YouTube Marketing: How To Get Started & Ace It?


Video marketing has steadily become one of the most influential types of digital marketing for businesses. And YouTube is the platform with access to the most extensive audience base, making it the best option to choose. Since the rise of YouTube’s popularity, the application’s algorithms and settings have constantly changed. YouTube updates these every so […]

Best Direct Mail Automation Software in 2021 & Beyond


In the fast-paced digital world, efficiency is everything. The internet and digital technologies constantly set a new standard for efficiency and automation. One of the main priorities of individuals working in digital technology, such as DevOps teams, is to automate everyday processes and eliminate human labor. This is called Digital Process Automation or DPA. Automation […]

Direct Mail Optimization: How To Create A Seamless Marketing Process


Living amidst the technological revolution, we often forget the significance of non-digital methods of growing and nourishing a business. Today, we’re going to focus on one of these methods: direct mail marketing. Did you know that people still enjoy receiving physical mail despite being gripped by social media posts, texts, and emails every day, people […]

3 Easy Ways to Get a Creative Ad Reviewed and Approved


In the midst of advertising “noise,” creativity is the only way you can make your creative ad stand out.  The audience today is used to ads. From billboards to the screens of their laptops, people are constantly bombarded with the advertising efforts of various brands. It’s to the point that most people don’t even register […]

Marketing Calendar 2021: Crazy Hack To Build Online Presence


Marketing Calendar 2021 Are you looking for a marketing calendar in 2021 that would magically solve all your content creation needs? The chances are that you wouldn’t find any genie or a magic lamp with the right recipe for a calendar. However, this might be your lucky day because you’ve found the closest match to […]

8 Types of Branding: When, Where & How To Use Them?


Before you brand your business, ask yourself this; are you aware of all types of branding? If not, how are you sure that the way you’re branding your business is the right way? Confused? Let’s break it down for you. There are essential elements that keep any brand running smoothly. These features include your logo, brand […]

Brand Identity Prism: Know Your Brand And Position It Right


What do you want your customer to think of when they think of your brand? Surely you want them to associate your brand with positive things. For example, if you’re a clothing brand, you want them to perceive you as trendy, versatile, and comfortable consistently. If you’re a diner, you want your patrons to associate […]

5 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs to Invest in Video in 2021


In 2021, video marketing has effectively become one of the best ways of communicating with potential consumers. Approximately 85% of consumers spend most of their time watching video content. More importantly, most marketers and businesses are now actively investing in video marketing to increase their sales, brand recognition, and market shares. Does that mean that […]

6 Video Marketing Campaigns Your Marketing Team Can Learn From


The importance of video marketing campaigns has jumped from 78% in 2015 to 92% in 2020. This ratio is going to grow even more in the upcoming years. There is nothing indigestible about this fact – we all are well aware of the status quo and how it has diverted us towards our screens more […]

12 Must Have Marketing Collateral to Super Charge Your Marketing Efforts in 2021


It’s 2020, and things have drastically changed since only a few years ago. And unless you’re aware of that, you may find it hard to keep up with the right use of marketing collateral. However, browse through the digital world for some information on the best types of marketing collateral for marketers, and you’ll come […]