The Definitive Guide To Acing Final Cut Pro X


Videos have become essential marketing collateral. Whether you’re a freelance videographer, a blogger, a YouTuber, or a member of a full-time agency, you need video content to stay alive digitally. But if you think that creating videos and editing in post-production isn’t that difficult, you probably haven’t tried making one in Final Cut Pro X. Since […]

Untold Secrets Of Video Ads: A Complete Guide


There’s so much more to video ads than merely building awareness and growing the brand name. We can use several techniques as advertisers or marketers to push consumer action beyond the initial video view. And if you don’t know how to do this, we’re here to help!  We’ve created the complete guide to video ads, […]

Best of Halloween Themed Packaging Design Ideas 2020

Halloween Themed Packaging Designs

The spookiest day of the year is finally here! Halloween is the one day that lets us dress as just about anything or anyone. And so Halloween has become a global holiday, celebrated not only by kids but also by people of all generations. So why just limit to your costume? Companies and big brands […]

Why Faster Design Approval Is A Must In 2021?


Doesn’t the slow design approval and review process bother you? Imagine you’ve just designed something extraordinary. You then email it to your team and clients for review. And then you wait, for days or even weeks, before everyone reviews the design and send you their individual (often contradicting) opinions. Not only that sound like a […]

Why it’s time to ditch email proofs – Email vs online proofing

Remember when email was launched back in 1971? I know that I don’t, my father was still a toddler back then! Those were the days email was touted as a time-saving tool which would bring greater efficiency and ease to the world. And for the most part, it has. But as anyone who has experienced searching […]