What makes a good manager and how can you become one?


A successful business depends on exceptional teamwork. And exceptional teamwork depends on great managers. So what makes a good manager? Is there something inherent about being a remarkable manager or can anyone become one with some effort in the right direction? There must be more questions plaguing your mind after that long-awaited promotion, that vacant […]

How to create a character bio template (70+ attributes to include)

Are you a writer? Puzzled with the magic of creating your characters? You need a character bio template to make the magic work for you! Creating a character bio template will help you create a unique character that readers will remember. It’s also a great way to start brainstorming ideas for your story. We understand […]

The complete guide to using infographics in 2022

Never underestimate the power of visuals! If you want an effective marketing campaign, you need to use infographics. Visual marketing is often considered one of the most successful and effective marketing tools. People are more likely to be mentally stimulated through visual aids such as infographics than blocks of texts. And infographics are a great […]

How does knowledge management boost creative collaboration?

If you’re a manager in charge of a professional team or own a company with employees who work under you, knowing something about knowledge management will be an advantage.  Teams often lack knowledge management to collaborate, let alone creatively, and this lackluster can become a trigger that can collapse your strategic goals.  Teams with proper […]

Women’s day special: 8 graphic designers and illustrators we love


In honor of women’s day 2022, we’ve thought of bringing you something special. Today, we’ll be highlighting the efforts and achievements of females in the field of art and digital design. Like all other niches, women in the design field are making immense efforts to create work that speaks for themselves and society. These creative […]

5 steps of writing a PDF book to become a successful eBook author

There’s never been a time when tablets and e-readers have reached significant heights in popularity more than now. So it’s no surprise that everyone is scurrying off to try and become the next big thing as a successful ebook author with a PDF book they’ve created.  And you might be wondering what it would be […]

They said yes! – 9 ways to get design approval from clients


You have the designs. Everything is ready, but now comes the most crucial and challenging part: getting design approval from clients!  We’ve often seen designers complain about how difficult it is to get design approval. That’s because various factors contribute to it and make the process trickier than it is supposed to be. If you […]

5 Celtx alternatives to use in 2022


Celtx is an excellent pre-production tool that can be used for various purposes. Whether editing media projects, organizing files, or creating podcasts or screenplays, Celtx is the first choice for many film experts! In this article, we will look at what Celtx is, why you might need Celtx alternatives, and the 6 best Celtx alternatives […]

Very Peri – everything about Pantone color of the year 2022


In a world of dull, repetitive blues and reds, be a Very Peri.  The color expert Pantone picks a color from its existing palette to be the Color of the Year every year. This color then sets the trend: it dominates apparel, branding, decor, shoes, and even skincare. This year is no different… for the […]

How to create a client intake form for your business?


Knowing something you are a part of will work out and make the journey so much more enjoyable in the long run. There is no pressure to work extra hard or put in unnecessary effort.  Running a business that provides professional services to others is challenging. Knowing the clients you get will stay with you […]