16 amazing websites for free stock videos & footage

16 amazing websites for free stock videos & footage

Are you looking for free stock videos to lighten up your video content? Well, you have come to the right place then. As creatives and videographers, we all need free stock videos to bring life to any project. You can use it as transitions or filler content between the actual content. You can even use […]

9 mind-blowing video resources for marketers and content creators

If you want your brand to thrive, you need video content & great video resources to build an unbreakable brand image! Wondering why?  Well, one of the primary reasons is that video marketing has become one of the leading and most effective ways to introduce your brand. You probably see many product videos while scrolling […]

6 insane tips to make video annotation simpler for creative review


We’ve almost come to the end of the year 2022. And people are still sharing video content feedback over email instead of opting for video annotation. How crazy is that?     Providing feedback on videos through email or chat can be a pain. That’s because it gets hard to trace the exact changes. And […]

How to get video reviews and approvals from remote teams?

A review and approval procedure is a lengthy one. Getting video reviews and approvals from remote teams makes it even lengthier.  So how do you make it less time-consuming and more productive?  The answer is much simpler than you think. But to help you understand how it specifically applies to working remotely, there’s a handy […]

Marketer’s cheat sheet to acing video review and approvals


In creative project collaboration, video review and approvals are the most time-consuming and painstaking processes of all time. And a creator’s dream is to find out how to make it easier! While you send ten different people the same files with the same explanations and they end up suggesting you twenty different changes, separately. And […]

7 video feedback tools to approve videos in minutes!


Video production is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Many creative teams use videos for marketing their brand and connecting with their audiences. There are many parts to a video production process, and it is difficult for everyone to communicate effectively. When you find yourself experiencing poor communication, you should use video feedback […]

Creating video ads? How to optimize video production workflow


Everyone is familiar with video ads as one of the most effective ways to garner results in the realm of video marketing. It is a powerful tool to attract new audiences far and wide, but the process involving its creation is still a difficult task.  These days, many project managers lack the experience to coordinate […]

How to be an efficient video reviewer while giving creative feedback?


Video content has successfully become the most popular type of content in the digital marketing world. The way video catches our attention, no other kind of content can compete with it. As a video reviewer, you should know the kind of creative feedback that needs to be provided to make the creative process smoother. The […]

7 ways of using video for internal communications


Did you know that 95% of employees are more likely to retain the information they get through video for internal communications than emails and newsletters? The world has seen a swift shift towards remote work. Employees have been working from home, especially when it comes to digital and tech companies. Getting used to the remote […]

How to render in Premiere Pro?


Adobe Premiere Pro is the perfect software for video editors who want to enhance their work. You can use this desktop application to transform any raw footage into brilliant video projects.  Premiere Pro provides you with countless tools that can help you refine your video and make it stand out. In this day and age, […]