5 Best Performing Creative Proofing Software For Creative Teams


Looking for ways to ensure your creative team is on the same page and produces their best work? What you need is Creative Proofing Software.

Let’s rewind a bit here to understand why your creative team would excel better with creative proofing software.

Think of it this way – creative teams are constantly under pressure to produce their best and deliver content. Sometimes, even with fewer resources available in the market. Most of the time, the clients are from around the globe, which means they all have different needs. Due to this, designers, illustrators, animators, or any creative team member may feel that the process is too overwhelming.

And this is where creative proofing software comes riding with a superhero cape!

It makes your workflow more efficient, accessible, and easily manageable by collecting all feedback and approval comments in one platform.

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What is Creative Proofing Software?

A few decades ago, creative and marketing teams used more extensive and messy methods to prove their work. They had to use printed papers or long emails, which was an exhausting and time-consuming process. Creative proofing software lets you do the same job but in a more advanced and modern way.

The process of reviewing, proofing, and approval is more accessible and less time-consuming with this kind of software. Your design process is compiled in a single platform, making it easier for your clients and team members to review and approve the creative content.

This kind of software provides you with a collaborative platform for your creative content and provides you with innovative tools to improve your work. You can edit, upload, share and get reviews on your work all in a single platform. 

Moreover, it is easier to communicate with clients and assign work to team members with creative proofing software. All this helps you improve your workflow and speed up the marketing process by providing various features.


Creative Proofing Software Suggestions 

Now that you know why using creative proofing software is a good option for you and your creative team, let’s walk you through the different proofing software.

1. GoVisually

GoVisually is the #1 proofing and approval software that you can wish for. That’s because not only it has power-boosting features, it can also be integrated with 1000+ apps using Zapier. It simplifies the design approval process and makes it easier to stay on top of your work by capturing feedback in one place.

The best thing is that you do not have to work with the chaos of emails. That’s because, with GoVisually, you can invite internal and external reviewers on one platform. In fact, you can even set reminders, deadlines and download approved assets directly from the app.

GoVisually is an excellent option if you are looking for in-built proofing software. It requires minimum time investment and decreases the use of email as a means for communication. With just basic guidelines, anyone can easily use this software. It is ideal for Solo designers, creative and marketing teams, and design studios. They can easily upload their files, whether magazine pages, PDFs, or any other print material.

Main Features:

  • File sharing and unlimited data sharing.
  • User-friendly automation tools.
  • Send notifications to clients.
  • Video of any format can be shared.
  • Detailed audit trail.
  • Provide you with different controls.
  • Set deadlines and track status.


  • Easy sign-up process.
  • Allows you to download original files.
  • Video reviewing with a timestamp.
  • Turn on private comments for your team.
  • You can upload file attachments in the comments.
  • Certain proofs can be restricted.
  • Annotation and comment on all types of files.

2. Review Studio

Established in 2006, Review Studio became a tool for creative proofing. Review Studio provides you with the means to collect and manage feedback on your content.


The software lets you track the status updates on your images, videos, web pages, and other document files. This software is mainly used by production and creative studios, ad agencies, and marketing teams. It also provides companies with automation proofing tools.

This software lets you make side-by-side comparisons on your files. Your team can review the projects solely and can help complete the task faster. It makes viewing, marketing, approving videos and images more accessible. 

Main Features:

  • Let’s share files.
  • Different control versions.
  • Deadline tracking.
  • Annotation on files.
  • Role-based permissions.


  • Ability to make side-by-side comparisons.
  • Simple commenting method.
  • Have multiple reviews on a single channel window.
  • Quick and easy to upload a file and get links for reviews.
  • Keep the comments of clients on a single page.


  • No option to review on audio.
  • Comments are not in chronological order.
  • Difficult for new users to understand the software.
  • Recent updates slowed the website down.

3. GoProof

GoProof is another creative proofing software that lets you manage and organize your workflow.


This software’s automation process removes the tardy task of exporting PDFs, MP4s, images and creates tons of disconnected email trails whenever feedback is required. Creative teams can make use of the Adobe CC extension to upload their work for approval and feedback. This allows many externals to view, comment, and make automation on the file.

GoProof lets you access more than ten annotation tools and enables you to mention people in the comment section. This software is available as web-based, SaaS, and on Andriod and Apple.

Main Features:

  • Multiple Workflow Option.
  • Android and iOS applications are available for mobile.
  • Customizable notification and ‘sent from’ domain available.
  • Different plug-in extensions.
  • PDFs, PNGs, JPGs, GIFs, TIFFs, BMPs, and MP4s can be used to upload files.


  • Set deadlines for each draft and the option to notify the reviewer.
  • Easy integration between Adobe and GoProof software.
  • Option to establish permission for four paid users.
  • Easy to add a review and comment through collaborators and history tab.


  • Comment to unlock a change request.
  • It does not allow users to upload a new version of the draft.
  • The client has to email you the change instead of directly putting it on the website.

4. Approval Studio

Approval Studio is a great software to get proofing on your creative content.

approval studio

It is an excellent tool for teams who want to streamline their entire proofing process. That’s because Approval Studio offers you features to automate the approval process. It comes with four comparison tools that let you find differences and track changes in new versions. You can avail of this software on your mobile devices as well.

This software comes with seven different language version that allows the member to select the preferred language, making it easy to use worldwide.

Main Features:

  • API integrations to allow systems to exchange data sources and keep data in sync.
  • Third-party integration.
  • Real-time chat feature.
  • Four comparison modes.


  • Unlimited review and projects.
  • Multi-language interface.
  • Unlimited collaborators for increased creativity and productivity.
  • Real-time activity tracker.


  • White labeling option not available.
  • No video proofing option is available.

5. Pastel

Pastel is a software that provides you with tools mainly for website designs.


It is the most popular creative software for online proofing. This software easily lets you invite your clients and team members to leave a comment directly. It enables you to collaborate with outside parties from beginning to end. The design team stays on board with the collaborators to deliver the project on time. 

It is easy to invite clients and team members with pastel; all you have to do is upload your URL and send links to reviewers. The comments are pinned to a specific element and can be recorded to help resolve the project issues.

Main Features:

  • URL link sharing with reviewers.
  • The most efficient comments are always pinned to the element of your webpage.
  • Website changes are constantly updated.
  • Comments pinned to specific elements.


  • Free plan version available.
  • Labels available to organize feedback.
  • It keeps you updated with new versions.
  • New changes can be easily compared with the old versions.
  • Feedbacks can be paused.


  • Can not move comments according to priority.
  • Mobile applications are challenging to use.

Choosing Creative Proofing Software 

Creative proofing software has made work more accessible by providing us with annotations and markups that help bring our creative content to life. It enables you to complete your design work from top to bottom effectively.

Your design process is compiled in a single environment, enabling you to keep track of the whole process. And remember, if you want to refine your work process, you can always rely on powerful software like GoVisually  to quadruple your team’s efficiency.

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Alina Zahid

Alina Zahid

Alina Zahid Khan is storyteller, writer, and entrepreneur and the content manager at GoVisually. Her passion is to share knowledge, helpful content to creative professionals. Want to write for us? Email us content@govisually.com and see our writing guidelines
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