Top 10 Creative Twitter Accounts Every Creative Should Follow


Inspiration is a hard thing to come by these days amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A lot of times, you want to create something, but your ideas won’t flow. Don’t worry; much like everything else, the internet has a solution to your creative block and the solution lies in the best creative […]

15 Amazing Graphic Designers You Must Follow on Pinterest


Have you ever met graphic designers who don’t like Pinterest? My guess is that you haven’t. Let’s be real: who wouldn’t like Pinterest? It is perhaps the safest, most peaceful social media platform out there. There’s no drama, no pressure, no competition – just heaps upon heaps of aesthetics, creativity, and positive vibes.  Since Pinterest […]

32+ Drool Worthy Restaurant Websites for Inspiration in 2021


The year 2020 has been a gamechanger for pretty much everything and everyone. And in 2021, we enter with some of the biggest lessons to improve our business and how we perceive consumer behavior. This also translates to one of the leading global industries of food and restaurants. From improving restaurant websites to making them […]

10 Best Illustrators You Must Follow On Instagram In 2021


Arguably, one of the best things that Instagram has produced is to provide a platform for the best illustrators. You may ask, why is that important? Well, the fact that social media can be an agent of toxicity is a no-brainer. Our timelines and feeds are full of content that induces general despair. Most of […]

10 Amazing Graphic Design Blogs For Daily Inspiration


Graphic design blogs offer a lot more than you may expect. Despite how fascinating the art of graphic design is, it can also get awfully tedious when you’re doing it day after day. And the answer to a lack of inspiration is never throwing in the towel or giving up. Instead, one of the easiest things […]

How ABYSS Brewery created a stand out brand in a saturated market

Today millions of businesses are trying to make a name for themselves and having a strong brand has become crucial to differentiate yourself from your competitors. When creating a brand, there needs to be an overall goal and vision for what you want to achieve. It’s not a – “I like this design, let’s keep […]

Designing Olympic Sportswear – USRowing Gears by JL Racing

Designing athletic wear for Olympic games is no ordinary feat. What the athletes wear represents your nation in front of literally the entire world. The quality, comfort and visual appeal should be top-notch while abiding by all the requirements laid down by the National and International Olympic Committee. JL Racing is the official partner and […]

Embracing the Essence of Tradition – Packaging from Small Beer Brew Co.

How do you brand a product in the modern age that reminisces the 1700s? Small Beer Brew Co. is the world’s first brewery dedicated to the production of small beer, with the intention to bring back the age-old taste of medieval Europe. The team behind Small Beer has done an amazing job not just with […]

Let’s FIX8 on this Packaging Design

Last week, the team from TRIP suggested to check out FIX8 Kombucha for my next design inspiration blog, and boy am I glad! The colours on FIX8 bottle are vibrant and filled with art that it just makes you more curious. FIX8 Founder Freya and her teammate Helen has been kind enough to share their […]

Packaging Design that Connects – People Cold Brew (SAH.OL)

“Don’t design for brands. Design for people interacting with brands.” – James D Roumeliotis As a designer, we feel most excited and enthused by the blank canvass opportunity clients give us. The potential to harness artistic expression and brand strategy is a challenge we relish. At the same time, we must remain mindful of the […]