How to write and submit a successful request for approval?


Approved.  The immense joy this one word brings to every creator is tremendous. After those tens of hours of relentless creation, coming up with new ideas, and efforts to achieve the desired results come to an end, we all wait for the eventual approval request to get through. With great anticipation and a tad bit […]

6 best annotation tools for creative agencies

Nearly all marketing strategies use visual aids to get their message across. A perfectly crafted illustration can sometimes be more effective than just plain text.   Visual annotations are a great way of collaborating with your coworkers. Annotation tools make it easy to conduct meetings, whether they are online or in-person. The visual aspect of annotation […]

4 steps guide to solving inefficient agency proofing

One more edit. That is the phrase that people working in creative agencies dislike the most. And the top reason for that is they have inefficient agency proofing. In a digital landscape where companies are constantly looking to boost efficiency, agency proofing review has to be of prime importance. That’s because, to make their services […]

10 Ways Online Proofing Makes Client Agency Relationships Thrive


What’s more amusing and satisfying than happy clients? We’d leap here and say nothing. And as content creators or marketing agencies, we can’t get over how online proofing has made it easier to incorporate client feedback. And just like us, we are sure that you are also struck by this spellbinding facility. Without a doubt, […]

10 Reasons Why Page Proofing is The Key to Success in 2022


Miscommunication, feedback trails, circulating bundles of emails, and whatnot. All of this is inevitable if you’re not using software for page proofing. If you truly want to unlock the work potential of your co-workers and win the project, you’d need everything to be perfect. And that means reviewing all project assets, ensuring they’re good to […]

5 Best Performing Creative Proofing Software For Creative Teams


Looking for ways to ensure your creative team is on the same page and produces their best work? What you need is Creative Proofing Software. Let’s rewind a bit here to understand why your creative team would excel better with creative proofing software. Think of it this way – creative teams are constantly under pressure […]

Artwork Approval Software – A Designer’s Guide


Is your design project good enough? How can you make improvements, and what is it that you want to remove? Whether you are an illustrator, a designer or an animator, a large-scale company, or just an individual, we all feel the need to get feedback on our project. That’s because feedbacks help us improve our […]

Content Approval Process: Everything You Need to Know


Without a proper content approval process, the content you share with your audience can be a mess. If you don’t get the approval of your manager before sending out the content, you could be setting your company up for a disaster.  With the right content approval process, you can set up a strict set of […]

10 Proven Benefits of Online Proofing Based on Customer Feedback


With agencies and businesses looking to streamline their work processes, the benefits of online proofing can’t be ignored. That’s because the approval process of a product or project can be haphazard, to say the least. Companies ordinarily have multiple people working on a project at different levels of the product-to-market process. Corresponding changes and improvements […]

Accelerate Your Creative Projects with Online Proofing


Do you know what they don’t tell you about creativity? It’s this: creativity works and accelerates growth only with collaboration and online proofing if you’re working with a remote team. Let me explain what I mean.  Most of the time, you shouldn’t care about what others have to say about your work. After all, you […]