What are WebP files and how to open them online? 


For a seamless online experience, companies are spending countless hours developing better technologies. WebP files are one of them. You must already be familiar with PNG and JPG file formats for images, and you must also already know that image optimization is also a crucial factor in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). WebP is a fairly […]

What is merch proofing and how does it create amazing merch?

Merch business has gained popularity with the rise of online stores. If you’re designing your merch from scratch you need to bring creative designers on board and establish an effective merch proofing process. A small content or design mistake in your merch can lead to serious loss in terms of cost and reputation. To ensure […]

What are webM files and how to approve them online?

Whether you’re annotating video files or editing them, you’ll come across several formats such as MP4, AVI, and WebM. It can be a little intimidating to learn what each and every single one of these is supposed to do.  Video resolution has increased a lot today. Subsequently, the file size of the videos has also […]

GoVisually and Adobe Creative Cloud integration for creative collaboration


The combination every creative team needs is here. GoVisually and Adobe Creative Cloud integration make an impeccable duo of productivity, proofing, and planning. With a simple drag-and-drop feature, the Adobe CC libraries will allow you to utilize visual assets like illustrations, icons, and images in GoVisually. On the other side of the spectrum, you can […]

Top Ten Adobe Illustrator Plugins for Designers


There are illustrations around us, from logos to the product packaging and book covers to billboard signs; they surround us! Designers work tirelessly to create these illustrations for us on different tools, one of them being the most popular, Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator is one of the best vector graphics programs for a designer. Thousands […]

How to consistently create good URL structures for SEO?


To say that URLs get ignored would be an understatement, URL structures hold no importance in web design, and SEO should be illegal. In most cases, neither web developers nor SEO experts or any of their clients think about URL structures or their benefits. But they should, and we have the reasons prepared.  Before this, […]

How to create a sitemap for any website?


The least technical part of technical SEO is a sitemap, yet it significantly improves your website’s ranking. So how do you create a sitemap for any website? If you’re familiar with SEO, you must have heard the term XML sitemaps multiple times, and we’re here to explain the why, when, and how of creating sitemaps that […]

Get picture perfect with online proofing for photographers

If you are a professional photographer, you understand that taking pictures is just one aspect of your job. Since there are so many parts in the photography process, You need a seamless workflow. After a photo shoot, you must meet with your clients and discuss the images to select the best one. If you want […]

14 common content mistakes and how to avoid them


How much can some common content mistakes possibly cost you? Well, one typo is all it took for a Japanese firm to lose $225 million in seconds. Indeed, that was years before the era of technology, but such mistakes are still rampant in the current content marketing scenario. And it’s not simply typos but also […]

Everything you need to know about user flow in UX design


User flow in UX design is crucial for creating a seamless user experience. If you are making a product or service catered to your audience, you need to use user flow UX. User flow in UX design straightens out a user’s path; lets them know how to navigate your product and understand your design.  Imagine […]