How can I annotate on screen: quick guide for beginners

How can I annotate on screen

With things progressing towards remote collaboration, the option to annotate helps transform your smart devices into more of a collaboration and assessment tool. This allows for speedier feedback and lesser delays in getting digital assets approved. But for those of you who are still wondering or are new to the digital world, what is an […]

5 PDF annotation secrets that will triple your productivity 


When trying to annotate a PDF document, you might not find out until several hours of painstaking efforts that you could have saved quite a lot of it if only you knew about the right tools and PDF annotation secrets that every reviewer should be aware of. With more than 2.5 trillion PDF documents worldwide, […]

What is the best Workfront alternative to amplify work efficiency?


There are several Workfront alternatives, but which is the most efficient?  Well, let’s have a walk through one of the best Workfront competitors and find out which features make it so remarkable!  Workfront may have been ideal if you’re managing synchronized teams. Many professionals choose Adobe Workfront because they can easily collaborate with clients and […]

What is print proofing? Why is it the new talk of the digital town?

What is print proofing_

We’re not talking about one or ten. There are billions of prints going through every day, and one mistake can make all of them go down the drain with a million-dollar loss. This is why print proofing has always been an essential part of the printing process, but with things becoming more digital, the need […]

ProofHQ alternative to make creative approvals easier


The online proofing game keeps leveling up, and so does the proofing software. Prepare to find out what makes GoVisually the better alternative to ProofHQ. ProofHQ by Workfront was one of the very first online proofing platforms and held its reputation as one of the best since. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t better alternatives […]

How to knock out shelves with magazine proofing?


Want to know a magazine editor’s biggest pet peeve?  It’s going back and forth between a hundred pages to suggest edits all over the place. Even worse, jotting them down and sending them to all team members through email.  It gets even more complicated when the designers fail to understand what the feedback means, and […]

Merchandise proofing: the ultimate stitch for retail businesses


Merchandise design has taken the internet and the apparel industry by storm. And that means investing in merchandise proofing will soon become a necessity to keep your workflow efficient and production all set. However, merch designing is not such an easy job. And the industry itself is quite competitive. A small mistake or an overlooked […]

What are WebP files and how to open them online? 


For a seamless online experience, companies are spending countless hours developing better technologies. WebP files are one of them. You must already be familiar with PNG and JPG file formats for images, and you must also already know that image optimization is also a crucial factor in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). WebP is a fairly […]

What is merch proofing and how does it create amazing merch?

Merch business has gained popularity with the rise of online stores. If you’re designing your merch from scratch you need to bring creative designers on board and establish an effective merch proofing process. A small content or design mistake in your merch can lead to serious loss in terms of cost and reputation. To ensure […]

What are webM files and how to approve them online?

Whether you’re annotating video files or editing them, you’ll come across several formats such as MP4, AVI, and WebM. It can be a little intimidating to learn what each and every single one of these is supposed to do.  Video resolution has increased a lot today. Subsequently, the file size of the videos has also […]