6 examples of how is graphic design used in advertising

Did you know, on average, a person comes across 4,000 to 10,000 ads daily?  Half of the time, we don’t even realize what we are looking at is an advertisement. That’s because of how is graphic design used in advertising. That’s because there are various advertising designs that you can use to promote your product […]

9 ways to leverage video marketing for better conversions

9 ways to leverage video marketing for better conversions

Video marketing is the leading marketing strategy in today’s digital landscape. This year alone, the audience reach for video content was over 92% on digital platforms globally!  While these numbers might have you gaping, there’s more. Videos are a major source to increase brand awareness, drive more conversions, and generate a higher ROI. A survey […]

5 ways to use video for bottom of the funnel marketing

5 ways to use video for bottom of the funnel marketing

Building a sales funnel with a tailored video marketing strategy should be your priority if you want to make your marketing dollars work in today’s digital scene.  Online audiences spend an average of 19 hours a week watching videos online, and brands use videos in their marketing plan to increase their reach for ages. Businesses […]

How to make your personal brand stand out in the digital world 

personal brand

When you’re the face of your business, it makes perfect sense to build a personal brand. But how do you make it stand out in today’s competitive digital landscape? Building a personal brand is becoming increasingly important for anyone looking to grow their business or career. When starting a business around your niche, designing your […]

How to ensure brand compliance in 2022 with 5 easy ways


Think about these images for a few seconds. An abstract image of an athlete in the middle of a jump with legs spread apart and the ball in the left hand. An apple with a bite taken out of it. A circle with the red top half and blue bottom half with a white wavy […]

Marketing operations: the complete guide for success


A few years ago, marketing operations roles did not even exist. So why is it becoming one of the most important areas in the digital landscape, and how can you implement it properly in your company? Here’s the deal – companies often overlook the importance of marketing operations. And that can be detrimental to their […]

10 proven methods of creating a winning social media style guide


Need a social media style guide? Say no more. Social media is a hub where all the promotion magic happens nowadays. You probably don’t need any other digital marketing channel if you have a robust social media presence.  The best thing about social media is that it is not confined to anyone; brands, influencers, and […]

What is nostalgia marketing and why is it worth trying


Nostalgia marketing is a very popular marketing technique where brands are trying to evoke feelings of nostalgia in their marketing. But is this effective?  It is a marketing technique that every marketer is on the lookout for, especially in advertising. It has been found that consumers can be more receptive to advertising when they are […]

9 steps of creating an advertising strategy with a creative plan

Combining an advertising strategy with a creative plan for a successful marketing campaign is necessary for effective marketing. Without having one, it is as if you are going skydiving without first understanding how it works. The conversation you have with your audience plays a massive role in how successful your product or service will be. […]

Quest of visual identity: why does your brand look matter

First impression is the last impression. If you think that this only applies to a person, you are wrong. An impression about a brand or a website also creates a lasting effect. When you are selling in person, you would not want to welcome your customer to a dirty shop as you know that any […]