5 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs to Invest in Video in 2021


In 2021, video marketing has effectively become one of the best ways of communicating with potential consumers. Approximately 85% of consumers spend most of their time watching video content. More importantly, most marketers and businesses are now actively investing in video marketing to increase their sales, brand recognition, and market shares. Does that mean that […]

6 Video Marketing Campaigns Your Marketing Team Can Learn From


The importance of video marketing campaigns has jumped from 78% in 2015 to 92% in 2020. This ratio is going to grow even more in the upcoming years. There is nothing indigestible about this fact – we all are well aware of the status quo and how it has diverted us towards our screens more […]

Tips For Creating A Flawless Video Production Workflow


Do you know that video is becoming the most engaging type of content? Whether the area is entertainment or business, the video serves as the best means of captivating your audience’s attention. This makes it one of the most potent marketing tools brands can invest in and then gain from. With tens of thousands of […]

How to Find the Best Video Explainer Software


Have you ever wondered what makes certain brand messages more effective than others? To answer your question, how a message is communicated is what determines its impact on its audience.  As a brand, you must have tried multiple methods to convey your message. From long, textual pieces to highly advanced graphics – you probably have […]

12 Must Have Marketing Collateral to Super Charge Your Marketing Efforts in 2021


It’s 2020, and things have drastically changed since only a few years ago. And unless you’re aware of that, you may find it hard to keep up with the right use of marketing collateral. However, browse through the digital world for some information on the best types of marketing collateral for marketers, and you’ll come […]

Video Marketing: A Checklist For Marketers


Chances are that if you’re looking to advertise through videos, you want to attract the kind of audience that’ll actively engage with your content. More importantly, you’d want them to buy from you as well eventually. But you might be wondering, how can I achieve this, especially with video marketing?  You’d be surprised to know […]

Is TikTok Marketing Becoming The Newest Video Marketing Tool?


TikTok, the app that most of us refused to take seriously, is now one of the most lucrative money-making platforms that the internet has ever come up with. TikTok marketing is on the rise. And with that, TikTok celebrities and influencers seem to have become an integral part of the marketing hemisphere. Most businesses seem […]

11 Free Marketing Resources To Grow Your Creative Business


If you truly want to conquer the digital space, you need to understand the in and out of marketing thoroughly. However, ever since digital marketing has become necessary for your business’s survival, everyone’s learning it one way or the other. That’s one of the reasons why we have a plethora of free marketing resources available. […]

Marketing Compliance Checklist: 10 Ways to Keep Your Team On Track


You can’t ignore marketing compliance checklist. Ensuring it requires the collaborative effort of an entire team and not just the legal representative. It’s everyone’s responsibility, or at least of those involved in the project. And it’s all about following rules and setting ethical standards for your brand. So, if you’re reading this article, chances are […]

How Marketing Compliance Can Impact Your Role At Work


If you think following legal and ethical standards is only the CEO’s job, think again. Marketing compliance jobs affect your role at work too. In most cases, a business requires all of its team members to uphold and maintain compliance guidelines. That is why you must be aware of your legal responsibilities. Otherwise, you may end […]