47 game-changing digital marketing statistics to accelerate growth in 2022


As the world progresses, so do the various digital marketing techniques. In 2021, digital marketing statistics have shown that this industry is becoming more competitive with each passing year.  In this day and age, digital marketers have to develop innovative and creative ways to provide consumers with a personalized experience. However, all the regulations on […]

What is agile marketing and how to get started with it for 2022?


The business world is thriving more than ever! Every day business owners and marketers are innovating newer, more efficient ways to get their jobs done. Ideally, the best strategy for any business or marketing venture achieves results while efficiently using resources like time and money.  Speaking of being efficient, let’s talk about agile marketing.   […]

9 Steps Of Writing A Successful Brand Brief 


The branding process is something every company has to go through. If your expectations did not meet the results, it is probably because the brand brief was not up to the mark.  The brand brief you develop must have all the elements that make it stellar to get your brand’s story and message across to […]

7 Creative Marketing Ideas and Tips to Boost Your Business


Marketing is the backbone of any business or company. If your marketing ideas are creative and exciting, you can generate more leads and see visible growth. However, it is not always easy to come up with innovative marketing strategies.   When developing marketing strategies, you have to create ideas that will keep the audience engaged and […]

6 Advertising Design Examples And Why They Work 


Did you know, on average, a person comes across 4,000 to 10,000 ads every single day?  Half of the time, we don’t even realize what we are looking at is an advertisement. That’s because there are various advertising designs that you can use to promote your product or service to stand out from your competition.  […]

6 Video Marketing Statistics That Can Be A Game Changer For Your Strategy


At this point, it’s safe to say that videos are ruling the digital world. And today, we will be spilling the secrets of how to leverage the top video marketing statistics for your brand.  It’s no hidden secret that digital media has revolutionized the world of marketing as we know it. Think about it; you’re […]

Co-Branding: Why Creative Collaboration is the Key to Commercial Success


Co-branding is an excellent way of bringing together two brands and their customers and forming a strong alliance. Having loyalty towards your favorite brand is common, and everyone feels that way about one brand or another. And this is how co-branding can help brands expand into the reliable network of other brands by collaborating. When […]

How to Create a Successful Brand Management Strategy and Build Lasting Brands?


Apple. Coca-Cola. Facebook. Nike. JPMorgan. What do all of these brands have in common?  Well, a) they are all-powerful and yield unparalleled impact on their respective industries, and b) they are integrated to the very core with swift and effective brand management.  And it’s not only these companies – no matter what successful brand you […]

What is Brand Management Software and Why Does Your Brand Need One?


To become a successful brand that people recognize, you need a consistent brand image. And while there are numerous ways to maintain consistency, we’ve got one that would help you knock it all out – brand management software. Most people tend to forget brands they come across. And that’s because most new brands fail to […]