire your next design project

Are you a product photographer, image designer, or e-commerce seller looking for high-converting product image design ideas?

You are at the right place.

My name is Omar Deryan, CEO of OJDS, an agency that offers Amazon listing services. We designed 1000+ product images over the past 4 years. 

In this article, I’ve compiled a wide variety of product design ideas that not only look fantastic but will also convert browsers into buyers.

Let’s get started!


1. List the ingredients

If you want to give your audience an idea of what your product is composed of, this image is a good way to illustrate that. 

You can help them make a more informed decision by highlighting these details in your images.


Source: SF Bay Coffee


2. Make it look big

Use shots that make your product look larger than life to emphasize its size or scale. 

This is a great way to show off the impressive features of your product or make it look more appealing.


make products look big
Source: Modern Times Beer


3. Lay them flat

Get creative with a flat lay! 

Shoot your product from above and style it with other complementary items. This is a great way to show off your product and can be visually appealing.


lay products flat
Source: Chobani


4. Illustration x graphics convention

Long ago, commercial graphic art and fine art graphics don’t mix. 

But now, much has changed and will continue to do so. The two realms are merging as graphic designers use illustrations to great effect. 


product image ideas
Source: Behance


Also, remember that if an illustration is meant to convey an idea, a simpler image will do it with clarity, quickness, and internationalism that works well with a wider audience.


5. Gold never grows old

Gold is a great way to make your product photos more luxurious and eye-catching. 

This can be anything from using gold foil or paint to incorporating gold jewelry into your shoot.


gold never goes old in product image ideas
Source: Greens Steel


6. Monochromic shots

Using a single color can make your product pop and be visually striking. 

This is a great way to highlight the key features of your product and can be very dramatic.


monochromatic shots for product image ideas
Source: Behance


7. Experiment with typography

Use a fun or unique font to write a helpful message about your product. 

This could be anything from the product’s name and tagline to instructions on how to use it.


typography experiment for product image ideas
Source: Brita


8. Add realistic 3D

Shoot your product from various angles to give customers a complete view. 

This is especially important for three-dimensional products, such as jewelry or clothing.


add realistic 3D to your products
Source: Behance

9. Isometric art

Another way to add interest to your product photos is by using isometric art. 

This approach can help you show off your product from multiple angles and give people a complete picture of what it looks like.


add isometric art to product designs
Source: Behance


10. Use different angles for perspective

A shift in viewpoint can make a product look intriguing. Taking photos of your product from different angles might help you train your eye.

If you want to make your product photos more eye-catching, try making your products stand up. This will add some visual interest and make your products look more dynamic.

You can also get close with a macro shot to show off the intricate details of your product. This is a great way to highlight your product’s quality or show off something that might be hard to see.

You can also focus on one detail with a close-up shot. This is a great way to highlight your product’s unique feature or show off the craftsmanship involved in its creation.

And lastly, hanging things for greater viewing isn’t a new technique. You might hang the merchandise upside down, sideways, or elsewhere. 

Suspend the photo from cables or ropes that are visible. Just make sure that the lighting is good.


11. Show them how it’s done

Sometimes the best way to show off a product is to capture it in action. 

This could be anything from someone using your product daily to more staged shots highlighting its key features.


show your products
Source: Behance


If you’re taking pictures of a product with technical features, you can make them more appealing by finding ways to highlight those features. 

It’s not just about how beautiful the product looks.


12. Manipulation can be good too

If you’re feeling creative, use photo manipulation to create an impressive product photo. 

This can be anything from adding graphics or text to your image to completely changing the background.


manipulation for product image ideas
Source: DOUGHP

13. Backgrounds can help

Use in the wild shots to show off your products being used in their usual ways. 

This is a great way to show off your product and get people thinking about how they could use it in their own lives.

You can also use in-context shots to show off your product in use within its environment. This is a great way to show how your product fits into people’s lives and give them an idea of how they could use it in their own lives.

14. Use reflections or 360 views for a dynamic capture

Shooting on a reflective surface can improve product images. This instantly professionalizes an image. You may create this appearance with glass or acrylic and remove the edge while editing.


use images for product images
Source: Behance


If you want people to be able to see your product from all angles, try shooting a 360 product view. 

This is a great way to show off your product in all its glory and give people a better idea of its appearance.

15. Add some personality

Humanize product photos. Create a tale around it. Add character. Ask yourself what makes your product better or different from others. Use your photographs to show what the brand is recognized for.

When shooting product photos, don’t forget to show off the materials your product is made of. This is a great way to highlight the quality of your product.

Adding personality also helps you evoke feelings and emotions in the target audience.

You can also use lifestyle shots to show off your product in action and show people how it could fit into their lives. 


add lifestyle to product images
Source: The Glenlivet


This could be anything from candid shots of people using your product in everyday life to more posed and stylized shots highlighting its key features.


16. People add value

Use a real person to show off your product! 

This can help customers visualize the product’s appearance wear or use it. 


use model for product photography
Source: Behance


Just be sure to use models representing a wide range of people so everyone can see themselves using your product.


17. Add props strategically

Props may make your product images stand out by adding colors and textures. 

You should choose them wisely for the product you’re filming. Instead of detracting from the product, they should highlight it.


add props to products
Source: Dalstons


18. Use complementary colors

You can leave the props out and make the product the photo’s focus. 

You get a bold combination when you use colors opposite each other on the color wheel.

19. Texture as the focus

A beautiful way to make a product photo pop is to use an unexpected texture. 

The textured surface provides just enough visual interest without detracting from the product and can help it stand out.


focus on textures for products
Source: Manilife

20. Less is more

This whisky bottle image is nearly all black. A light source is behind the bottle, lighting its contour. 

The logo and bottle outline easily identify Johnnie Walker’s scotch whisky. This less-is-more technique can highlight the iconic nature of a well-known brand.


less is more in product photography
Source: Johnnie Walker


21. Get assistance from a stylist

If you have a gift for product styling, create distinct sets for your product shoots. 

If product styling isn’t your forte, consider working with a stylist to build your portfolio. 

You may assist each other in booking more gigs by suggesting each other.

22. Shadowplay is in

Shadows provide flair to product photos. Without the shadows, this would be an ordinary purse photo. 

The shadows and sandy backdrop give the image a sunny, sumptuous feel without embellishments.


shadows as product image ideas
Source: Un Air D’antan

23. Depth is deep

An image can have depth and texture by layering established elements without cluttering. 

The set could be used for numerous products, simply repainting the blocks. 


add depth to product photography
Source: Hairburst

24. Shooting 0utdoors

Some products are great for the outdoors. Natural light and pavement in this photo evoke getting up early and being active outdoors, which is hard to achieve in a studio.


shoot outdoors
Source: Nalgene


25. Bokeh never goes out of style

Bokeh, or the blur created by a shallow depth of field, can be a beautiful way to add romance to a product photo. 

When used sparingly, bokeh can help direct the viewer’s attention to the photo’s subject and create a dreamy, ethereal feeling.


use bokeh for product photography
Source: Behance

26. Illuminate the lights

If you want to make your product pop, try illuminating your backdrop. This will help create a high-contrast look that is both eye-catching and stylish.

27. Use customer reviews

Use review shots to show off what other people say about your product.

 This could be anything from a positive review accompanying a photo of the person using your product to a more negative review highlighting its flaws.


share testimonials
Source: Swig Life


28. Show behind the scenes

Give your customers a behind-the-scenes look at your company or product with some fun behind-the-scenes images. 

This could be anything from a shot of your team hard at work to a candid image of you putting the finishing touches on a new product.

29. Add infographics for more information on the products

If you have any helpful infographics related to your product, consider sharing them in your images. 

This is a great way to provide additional information about your product without overwhelming people with text.

30. Show before and after

Show off the results of using your product with before and after shots. This is especially effective for products with a transformative effect, such as skincare or hair care products.

31. Step-by-step or comparison

Break down the use of your product into a step-by-step process with images. This can be helpful for complex products or even just simple ones that people might not be familiar with.

You can also use comparison shots to highlight the unique features of your product. 


side by side product comparison
Source: Liquid IV


This could be anything from a side-by-side comparison of your product versus a competitor’s to a before and after shot showing the results of using your product.


32. Present mockups

Have fun with your product photography and create a mockup of how your product could be used in real life. 

This is a great way to show off the potential of your product and get people thinking about how they could use it in their own lives.


33. Do a collaboration

Use collaboration shots to show off your products with other brands or products. 

This is a great way to show how your product can be used with others and get people thinking about how they could use it in their own lives.


The bottom line

So these were some of our favorite product image ideas. There are many inventive methods to approach product photography to improve your store’s design and provide compelling content for your customers. 

Remember that this is a creative process, so choose the inspiration that best matches your product vision.

And if you’re working with a creative team, 5x your efficiency by using the #1 online review and proofing tool, Govisually.

Omar Deryan

Omar Deryan

Omar is the Co-founder and CEO of OJ Digital Solutions, an agency that helps Amazon sellers 2X their conversion rate by creating high converting product images and copy.
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