13 Best Corporate style text templates Final Cut Pro to use 

13 best corporate style text templates final cut pro to use 

Deciding on the best corporate style text templates final cut pro for a video is every designer’s most dreadful task. When you create videos for marketing and branding, the text that appears on-screen can greatly impact how people perceive your work. Text is often the design element for corporate videos that gains more attention than […]

What does collaborative video editing and review look like in 2023?

What does collaborative video editing and review look like in 2023_

Collaborative video editing and review have changed significantly in the past few decades and are now an important part of many businesses strategies.  So what does the future of collaboration look like for creative video-makers in the industry?  There are many different platforms and products to make video reviews and approvals easy for production teams, […]

Adobe Premiere vs. Final Cut Pro: Which is easier to use?

Adobe Premiere vs. Final Cut Pro_ Which is easier to use_

In professional-grade editing, Adobe Premiere vs. Final Cut Pro is the longstanding debate everyone wishes to answer. Undoubtedly, both platforms lead the creative industry and are used by some of the world’s best editors to make commercials, music videos, documentaries, movies, and whatnot!  But which one’s the best for you?  Well, let the industry experts […]

Answers unlocked: 10 FAQs about Final Cut Pro

10 FAQs about Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is one of the industry-leading video editing software that allows you to create stunningly visual videos with text and unique effects.  This article will discuss the Final Cut Pro FAQs and reveal the secrets to creating the most creative videos that will take your video editing game to the next level. Excited? […]

9 tools for creatives to make a winner online video portfolio

Creativity is the champion of all content nowadays. And to best exhibit your creative value, you need a winning online video portfolio! It doesn’t matter if you are an advertising company, a photography venture, or both; what matters the most is that you have an online video portfolio to distinguish you from your competition.  If […]

16 amazing websites for free stock videos & footage

16 amazing websites for free stock videos & footage

Are you looking for free stock videos to lighten up your video content? Well, you have come to the right place then. As creatives and videographers, we all need free stock videos to bring life to any project. You can use it as transitions or filler content between the actual content. You can even use […]

9 mind-blowing video resources for marketers and content creators

If you want your brand to thrive, you need video content & great video resources to build an unbreakable brand image! Wondering why?  Well, one of the primary reasons is that video marketing has become one of the leading and most effective ways to introduce your brand. You probably see many product videos while scrolling […]

6 insane tips to make video annotation simpler for creative review


We’ve almost come to the end of the year 2022. And people are still sharing video content feedback over email instead of opting for video annotation. How crazy is that?     Providing feedback on videos through email or chat can be a pain. That’s because it gets hard to trace the exact changes. And […]

How to get video reviews and approvals from remote teams?

A review and approval procedure is a lengthy one. Getting video reviews and approvals from remote teams makes it even lengthier.  So how do you make it less time-consuming and more productive?  The answer is much simpler than you think. But to help you understand how it specifically applies to working remotely, there’s a handy […]

Marketer’s cheat sheet to acing video review and approvals


In creative project collaboration, video review and approvals are the most time-consuming and painstaking processes of all time. And a creator’s dream is to find out how to make it easier! While you send ten different people the same files with the same explanations and they end up suggesting you twenty different changes, separately. And […]